OJUKWU’S WILL: Debe is the son of his father! PHOTOS

When the will of the Ikemba, Chief Odumegwu-Ojukwu was finally read today, many people were shocked that Chief Sylvester Debe Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s name was nowhere mentioned. Anybody who knows the Ikemba and sees Debe would think he has seen a spirit, as Debe is a carbon-copy, a clone of his father. What one begins to wonder is why the Biafran leader would do a thing like dis-owning his first son, the only one who truly looks like him, speaks like him and acts like him.

On one or two occasions when Jungle Journalist reporters met with Debe, the reporter had had to look at him several times while he spoke to assure himself it is not the late Ikemba that was seated there.

There may have been family disputes between Debe and his brothers, or even uncles, but it will greatly bring the name of the number one family in Igboland to disrepute to present the first seed of their father in this light. We at Jungle Journalist would be surprised if Debe was actually disowned, but it will 536006_10151274190315120_193703916_n72191_10151338315920120_871587761_n59603_10151338315725120_888159028_n576846_10151274190875120_1510946083_n564067_10151274190585120_60978583_n408169_10151338316960120_1368323853_n564870_10151285259035120_1528726297_n536022_10151285258350120_898504604_n580349_10151285258675120_705748818_n250558_10151274190665120_1270324919_n579753_10151285241085120_1044618235_n527636_10151285240185120_457757462_n576461_10151274191480120_1323175677_n306502_10151285257865120_1121774755_n564870_10151285259035120_1528726297_n292820_10151285242675120_546467571_n60693_10151285257685120_61752711_n427884_10151285256720120_353186723_n579753_10151285241085120_1044618235_n419645_10151274191190120_523324123_n67156_10151274191330120_441817133_n199993_10151274190985120_1631664061_n536006_10151274190315120_193703916_n528751_10151274191615120_933079937_n527805_10151274190480120_642008874_n534722_10151338315275120_2119448912_n63804_10151338315495120_1684746795_n74766_10151338315045120_810840470_n420437_10151274190095120_205269111_n263512_10151338316760120_1534905758_nalso be very wrong for Ojukwu to have done so. What would his crime have been? As these photos testify, Debe was, as our people would say, ‘vomited’ by his father.

He is a true son of his father, and whatever transpired, truth or fraud, Jungle Journalist will update readers.

Ojukwu’s will read; 1st son Debe not mentioned, another unknown daughter benefits

Ojukwu’s will read; 1st son Debe not mentioned, another unknown daughter benefits

The will of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, was on Friday presented to the family with his widow, Bianca, getting the lion’s share.

The presentation by the Chief Registrar of the Enugu High Court, Mr Dennis Ekoh, was witnessed by Bianca, Mr Val Nwosu, Ojukwu’s first cousin, and Mr Mike Ejemba.

In the will, the late Ojukwu identified one Tenny Haman as one of his children.

Ojukwu listed the children as Tenny Haman, Chukwuemeka Jnr, Mmegha, Okigbo, Ebele, Chineme, Afam and Nwachukwu.

The Ikemba gave the Casabianca Lodge at No. 7, Forest Crescent, GRA, Enugu, two property at Jabi and Kuje in the FCT as well as all his money and personal effects to his widow.

He also said that Bianca should replace him as the trustee in the family company, Ojukwu Transport Ltd, while also giving her two plots of land in his village at Nnewi.

He, however, added that if she re-married, the land should be taken away from her.

The first son, Emeka Jnr., got the family house at Nnewi, while the newly mentioned daughter, Tenny Haman, got the Jubilee Hotel located in Zaria, Kaduna State.

The Biafran warlord also shared other landed property in the village among all his children.

Ojukwu listed the trustees and executors of the will to include Bianca, Emeka Jnr and Mr James Chukwuneme.

The will did not mention Ojukwu’s first son, Debe Ojukwu, the Akpunwa Nnewi.

Reacting to the will, Bianca, who is Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain, expressed satisfaction with its contents.

“It was a fair will. This time round, he did not disappoint us,’’ she said.

The ambassador, however, expressed shock at the disclosure of a new daughter in the family, whom she said had never been mentioned by her husband.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that none of the children was present at the presentation of the will. (NAN)

1914 document predicts a possible break up of Nigeria in 2014

ImageCertain documents signed into law at the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 indicate that the country was created as an experiment meant to last for 100 years, and break up if the peoples are not compatible. The documents, known as ‘Tinubu Square Edict’ or Accord of 1914 was said to be similar to the  British/China accord of Hong Kong to be enforced for a centenial reign. Although the documents were not made available to Jungle Journalist, a summary of it was obtained and is herein published. However, Jungle Journalist cannot say for certain whether such documents truly exist:

“The amalgamation of southern and northern Nigeria by the British was to be experimented for 100 YEARS to know if it’s going to work or not, according to the secret government document the British left after independence.

Although the document is kept secret, this fact is generally known to the ruling class, most dons of political science and law as well as the government of UK. However, there has been consistent efforts by Nigerian government to keep this knowledge out of public as it may lead to agitation for breaking the country into two; pre-1914 status especially by those in the south.
The awareness of this document and the closeness of 2014 has been causing panic among the Northern elites; this panic was behind the recent comment by the senate president that Nigeria will not break up.
ImageIt was also behind the warning by NBA president when he said in Benin recently that Nigeria may break-up. Even President Jonathan is nervous about this fact; remember that he kept on saying that Nigeria will not break-up. Also, it was the real reason behind the northern governors recent security meeting in Kaduna, according to some sources.
All these sudden talks about Nigeria breaking or not breaking up by the political leaders including the president show how anxious they are about the implications of the document and the closeness of almighty 2014. On the international scene, the knowledge of this document was behind the prediction by American diplomats that Nigeria will break-up in 2015. The US army is also preparing on how to respond to the possible break up of Nigeria.”

BREAKINGNEWS: Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar passes on

ImageLegendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has passed away today, November 28, 2012, in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, at the age of 86 from a short bout with pneumonia. Mr. Zig Ziglar, the author of 32 books, was most well known for the 1975 classic See You At the Top whose premise is “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar was also a devout Christian. Visitors to his website, Ziglar.com, are greeted with the scripture Romans 8:28, and hisFacebook page today states “Though his time on earth has ended, he is speaking with Jesus now in his heavenly home. The angels in heaven are rejoicing and his family is celebrating a life well lived.”

Visitors are then told: “If Zig has impacted your life or you want to leave a message to the family, please leave your remarks on his FaceBook page. Don’t worry about being too specific or long. Take as much space as you want … the family wants to know.”

Zig Ziglar has indeed impacted many lives, including my own as I remember a time when he was a special guest on the nationally televised Life Today with James and Betty Robison, filmed in North Richland Hills – a suburb of Fort Worth, TX.

As a member of the television audience, we could approach Mr. Ziglar after taping and speak to him one-on-one. Zig had mentioned God collecting our tears in a bottle, and the figurative nature of a God of compassion caring that intimately, that personally, that carefully, truly moved me. He said it was in the Psalms and sure enough, when I went home I found it in Psalm 56:8.

My thanks and appreciation to Mr. Ziglar who has led by example, who has helped many a man, woman, and child to succeed in life, business, and relationship with the one true living God – who more than listens to the innermost cries of our heart.

Zig Ziglar: November 6, 1926 – November 28, 2012

“Where you start is not as important as where you finish” ~ Zig Ziglar

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Zig Ziglar

“You were designed for accomplishment. Engineered for success. And endowed with the seeds of greatness.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Single mother of 14 unhappy people hate her

Mum of Britain’s biggest family Joanne Watson, 40, left, stands at the head of her 14 children at their family home in St Martin, Guernsey: From left to right, Indianna, three; Tallulah, four; Armani (known as Arnie), five; Nerilly-Jade, seven; Lilly-Arna eight; Charlie, nine; Febrianne, 10; Brittany, 11; Caitlin, 12; Georgia, 15; Mariah, 16; Shanice, 19; Bradley, 21; and Natasha 22

Squeezed into a four-bedroom council house in Guernsey lives a woman branded the UK’s most prolific single mother.

Joanne Watson, 40, has 14 children, ranging in age from three to 22 and survives largely on state benefits after the breakdown of her marriage in 2010.

Once celebrated in endless articles in the press for her clan of immaculately turned-out blonde children, who were then supported entirely by the salary of her hardworking husband John, Joanne Watson and her family have now become figures of ridicule – and even hate.

The family’s bubble was burst four years ago when an accident meant John, 46, had to give up work as a lorry driver. 

The financial pressure of caring for his 14 children meant John made a decision he will forever regret. As his health improved and with bills mounting, John claimed benefits while simultaneously taking some earnings. 

He was caught, and the man who for two decades had been seen as the model father was sent to prison. The couple, who Joanne says had been arguing for years, separated and divorced.

‘I feel pretty sore about what went on,’ John says now. ‘I’ve been married 20 years and been a good father. I’ve worked hard. Nobody can say I haven’t, because I have.’

‘I did get done for benefit fraud,’ John admits.’ But I paid my punishment, I went to prison and I paid all the money back. 

Joanne leaps to her ex-husband’s defence. ‘He wasn’t doing it to go on holidays and buy mobile phones,’ Jo says. ‘He was doing it to support us.’

The publicity the case attracted has made life – one that was already played out in the public eye – yet more difficult for the Watson children. Georgia, 15, says her regular appearance in the papers makes life at her school in St Martins very difficult.

Quality time: Joanne relaxes with her 14 children in the garden outside their family home

‘When we’re in the papers, everyone talks about it at school the next day,’ she says. ‘Last time I was in the paper everyone was discussing it. People were leaving messages on my Facebook page. There were over 100 comments and not one of them good.

‘A boy at school the next day saw me and said, “Oy, what’s a Watson doing here?” I said I’d been here all along but he said I shouldn’t be there because there was too many of us. 

‘We’re only a family. We’re like everyone else,’ she adds. 

But Georgia is not entirely like everyone else. She is a sweet, calm girl with an outlook that is mature beyond her years. She helps tirelessly at home: planning school uniforms and packed lunches for the rest of the children, bathing her three-year-old sister Indianna and putting her to bed. 

While her home life is no doubt happy and full of love, she has, perhaps, missed out on some of the carefree moments that children in smaller families take for granted. 

Son Bradley, a professional boxer, says the taunts are never-ending. 

‘If your name is Watson, it doesn’t go down too well,’ 21-year-old Bradley says evenly. ‘They never say anything to my face, but your ears are always burning. I don’t like it, but what can you do about it?’

But while the children of the household struggle with life under the microscope, Jo is defiant about the public’s reaction to her and her brood. 

‘When I was in town this week, a woman looked at me and said, “Oh look, it’s the baby-making machine.” I just glared at her,’ Jo adds. ‘Sod them all,’ she says. ‘This is the way I am.’

Despite Jo’s ability to rise above the attention though, it’s clear that her children despair of their mother’s continual procreation – and of their own cramped (if always neat and tidy) quarters. 

‘Our family is huge, laments one of the littlest boys. There’s a new one born nearly every year. Being in a big family is horrible. If she has any more, that’s it, this house won’t fit us.’

Indeed, the house is full to bursting. With 11 children still living at home, getting ready for school is a military style operation, with little uniformed bodies filing out of the front door in a seemingly endless line. Packed lunches are a production line involving bags of fruit and dozens of sandwiches. There are mountains of washing to be done daily – 56 loads a month, to be precise. 

Squeezed on the sofa : Joanne Watson with the 11 children who still live at the family home

Joanne pays only £27 a week rent for the house, a heavily subsidised fraction of the normal cost, receives a total of £160 a week in family allowance for the 11 children still living at home, and another £405 a week in supplementary benefit. But money is still tight, and a budget must be adhered to. 

And since her marriage broke down, with a little help from her children, Jo has to do it all herself. But despite the workload, Joanne believes firmly that ending her crumbling marriage was the right thing to do. 

‘When I was expecting my 14th child, my husband phoned the papers to tell them so they could arrange a photoshoot. But I refused to do it. I couldn’t go on playing happy families. It’s not right. I couldn’t take any more. The way we were arguing, I didn’t want the children to hear it any more.’

Since her marriage broke down, Joanne has been on the look out for a new love – and hasn’t given up on the idea of having another baby. 

In the hopes of meeting a new man, Joanne signed up to local dating agencies. But even there she met with prejudice. 

One dating agency refused point blank to have her on their books, saying the men they dealt with wouldn’t want someone like Joanne. 

‘She made me cry,’ says Joanne. ‘She said the men wouldn’t want someone on state benefits, with so many children, or living where I live.’

But Joanne has developed a thick skin. Last year, Joanne was left devastated when her pregnancy with what would be her fifteenth child ended in miscarriage. She had fallen pregnant just three weeks after embarking upon an affair with leisure centre worker Craig Le Sauvage, 35, who was an old neighbour. 

Two weeks later, she split up from Craig, who subsequently told his story to the papers. Headlines appeared: “How I escaped the baby machine”, talking of how Jo bombarded Craig with texts begging for a fifteenth baby. Joanne was devastated, but now says that nothing people say about her can match the hurt of losing the baby she named Billy. 

Fighting back tears, Jo looks through a box of scans and tiny foot and handprints from the little boy.  ‘Holding his little body, seeing his tiny feet and hands. That hurts,’ she says. ‘People criticising me, slagging me off, that’s not hurt.’ 

Joanne’s 16-year-old daughter Mariah recently had her first child – making Joanne four times a grandmother. The media glare this brought upon the family (and their decision to take part in Channel 4 documentary 15 Kids and Counting, which aired last night) means the Watsons are unlikely to be out of the headlines any time soon. 

But Joanne, who once enjoyed the fame and notoriety her large family brought her, now insists she regrets their infamy. 

‘I don’t want anyone coming to our house looking for a dirty story,’ says Joanne. I wish they would just leave us alone.’


  • Natasha, 22 
  • Bradley, 21
  • Shanice, 19 
  • Mariah, 16
  • Georgia, 15
  • Caitlin, 12
  • Brittany, 11
  • Febrianne, 10 
  • Charlie, nine
  • Lilly-Arna, eight 
  • Nerilly-Jade, seven
  • Armani, five 
  • Tallulah, four
  • Indianna, three


Meet British mother of 16…and she is just 37!


Britain’s biggest family just got bigger: Mother gives birth to her 16th child and she already wants another

The 37-year-old super mum now has nine sons and seven daughters since welcoming little Casper into the world a month ago. Food costs the couple some £250 a week. Each day the family guzzles three loaves of bread, two boxes of cereal and 18 pints of m

ilk while and average supper can include 16 pork chops, 15lbs of potatoes, three cabbages and 30 carrots.

Fire guts TheNews, PMNews office


The headquarters of a popular weekly magazine, The News, and an evening tabloid, PMNews was on Wednesday evening gutted by fire.

The fire, which started at 6.30pm, however, affected the last floor of the two-storey building on Acme Road, Lagos. It was learnt that the inferno was caused by a power surge.

 An employee of the Independent Communications Network Limited, the publishers of TheNews, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said nobody was injured in the incident.
He, however, said the fire destroyed every equipment and property in the affected floor.
He said, “The fire was very ferocious. I think the fire was caused by power surge. When the power supply was restored, the voltage was high and some employees did not switch off their systems.”

3 killed as container crushes car in Lagos


No fewer than three persons were crushed to death yesterday when a 40-feet containerized vehicle fell on a Mazda car on the Badagry-Seme Expressway.

The accident which occurred at about 1.15p.m, was attributed to the bad road which has been a nightmare to commuters and other users of the road.

The containerized vehicle with registration number XT 339 AKD was said to be conveying some goods when it lost control and fell on the car, with four occupants. Three of the passengers died instantly, while the driver was in a critical condition.

The accident caused a heavy traffic while passers-by went on an immediate rescue mission of the trapped persons, before officials of Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, and Lagos State Traffic Management Authourity, LASTMA, came to the scene of the accident.

Three of the occupants pulled out from the crushed car had already died. Sources learnt that the driver of the truck fled immediately the accident occurred.

Eye witnesses told newsmen that the bad portion of the road has been left because of the on going reconstruction and that the danger has been there all along.

“For the fact that the road is no longer manageable, road users often drive against traffic to avoid container carrying trucks; now it has claimed lives,” exclaimed a regular road user.

The accident attracted a lot of condemnations of the government towards its people, with an eye-witness saying; “This is an indication that we are all driving on a time bomb. It could be I or you tomorrow”

As at the time LASTMA officials arrived the scene of the accident with a towing van in order to lift the container off the compressed car, a large number good spirited Nigerians, who swung into action almost immediately the accident occurred, had already evacuated the passengers on board the car with registration number UK 641 KJA.

Mother, 2 ladies perish in another Lagos building collapse

A medical doctor, Bukky Coker and her sister, Toyin, a university graduate, including their mother were killed in their sleep on Wednesday in another building collapse in Lagos.
They were occupants of Block M20 at the Low Cost Housing Estate, Oke-Afa, Isolo.
It was learnt that initially the neighbours did not know that the woman’s daughters were under the rubble as she had told the rescuers after she was brought out wounded that she was not sure her daughters came home the previous night after a church service in Isolo.  
But when one of their neighbours said that one of the ladies even paid her a visit while returning home, the rescuers quickly went into action, combing the rubble until they located the 27-year old medical doctor at about 5.30 a.m. face downward on her bed, dead, with blood gushing out from her head and other parts of her body. 
Further frantic efforts by the search party soon led to the discovery of her elder sister, Toyin, 30, on her bed also, bleeding profusely and brought out dead at 6.02 a.m.
Their mother, who was rescued at about 3.30 a.m. was quickly rushed to the Isolo General Hospital, where she was later transferred to the Medical Centre at the estate after receiving treatment but she later died.
According to sources, the widow had planned to pack out of the building by the end of this month, following a notice from the owner to pave way for renovation.
The occupants of the other five flats had complied with the directive while two young men, who needed a temporary place, occupied a flat.
According to sources, one of the boys who were returning home about 11.30 p.m., discovered that the door to their flat had become stiff, owing to cracks on the walls of the building.Image
He immediately ran to the flat of the widow to alert her that the defective building was now in a more terrible condition, advising her to leave.
But she reportedly said providence would take control with a promise to ascertain the authenticity of his claim that the building was in a precarious state.   
Immediately after the boy and his colleague stepped out, a half wing of the woman’s flat caved in, trapping her and her children. The entire building was pulled down by the state government at about noon, on Wednesday.
Another neighbour, Amodu Omoniyi Iyetayo who reportedly returned from a church service some minutes before the building caved in, was said to have informed the mother of the dead ladies that the building was about to collapse.
Iyetayo, speaking with  Nigerian Tribune said: “I came back from the church  and had a premonition  that the house was going to collapse and alerted my neighbours, before escaping from the building.  
“I was still removing my valuables from the building when I heard a sudden explosion and what I saw was that  part of the block that contained our apartment  had collapsed,” he added.
The elder sister, Toyin  returned from the station where she  served under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, three days ago.
The  bodies of the children were later  evacuated by men of the Red Cross Society, who were assisted by officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority and other Lagos State government officials.
Investigations by revealed that the building had shown signs of imminent collapse, following multiple cracks in many parts.

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