Warning to Nigerians coming to South Africa, by Chika Osueze


For anyone thinking of coming to South Africa from Nigeria, you better do your home work well. Otherwise you will regret at last.

To be fair and honest to South Africa, there are some very nice and wonderful people out there, but they are greatly outnumbered by the bigots among them. I live and work in South Africa and I’ve observed a bias pattern in judicial procedures and policing as regards to corruption and crime prevention.

My assertions are based on my day to day experience and observation as a resident. I have no statistical analysis of the Nigerian population living in South Africa neither do I have the exact figures or nationality of the number of cases prosecuted by the South African judiciary.

From the Nigerian side, the easterners (Igbos) out-number other ethnic groups within the Nigerian community here. That’s why most Nigerians you meet are from the east. A lot (of) Nigerians you meet are not in South Africa to study, though they are enrolled in one college or another, they are semi-illiterates or outright illiterates, very lousy, brash and arrogant (for reasons I don’t understand). Then we have the stranded group who were duped by travel agents into thinking the pasture in South Africa is greener.

In short, you meet criminals of all shapes, size and age. They just sleep, eat, wake up, and hope the next “Mugu” pays. They are so much, you’ll think all Nigerians living in South Africa are criminals, but we have bright students doing well and graduating in South African Universities, we have gainfully employed graduates trained by South Africans themselves (few) and business men and women doing legitimate business exporting goods to and from Nigeria (also few compared to the population of the Nigerian community). But the dot.com or Yahoo boys and drug traffickers are so high in number it seems they’ve all relocated from Nigeria to South Africa. Conditions here favor them.

Basic infrastructure is great here compared to what we have in Nigeria. 24 hours electricity, running water, well laid roads, affordable high speed internet, compact 3/4 bedroom apartment, affordable furniture, little or no scrutiny on international remittance etc. South Africa is a Yahoo Boy’s paradise. Though, most foreigners especially new comers call them as lazy and stupid .

On the South African side, you’ll meet the White Supremacist. A white bigot, loud, aggressive and assertive. He (male and female) hates Blacks and despises Nigerians in particular. He wants to protect the “sanctity” of White superiority; State resources are at his disposal. His opinion and interest supersedes that of others. His ancestors are the second settlers in South Africa. His interpretation of the freedom dictates and guides that the White community must be in control of economic power in South Africa. His favourite question when he meets you for the first time in class or anywhere he sees you provided your black is “Are you a Nigerian?”. He runs the country economically and he knows the “risk” of doing any business with most Nigerians.

Then we have the South African indigenous Chauvinist or the BEE boy, a business tycoon/ hard working student. Drives flashy cars, he believes his ancestors are the real owners of the South. He is rich and he has read stories of Nigerians using South African girls as drug mules, black/chemical money stories; he has seen or read of stranded Nigerians who loiter around the streets of Hillbrow begging for money (these stranded guys don’t shower, so they stink). He cringes when you happen to be in the same elevator, crosses to the other side of the road when you are walking towards each other and always thinks you need something from him any time you try to talk to him. He has held on to so many Nigerian horrible stories and thinks every Nigerian is like that.

Then, we have the Angry Jews, always pissed off and mean-mugging you. He has been discriminated against so much that even his language is not included in the country’s ATM machine .He is always trying to pick fights with you and the first comment he makes is “THIS IS MY COUNTRY!”. He’ll smash his crash helmet on you at the slightest provocation or stab you. He also reads of atrocities committed by Nigerians and sees you as a threat.

So, living in South Africa has made me a racism connoisseur of sought. In fact, I have become so sensitive that I believe I can tell if an individual is racist within a few seconds of being around him or her. There are people in South Africa whose sole purpose in life is just to ruin your day. Racism in South Africa is perfect. It is subtle when it needs to be and brass when necessary.

As a foreigner you might be misled into thinking South Africa is a boring place and no one gives a damn about you, so you can do whatever you like and get away with it. No, you are seriously mistaken. South Africa sometimes feels like the Islamic Republic of Iran we watch on T.V. Some citizens are very nosy and they watch and observe every move you make. I read a news article some weeks ago that says about 80% of Police personnel don’t do normal Policing but rather, spy and gather intelligence.

So, my point is this: South Africa is a tightly controlled society where the authorities decide what business prospers, whether legal or otherwise. Elements within the certain faceless authorities control the drug trade, the distributors are under their command and they arrest them when it’s politically needed to unite the country against a common enemy. We hear of stories of Cuban and Libyan drug traffickers who are quietly deported and warned never to return to South Africa but other nationalities are shown off as trophy in front of news men who broadcast and publish sensational news headlines.

SADEC countries are united against drug trafficking and they hold meetings regularly to discuss new strategies on deterrent, Life imprisonment. But our boys would not listen. Too bad.

In all fairness to the South African authorities , Whatever measures they take to combat drug trafficking in this country could be justified considering that foreigners have turned their teenage girls into drug addicts.

Nigerians in South Africa: please behave ethically because God and justice will judge at the end of time.

Chika, a Nigerian, writes from Republic of South Africa

Full Text of Boko Haram’s Cease Fire Release

 “I, Sheikh Muhammed Abdulazeez Ibn Idris, the 2nd Commander in charge of southern and northern Borno after Imam Abubakar Shekau of Jamaatul Ahjlil Sunna lidawati wal Jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram. For sometimes now, we the members of Jamaatul ahlil Boko Haram sunna lidawati wal jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram have recently had a meeting and dialogue with the government of Borno state where we resolved that giving the prevailing situation there is the need for us to cease fire.
 “We, on our own, in the top hierarchy of our movement under the leadership of Imam Abubakar Shekau, as well as some of our notable followers agreed that our brethren in Islam, both women and children are suffering unnecessarily; hence we resolved that we should bring this crisis to an end.
 “We therefore called on all those that identify themselves with us and our course, to from today lay down their arms. Let every member who hears this announcement relay it to the next member who hasn’t heard.
 “We have met with the Borno state government on two occasions and the fallout of the meeting is to cease fire. Presently we are going to comply with the cease- fire order and by the time we are done with that, then government security agencies can go ahead to arrest whoever they find carrying arms or killing under our names. We are very much aware of the fact that some criminals have infiltrated our movement and continued attacking and killing people using our names.
 “Of course there is a faction within us, but the larger faction of our movement is the one in support of this cease-fire moves. Moreover, once top members of our group including Imam Abubakar Shekau are in support of the need for ceasing fire, other smaller factions can be dealt with easily.
This message, by the Grace of Allah, comes directly from the office of Imam Abubakar Shekau, the supreme leader of Jamaatul ahlil Sunna lidawati wal Jihad.”

Newswatch…frontline brand returns with a bang, goes daily with bumper edition



Readers and customers of Newswatch, the frontline Nigerian news magazine, will have every cause to smile as their darling publication is back with a bang. The rebranded magazine will hit newsstands on February 15, 2013 in a 120 page colour on a mechanised paper. Interestingly, the Newswatch brand has equally gone daily with bumper edition as the maiden edition (starting with weekend titles) of Newswatch newspaper hit the newsstands on January 19, 2013.

The repackaged magazine, which is printed abroad, is expected to compete favourably with the best magazines in the world, such as Times, Newsweek etc, especially in area of quality, volume and aesthetics. But that is not to say that the magazine will be relinquishing its beautiful prose tradition that it was known for.


In fact, it is coming out even much stronger in that aspect too. Publisher and Chairman of Board of Directors of the paper, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, OFR, had announced the suspension of the Nigeria’s oldest news magazine in August last year to carry out a process of turnaround and re-branding.

The business mogul, who acquired majority stake in the company in May 2011, had said during the suspension, “I commend the publishers of The News magazine for operating in a modern office with new technology, while I see the Tell magazine’s facelift and re-branding as unprecedented in the history of Nigerian journalism.

Newswatch cannot be an exception to modern changes and the old style must go once and for all.” The billionaire businessman, who is also the publisher of National Mirror, had assured the readers and the customers that it would return to the newsstands “as soon as the surgical operation is completed and the magazine is re branded.”

Barely six months after, the magazine, which is published by Newswatch Communications Limited, is returning with a bang. Again, it is set to blaze the trail in developmental journalism.

According to the management, the magazine is focusing on this emerging area of journalism in developing countries because it aids individual and national development.

Other areas which the magazine is known for, will not be ignored as well. Similarly, the Daily Newswatch, which is printed and published by Newswatch Newspaper Limited, with head office at 159/161 Broad Street, Lagos, is still enjoying warm reception from the public since its maiden edition hit newsstands last Saturday. Daily Newswatch, according to the management, is an A-list newspaper, which means that it is targeted at the upper class, but will not serve purely as the voice of the bourgeois.

The management further said that it is a whole package that keeps the entire family with it so that they don’t have to go elsewhere , adding that it is 96 pages of well researched, well packaged and well written newspaper.

No wonder, it says in its vision statement which reads in parts: “Our promise as a newspaper is to establish a tradition of truth and independence, thereby giving a pragmatic voice to the voiceless, empowering the powerless in the society populated by few powerful men of selfish desire and voice that have over the years drowned goals and aspirations of the greater number…”

Do not spill Igbo blood: Response to MEND’s press release by Onyema Uche


1. I completely sympathize with your cause and understand the anger that led to this threat. You are a people so terribly deprived and disadvantaged by the federal governments of Nigeria since 1980. I want you to know that you have a right to your anger but you do not have any right to destroy human lives because you are angry. The sentencing of your leader or one thereof to life in South Africa, when no leader of Boko Haram who kill and maim lives in Nigeria has been arrested or tried is despicable. The fiat with which the trial was executed if anything is selective justice, application of double standard, and questionable. It is unfortunate that in Nigeria only the poor, the downtrodden, the weak and powerless pay the price of justice. This is what has befallen you and I understand.

2. It is obvious that you want equal justice and equity for all in Nigeria. You want freedom to manage your resources and I agree that your demand is legitimate. However recall that Ndigbo fought for freedom but your people betrayed us and fought alongside our common enemy, Nigeria. Ndigbo fought for justice and liberation but you stood against us. Now more than forty years after; that same enemy you married in that unholy fraternity has become your mortal persecutor, oppressor and enemy. Fight your cause but remember Ndigbo was a solution but you rejected us.

3. Your zeal for social justice, equal rights and freedom of association and freedom to be a people is justified under human rights charter. The world has heard your voice but Nigeria has not seen your reason because of the greed of her leaders. However I am embarrassed by the fact your fight for justice and freedom excludes other ethnic group’s right that has need of the same thing you are fighting for. Ndigbo has been fighting for the release of their properties declared ”abandoned by a federal decree and state edict since 1979. I am wondering why you chose to remain quite over this injustice. Is it because it is the Igbos? If it were your properties declared abandoned in the South Eastern states would you not fight for it? As you fight for your right remember that he who comes to justice must come with equity. This fight against injustice must start from the beginning. Tell your governments to release Igbo properties they sold to their citizens. We need justice as much as you do.

4. Do not spill any Igbo blood as you threatened to deal with all government officials from 1999 to present. If you spill any Igbo blood you would be opening a healing wound. No Igbo man who has served the federal government did any wrong to you. They are our sons and daughters, and we love and cherish them. Do not touch our own and do no harm to any of us. If you do, history would not be kind to you. Ndigbo have fought many wars for justice. Ndigbo are still fighting for freedom. To transgress into our pain and suffering would spell doom for any cause you are fighting for. I am saying this because an Igbo proverb says: ” a mad man said that since death has decided to kill older people, death should be careful of his parents because when anything happens to any of his parents he would be madder than he ever was”. 
5. It is well that you addressed the federal government still it is imperative to advice you to choose your targets carefully. Be aware that we have reached the limit of endurance. We have retreated even to the banks of the seas further pushing would be resisted. I understand your grievances but I do not see why you never fought for justice to all, and never condemned injustice meted to us by your governments and people. This makes me to ponder and wonder if you are fighting for justice because it fair or because the system that oppressed us with your support has turned against you?
6. Do not forget it is your own brother that is in power. This is not being carried out by a Northerner or Westerner. It is the government of your people so do not transfer your aggression to any ethnic group. Demand justice for all because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Onyema Uche writes from the United States of America

All colour, 96-page, Daily Newswatch launches website, Facebook page


Daily Newswatch, the newspaper arm of Newswatch Magazine,which was launched two weeks ago has finally launched its website. Titled mydailynewswatch.ng.com, the website which became operational yesterday is already loaded with stories and photographs. 

The exquisitely designed website comes with a simple red and yellow design, which are the company’s major colours. Front pages of the newspaper are also displayed. Although the website is barely 24 hours old, it already has close to 100 likes on its Facebook handle. 


Jungle Journalist authoritatively gathered from sources that the Twitter handle of the newspaper will also be unveiled very soon. 

However, only the mastheads of Sunday and Saturday Newswatch has been published on the website. According to reliable sources, the reason is because the Daily newspaper has not been published yet. “Daily Newswatch will begin daily publication by February 9”, the source disclosed.


Daily Newswatch is the first 96 page, all-colour newspaper in Nigeria. The newspaper is designed to complement its original arm, Newswatch magazine, which also has undergone turn-around. The new newspaper in its maiden publication, stated:

 “Our mission as a newspaper is to establish a tradition of truth and independence thereby giving a pragmatic voice to the voiceless, empowering the powerless in a society populated by few powerful men of selfish desire and voice that have over the years drowned the goals and aspirations of the greater number.

We shall be a life-inspiring newspaper of unparalleled record. Different and bold, our style personified by the principle of truth and independence, reporting in highly elevated language, every specie of knowledge capable of creating happiness for the society devoid of bigotry.

We shall make a tangible contribution to this country and play a welcome role in the lives of its citizens and visitors, encouraging entrepreneurship among all, no matter who they are, no matter their faith or race.

This newspaper will not betray public trust by hiding behind the cloak of honest reporting to pursue personal revenge. While reporting without prejudice, none of our employees shall have the latitude to treat the paper as their personal fiefdom.

Our overriding philosophy will be to propel this country to an enviable pedestal as the true giant it was destined to be, where every child and adult are given a fresh sense of belonging as Nigerians and Africans.”

According to Jungle Journalist sources, Newswatch Magazine itself will begin publication later this week and is set to take its original place in Nigeria’s magazine market.

To visit Daily Newswatch, click here: http://mydailynewswatchng.com/

To like Daily Newswatch on Facebook, click here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-Newswatch/469757943065522


From BBC: The Biafrans who still dream of leaving Nigeria


In a quiet, dusty and fairly secluded corner of Enugu city, south-eastern Nigeria, a group of men unfurled a homemade flag and then sang.

“Biafra will live forever. Nothing will stop us,” was the gist of their anthem in the Igbo language.

They were not exactly belting it out and instead of hoisting the flag up a pole, it was tied to a metal gate. But there is good reason for discretion – in the eyes of the authorities the gathering is illegal.

On 5 November, 100 men and women were arrested as they marched peacefully through the city’s streets after raising the Biafran flag.

They were all imprisoned and accused of treason but then released when the charges were dropped. It appears the government is determined to ensure any agitation for secession is not allowed to gather momentum.

Forty-two years after the end of the devastating civil war in which government troops fought and defeated Biafran secessionists, the dream of independence has not completely died.

“No amount of threats or arrests will stop us from pursuing our freedom – self-determination for Biafrans,” said Edeson Samuel, national chairman of the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM).

“We were forced into this unholy marriage but we don’t have the same culture as the northerners. Our religion and culture are quite different from the northerners,” he told the BBC.

The group broke away from the better-known Movement For The Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (Massob).

The 1967-70 civil war threatened to tear apart the young Nigerian nation. Ethnic tensions were high in the mid 1960s. The military had seized power and economic hardship was biting.

With the perception that they were pushing to dominate all sectors of society – from business to the civil service – and while they were prominent in the military, the Igbo people were attacked.

Thousands were killed, especially during the clashes between northerners, who are mostly Muslim, and Igbos. To save their lives, Igbos fled en masse back “home” to the east.

“People used to meet fuel tanker drivers who allowed them to hide inside the tankers – some survived that way,” remembers Igwe Anthony Ojukwu, the traditional ruler of Ogui Nike in Enugu State.

“As we were licking our wounds… it dawned on us that we could not just stay at home as they would come and fight us and that would mean… extinction,” he said, adding that this prompted the move to declare Biafra independent.

Clearance certificate for members of armed forces of defunct Biafra

Today on the streets of Enugu you can hear songs about the war. Booming out from a stall selling CDs and DVDs I heard a song praising the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu – the man who raised the Biafran flag in 1967 and was the leader of the breakaway nation that existed for 31 troubled months.

“It was very terrifying. In the market place you hear a bang and you find limbs flying, people lying dead and others running helter-skelter,” said war veteran Chief Nduka Eya, recalling the aerial bombardment by the Nigerian forces.

At his home he showed me the small card he was given after the Biafrans surrendered. It reads: “Clearance certificate for members of armed forces of defunct Biafra.”

“Naturally when you lose a war it can be very depressing but what can you do? We took it. But history shows Biafra is defunct out of surrender,” said Chief Nduka Eya who is now the secretary general of Ohaneze Ndigbo, an umbrella group representing Igbos around the world.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the card is Olusegun Obasanjo’s signature. The man who later became the president of Nigeria played a major role in the civil war, fighting on the federal government side.

Although no-one knows the true number, more than one million people died in the war – some from the fighting but many more from the resulting famine in the east.

In an effort to repair the bruised nation, the Nigerian head of state General Yakubu Gowan spoke of “No Victor, No Vanquished” and also promoted a policy of Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation.

‘Willing to fight’

But to this day, many Igbos complain that they were punished economically after the war and still speak of being marginalised. The fact that no Nigerian president has come from the east is a source of much rancour.

The prospect of an independent Igboland now seems impossible, especially as secessionists would want the area’s lucrative oil fields.

While those publicly clamouring for independence are a very small minority, it is not hard to find young people who feel they would be better off as a separate nation. This ought to be of great concern to the government of Nigeria.

“If this present government does not have the solution for us upcoming youth here, I’d rather the nation breaks,” said one young man playing football in Enugu near a statue referred to as “The Unknown Soldier” holding a gun aloft.

“We are willing to fight for our rights. Without sacrifice there will be nothing like freedom. We have to pay the price if we want independence and we are ready to do that again,” he added.

“Islams (sic) don’t want the east to rule the country and our opportunities and rights are denied so we are better off as an independent Biafra sovereign nation. Nothing is impossible,” another man in his 20s added.


The renowned Nigerian author Chinua Achebe recently released his memoirs of the war entitled “There Was a Country.” The book includes an insight into what life was like for his family fleeing the city of Lagos and heading east.

His account has angered some – especially non-Igbos – and has caused a stir in the Nigerian media as well as on the internet where there are plenty of reminders that ethnic divisions still run deep.

Towards the end of his book Achebe asks: “Why has the war not been discussed, or taught to the young, over 40 years after its end?

“Are we perpetually doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because we are too stubborn to learn from them?”

Today Nigeria faces massive security challenges – top of the list being the Islamist insurgency in the north that many Nigerians believe is being fuelled by politicians.

Many would argue that some of the root causes of the civil war were also triggers of the rebellion in the north as well as the militancy in the Niger Delta.

“Three words – injustice, inequality and unfair play,” says Chief Nduka Eya who, like Achebe, believes it is essential for young Nigerians to learn about the war.

“If you think education is expensive try ignorance,” he says.

“Ignorance is a very damaging disease. Our boys and girls need to know what actually happened. ‘Why did my father go to war?’ Someone in the north will ask: ‘Why did we go to fight them?'”

Beer called "Hero"

Sitting on his throne and holding his ox tail staff of office, Igwe Anthony Ojukwu calls for the war to be studied in schools.

“The experience of Biafra should be shared so that people outside Biafra will know when they are cheated and when they should start to fight for their own destiny,” says the traditional ruler.

“The risk of not studying Biafra is that we will continue to subdue the subdueables no matter how justified they are in their demands. We will continue to live a life where the stronger animal kills the other,” he says, although he stresses that he is against further efforts to secede.

“I think it is important that Nigeria stays together. Those who are singing for disintegration are doing so for selfish ends.”

Forty-two years after the war, a beer has just been launched in eastern Nigeria. The choice of name, “Hero”, and the logo on the bottle of a rising sun similar to the one on the Biafran flag were no accident.

These days “Bring me a Hero” is a popular call in the bars of Enugu where people have not entirely given up on the dream of raising a glass to “independence”.

CONVICTION OF OKAH: We will destroy Nigeria !- MEND

ImageMEND, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, has responded to the conviction in South Africa of Henry Okah, its former leader, declaring that the movement will be the start of the disintegration of Nigeria, and warning of disastrous consequences to befall the federal government and all of its officials since 1999.

The statement, dated 23 January, was signed by “Comrade Azizi,” but SaharaReporters has been unable to determine its veracity.
“Nigerians as a whole will feel our presence when we finally decide to carry out our targets which will not be restricted to the Niger Delta Region alone,” it warned, stating that as a group, MEND has become more sophisticated than the level of mere IED or car bombs, and reached “capabilities which will take the Nigerian Military another 10 years to catch.”
The statement declared: “We are not on the same program with regional agitators in the north or elsewhere, we will not hide our faces, soon and very soon, Nigerians will get to see the structures (Diaspora and Home) as well as our new states, regional commanders and new National Leader, arresting and killing Henry Okah will change nothing.”
It also offered the following chilling warning: “To the Nigerian Government, you have seen NOTHING, the disintegration of Nigeria will start through us and by us, we are well equipped for this task. We have details of all the family members of the Government (1999-2013) and our Diaspora Command will take care of that aspect, we will get to them, we will skin them and post their remains to your door steps as compensation to the Ode people, except our resources are handed over to us without conditions.”
MEND warned federal government officials to stay away from the Niger Delta, with particular attention to one current official: “The Minister of the Niger Delta Ministry Mr. Orubebe Peter Godsday is hereby banished from Delta State and the region at large pending when he returns the money he stole which was meant for the Niger Delta Development Councils” and in various public offices since 1991.
“To our Natural Resources, there will soon be a massive earthquake that will be trigged by our nuclear war head, this earthquake will destroy the entire oil wells, oil pipelines especially to Kaduna refinery, oil installations, oil rigs and what have you, when it happens, which we know will be very soon, the Government and those owners of these oil wells and installation will know it’s a different ball game,” the statement warned.
It also warned South African companies operating in Nigeria, “LEAVE NIGERIA totally, there will be massive and aggressive campaign on all companies owned, operated and affiliated to the South African Citizens or their Government both in Nigeria, Western and Southern Africa respectively.”
Full Text of the Statement Purportedly From MEND
23rd JANUARY 2013
We witnessed ourselves firsthand the conviction of our dear leader yesterday the 21st of January 2013 by the South African Supreme Court on all the 13th count charges which as we all know has to do with ASO ROCK politic on a man simply because he refused to be bought over.
Before yesterday’s ruling, we had high regards for the South African judiciary but not now as we were wrong on our previous assessment nevertheless, people pays for mistakes committed by others so we the High Command of MEND have an advice for the South African people, which is TELL YOUR GOVERNMENT through your judiciary stay away with events that happened in Nigeria or else some South Africans will pay dearly for it.
To the Nigerian military (The Joint Task Force (JTF) in the Niger Delta) don’t bother for now placing officers on alert, we will not bomb nor kill anybody for the time being, as we had communicated months back, we no long require IED or car bombs as we’ve gone pass that stage. Nigerians as a whole will feel our presence when we finally decide to carry out our targets which will not be restricted to the Niger Delta Region alone.
We so much understand the job load of an image maker but I most point our here clearly that the JTF’s spokesman, Lt.-Col. Onyeama Nwachukwu will have much jobs to do in the region anytime soon for thinking we rely on the OLD COMMANDERS that sold out to take up arms on behalf of our leader, just don’t underrate our capabilities which will take the Nigerian Military another 10 years to catch.
We are not on the same program with regional agitators in the north or elsewhere, we will not hide our faces, soon and very soon, Nigerians will get to see the structures (Diaspora and Home) as well as our new states, regional commanders and new National Leader, arresting and killing Henry Okah will change nothing.
To the Nigerian Government, you have seen NOTHING, the disintegration of Nigeria will start through us and by us, we are well equipped for this task. We have details of all the family members of the Government (1999-2013) and our Diaspora Command will take care of that aspect, we will get to them, we will skin them and post their remains to your door steps as compensation to the Ode people, except our resources are handed over to us without conditions.
All Federal, States and Local Government officials under the pay roll of the Government ( ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals, Directors etc ) should stay away from the Niger Delta, if found anywhere in the South South region, they will have themselves to blame and that is if they live to tell the tales.
The Minister of the Niger Delta Ministry Mr. Orubebe Peter Godsday is hereby banished from Delta State and the region at large pending when he returns the money he stole which was meant for the Niger Delta Development Councils and also while with:
(a) Burutu Local Government Council, Delta State (1991-1993),
(b) As second Member: Primary Education Board, Asaba, Delta State 2000-2003.
(c) As the Special Adviser to James Ibori former Delta State Governor on Urban/Regional Planning between January 2004 and November 2005.
This whole money belongs to the Niger Delta people and most be return or he should be ready to face the consequences along with your nuclear and immediate family members.
To our Natural Resources, there will soon be a massive earthquake that will be trigged by our nuclear war head, this earthquake will destroy the entire oil wells, oil pipelines especially to Kaduna refinery, oil installations, oil rigs and what have you, when it happens, which we know will be very soon, the Government and those owners of these oil wells and installation will know it’s a different ball game.
All oil companies, (foreign or local) should start parking up from the region as this might be the last warning, we really will not want civilians to be caught in between so please take this warning seriously.
To our old breed Commanders, you can talk as much as you want just because you were bought over for a token but we wonder why the fight against your masters, the hurricane is almost there and it will sweep everything left.
And finally to the South Africa Companies: we made some promises before and now we are repeating same, LEAVE NIGERIA totally, there will be massive and aggressive campaign on all companies owned, operated and affiliated to the South African Citizens or their Government both in Nigeria, Western and Southern Africa respectively.
23rd January 2013


Igbo National Council meets in Enugu this weekend


There will be a General Meeting of the pan-Igbo organisation, Igbo National Council (INC) in Enugu this weekend. In a press release, the organisation stated that the high-powered congress will hold on Sunday, 27th January 2013 at 87 Ogui Road (by One-Day-One-Block), Enugu at 11am prompt. 

INC is a coalition for grassroots and mega socio-political crusades.All well-meaning Igbos are enjoined to attend the event to lift the Igbo nation.

Dana crash victims’ families thank NCAA for fast-tracking compensations


Families of victims of the ill-fated Dana Air plane crash and their solicitors have lauded the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for fast-tracking the process of getting the 70 per cent balance of the $100,000 compensation they are entitled to.

This came after a meeting hosted by the authority on Wednesday at its headquarters annex where the victims’ families and their solicitors met with officials of the Lagos State Probate Registry to fast-track the issuance of the letter of administration as earlier solicited on their behalf by the Director General of NCAA, Dr. Harold Demuren.

Bunmi Ibraheem, a solicitor to one of the families, commended the NCAA for assiduously working with the Lagos State government and other relevant agencies to ensure that the compensations were paid, adding that Demuren had impressed the families and their solicitors by keeping the promises he made during the two previous meetings they had with him.

According to her, Demuren promised to appeal to Lagos State Chief Judge for waivers of charges in the processing of letter of administration from the Probate Registry, which is the prerequisite for administering the compensation, and this he has done.

“The DG promised to bring down to NCAA the Probate Registry where all the victims’ families will come and fill forms for the processing of the letter of administration and the submission of other required documents and this is what we are witnessing today.”

In the same vein, a solicitor, Mr. Kola Olapoju, was full of praises for Demuren and his team for doing what he said no government agency had done before.

On his part, Akinlola Cole, a representative of one of the victims’ families, declared: “This is his first time I am seeing an organisation waking up to its responsibilities, and beyond doing it right, making promises and fulfilling them.”

He expressed appreciation to the NCAA and the Lagos State government for their contributions, support and commitment towards the compensation exercise.

In another development, Mr. Kola Olapoju said the process for obtaining orders of guardianship for those that need it will also enjoy the benefits of the waivers given to those processing the letter of administration. He said although the process is longer, they will do everything to make it short so that the two months’ deadline can be met and everything about the compensation done with.

The meeting was presided over by NCAA’s Head of Aeromedical Standards, Dr. Teresa Bassey and the General Manager in charge of Air Transport Regulation, Mrs. Antonia Vincent.

Highpoint of the meeting was an appeal to the victims’ families not present at the meeting to come forward and take advantage of the waivers offer secured by NCAA from Lagos State government and process their letters of administration in earnest so that their claims could be settled within the two months’ deadline fixed by the Federal Government. (Guardian)


‘Chime’s pose with governors is a phantom’- Save Enugu Group


In spite of a pictorial of Governor Sullivan Chime posing in winter suit with Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ forum Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers state Governor), Obong Godswill Akpabio (Akwa-Ibom) and Gabriel Suswam (Benue), the Save Enugu Group (SEG) yesterday described the pictorial as a phantom, claiming that the Chime is hospitalized at the Metropolitan Humane Hospital Swiss cottage in the United Kingdom.

The group reacting on the picture which was published by virtually all Nigerian media said nothing can be further from the truth except if the governors who allegedly posed with Chime in the photograph enjoyed “bi-location” which is only possible to ecclesiastical beings.
They insisted that the letters they wrote to the Acting Governor, of Enugu State, Mr Sunday Onyebuchi and later to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Eugene Odo, “were inspired by the best of intentions”, but were shocked that rather than address the issues raised in the letters, the top government officials decided to denigrate them. 
“We sincerely believed that the mystery surrounding the prolonged absence, which was 112 days on that day, of our dear
Governor H.E. Sullivan Iheanacho Chime should be lifted without further delay. The gist of that letter was that the question, where is Governor Chime should be answered by the Enugu State Government within two weeks. 
“To facilitate this query we proposed that the state government should constitute a delegation of eminent sons and daughters of the state to seek out the Governor and verify his status and report back to the people of Enugu state. We made this proposal in the light of the loss of confidence in the excuses and spin emanating from government information mangers. 
“The second letter dated January 16 2013, was triggered by the news break from Sahara reporters that our Governor had been discovered ailing in London. We on our own, commissioned private investigators who tracked our Governor also to London, undergoing treatment at Metropolitan Humane Hospital Swiss cottage”.
They argued that in the absence of a public broadcast by the Acting Governor to the people of Enugu State clearing the air, and the decision to publish the picture of Chime in photograph with Akpabio, Amaechi and Suswam, was fabricated by government officials to cover up the truth especially as Governor Peter Obi himself had claimed he also visited Chime in London, but “never took pictures with Chime” not made expatiated comments on his encounters with Chime.
They maintained that given the insults received from Speaker Odo whom they also accused of deliberately dodging or “refused to answer the specific questions which we had put to him, our stand is that there is an obvious attempt to mislead the public”.
They said all they were doing “comes down to the right of a people to know what their leaders are up to and how they are deploying tax payers’ money. It’s the issue of due process and transparency in governance; democratic engagement under the rule of law and constitutionalism.
“The picture released by the state government shows a seemingly fit Governor Chime with his colleagues. Vanguard newspapers of the same day also reported a phone conversation between the Governor and the newspaper. This development to us is a classic replay of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s song ‘government magic.’ No doubt this was a panic response by Enugu state government to meet our two week deadline to reveal the location and status of our Governor. If that was the purpose then it has failed woefully.
“We have come to the conclusion that the picture posted by Enugu state government as having been taken on Tuesday 22nd January 2013, is fake and tells a lie about itself. Some of the Governors shown on that picture could not have been in London on that day unless they have the gift of bi-location. 
“Secondly and more seriously, if Governor Chime is as fit as shown, what is he still doing away from his duty post for over four months? We chose to believe our working Governor is not that irresponsible. Again the telephone conversation reported by Vanguard has done great injury to that paper. 
“Many of us will remember the Yar’Adua phantom interview with BBC. Is this a replay here? We challenge them to play the audio. We all recall the dramatic telephone conversation between President Obasanjo and late Yar’Adua at a campaign rally in 2007, of ‘Umoru are you dead’?
“The Chairman South East Governors’ Forum, Okwute Igbo Peter Obi was reported in the Sun newspaper of Monday 21st January, 2013, at page 10 as saying that he was with Governor Chime in London when the news broke of the Ezu river bodies. He immediately cut short his visit and rushed home. 
“How come there was no picture taken and why did our own Governor not rush home also? The river is at the joint boundaries of the two states.
“The Speaker of the Enugu State Assembly would be made to know through the arbiter on constitutional disputes that he does not have the last word or ipsi dixit on the interpretation of section 190 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).
“Finally we repeat and re-iterate our demand in our letter of 16th January 2013 that Enugu state government must come clean on this Governor Chime saga and apologize to the people of Enugu state”.