Today’s churches and their bizarre names

The Pentecostal church in Nigeria has no doubt, come of age. Today, many Pentecostals stand at the same level with the older orthodox like the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and others. But with this development has also crept into the church, a strange new phenomena, that of configuration. For there is presently an explosion in the […]


Let me start by stating that prior to my brief visit, I have been very doubtful with the possibility of Nigeria becoming better in the future. Each time cynicism gets a better part of me, my friend Okafor C. Udoka would always say something that would keep the light of hope burning though very deem. […]

NKEREFI: Underdevelopment killing Enugu’s food basket

The people of Nkerefi, in Enugu State has decried the level of infrastructural underdevelopment being suffered by the community. The community, under the aegis of Nkerefi Youth Congress, the community lamented the utter neglect of the community by both the Federal Government and state. This was contained in a press statement signed by the group’s […]