Neither Jonathan nor Buhari will rule Nigeria after 2015 elections, says cleric


A Christian cleric, Evangelist Innocent Ugochukwu has stated that neither President Goodluck Jonathan nor General Muhammadu Buhari will become president next year, as God revealed to him that he shall emerge president in 2015.

Ugochukwu told newsmen that he shall be obeying a divine mandate by contesting for presidency next year.

Ugochukwu, who has severally made astounding predictions about Nigeria, most of which came to pass, claimed that God commanded him to contest, and that he is going to win to take over from President Goodluck Jonathan come April 29, 2015.

Hear him: ” two mighty hands were laid on my head and I heard distinctly, “today, I put in you the ability to create and design. You are the next leader, and shall take over from the present government. I long for the transformation of men and women as individuals. I long for the transformation of the church, youths, communities, societies, professions & traders and the entire nation. I am raising you for a new Nigeria. In your days there shall be supernatural released of wisdom for research and technology. Is there any thing to hard for the Lord? I have spoken”.

The cleric who worships at Living Faith Church in Lagos, predicted the demise of late Yar’Adua while in office, also said that the burden of Nigeria’s leadership led him into prayers, where he was consecrated by God to take the mantle of leadership come 2015: ” my heart is greatly burdened for the human condition of Nigerians resident within the country”.

“The Nigeria state, as you are aware, have  been facing many challenges; from high level of insecurity to terrorism, crimes, corruption, fraud, scams to power outage, poverty, high mortality rate, wickedness of all sorts, social and moral decadence among others”.

He expressed hope also that the Nigeria of God’s plan will emerge in such a dramatic manner that the whole world will marvel at the intervention of God, frustrating human antics and political gerrymandering.

It would be recalled that the evangelist predicted that late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua will not lead Nigeria into 2010, the sudden end of Pope Benedict XVI as the sign of the beginning of repositioning in the church in 2011. He had also urged Nigerians to pray against post election violence in 2011, as well as foreseen the global plane crashes of 2014.