EDO 2016:Deputy Governor Odubu escapes death as gunmen attack his campaign team in Auchi

Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Dr. Pius Odubu escaped death by whiskers today  in Auchi by when some gunmen shot at him inside the APC secretariat in the city as he was receiving delegates.

On Wednesdays 27th April, Odubu had officially flagged off his campaign to run for governor amidst accusations and counter-accusations between him and Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

The shooting occurred shortly after the governor and his deputy left a function organized by Barr. Damian Lawani, the State House of Assembly member  representing Etsako Central Constituency.

The gun men invaded the venue of the campaign at the APC secretariat in the local government
and opened fire.

According to reports, Odubu escaped unhurt while five persons were critically injured and are currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.

The guard commander of the Deputy Governor’s police team was one of those hit when he shielded his boss from being hit by bullets.

Analysts say the attack might not be unconnected with the impasse currently going on between the governor and his deputy.

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Oba of Benin: NOCSON[Civil Societies] commiserate with Bini royal family- PRESS RELEASE

On behalf of the leadership and membership of Network of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria (NOCSON), humbly and ably  led by Abraham Oviawe,  Esq, we commiserate with the Royal Family, Benin Traditional Council and the entire people of  Benin Kingdom over the demise of a Philosopher King, The Great Oba of Benin Kingdom, His Royal majesty, Omon n ‘oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa CFR  after a glorious 36 years on the throne.

Though  His Royal Majesty has  gone to join his  ancestors, he is still alive today  because the legacies he imprinted  on the sands of history are there to always guide his subjects.

The great monarch was a Father of multitude, a man who believed so much in the the solomonic philosophy of justice, equity and good conscience when pronouncing  judgments on matters that were brought before his  royal table.

His reign as the 38th Oba of Benin Kingdom elevated the land of Igodomigodo  to the pedestal of peace, concord and tranquility, as his solomonic role united his subjects  as members of one large family.

The great monarch will be remembered ad infinitum for his positive contributions to  humanity and  as one of the most outstanding traditional rulers of his era. We pray the Almighty God grant  Crown Prince Erediauwa the solomonic  wisdom and courage he requires  to build on the laudable legacies of Oba Erediauwa.

May his  soul continue to rest in perfect peace.


Marxist Kola Edokpayi
Publicity Secretary
Human Rights House.

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Nigerians in London hold mega protest against Fulani murderers next Tuesday

The coordinators of the May 3 2016  planned London protest are insisting that the plan to carry out the peaceful protest remains  despite the presidency call on security chiefs to step into the terror attacks on farmers and community residents  in the middle belt and Southern part of the country.

The organizers call on all interested parties taking part in the protest against the butchering of farmers on their farmlands in Nigeria not to be deceived by the presidential announcement on the carnage, claiming that the president’s new intervention is belated and is  distraction ploy to confuse on the protest plan.

On Tuesday night, concerned Nigerians across the World commenced efforts to inform the World on the situation in Nigeria where Fulani cattle rearers  are carrying out wanton killing of farmers from other parts of the country, armed with sophisticated weapons. Many across the country see the stance of the normads   as an opportunistic exploitation of the seat of the president thinking they are untouchable and parading arms supplied by their god-masters, some of who are rumored to be stakeholders in the government.

London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers EvilHerdsmen
London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers

Although the president announced on Wednesday night  that the Nigeria national security and the Armed Forces and Police should take all necessary action to stop the carnage, such call was coming after the Diaspora caught-in and articulated plans to organise protests in denounce of the carnage.
According to United Kingdom based organisers of the protest,  the president’s late statement  had sold out the nation’s security services as cowards who are incapable of defending the people of Nigeria, maintaining the announcement had been belated, coming after London had announced the protest plan to draw World attention to the terrorized Nigerians plight. About a thousand farmers and community residents have been killed since January this years in a spate of wide-spread gun attacks as the herdsmen encroach on farmlands to graze their cattle on green grassed farmlands.

Mr Dare Lasisi, is one of the organisers. Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers dare1
Mr Dare Lasisi, is one of the organisers.
One of the activists, Mr Dare Lasisi questioned: “Where is the presidential voice prior to the announcement of the coming protest”. Mr Lasisi, who is also a London based blogger responding to an interview with the London based As-It-Is-News online media forum added that the action of the Nigerian security services during the recent attacks had portrayed security connivance with the marauders putting up deliberate inaction which has earned many people including children, women and head of family breadwinners their lives.

Another activist, Chidi Cali queried the logic behind the government inaction since the carnage spiraled, alleging that a responsible national security team would not have to wait for presidential order before taking action against acts of terrorism and mass killings against citizens. According to him, the inaction had further sold the nation’s security to the World as irresponsible and ineffectual. He said there was no going back on the planned protest.

Ace broadcaster and  the spokesman of Nigerian Union of Journalist UK Chapter, Mr Lashley Oladigbolu also charged the Nigerian security of betraying the trust of Nigerians: “The Nigerian security services have sworn to defend the Nigerian nation and her people against every act of oppression. If they fail to do so, we owe the people the responsibility to voice for them and make their voices hard across the World”.

Chidi Cali: The protest must go on Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers Chidi
Chidi Cali: The protest must go on
The organisers urged Nigerians not to be fooled by the statement from the President adding that currently, there is presidential deception of the people as no strong voice had come from the nation’s leadership in condemnation of the killings across the country until the current mass protest had been announced.

Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh, one of the coordinators of “Say No To evil Herdsmen” lending her voice said Nigerians would not take the president seriously unless he( the president) fishes out the sponsors who supply guns to the herdsmen, the Nigerian public would not take his voice seriously.

“Where are the guns coming from if not from those Fulani cattle traders and associates  close to the government?. We need more explanation from the government to do and the president must prove that the armed gangs are not from the seat or corridors of power”

The blood sucking itinerary cattle rearers owned by suspected political super-lords for years have unleashed mayhem on innocent citizens from across the regions of Nigeria terminating innocent lives at will and threatening to  kill more if they stand on their way as they take their cattle to various farmlands where innocent farmers tilling their farms are killed in cold blood for disallowing the abuse of their crop land.

Many of the herdsmen are armed with AK-47 and other short-guns, killing at will whoever stands on their way from allowing their cattle to graze over land with green grass.

“Who supplied the guns and who are the sponsors of the herdsmen”, he questioned, adding that until a satisfactory answer to this questions are asked, Nigerians in the Diaspora will continue to motivate for protests.

In his own reaction, a youth motivator and Public Affairs commentator, Mt Akintokunbo Adejumo wondered on how the Nigerian president took so long to react on the mass killing.  He posted on his Facebook page:”Why did it take the President this long to react, after many deaths and destruction?. The question articulates what has been on the minds of the generality of Nigerians, particularly

The protest organisers  are urging those coming to dress-up in black clothing in order to be in the true frame of appearance “To mourn our departed compatriots”.
The organisers are also reminding Nigerians that this isn’t APC VS PDP matter but an issue that concerns us all and a war against Fulani Killers Herdsmen.

The march is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd May at 11 am – 1pm to commence from the Nigerian High Commission on Northumberland Avenue to the UK Parliament Building at Westminster, London.

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Ize-Iyamu commiserate with the Palace, extols Oba’s virtues

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, a leading PDP gubernatorial aspirant in Edo state has commiserated with the royal family, prominent chiefs and the entire people of Benin Kingdom over the passage of His Royal Majesty, OMO N’ OBA N’ EDO, UKU AKPOLOKPOLO, Oba Erediauwa CFR, The Oba of Benin, describing his reign as meritorious to the Kingdom.

”On behalf of myself and my family, I commiserate with the royal family and the entire people of the great Benin Kingdom on the passage of His Royal Majesty, OMO N’ OBA N’ EDO, UKU AKPOLOKPOLO, Oba Erediauwa CFR. This is a great loss to Benin Kingdom which boasts of an enviable history of unbroken continuity of great monarchs who left indelible imprint in history” he said.
He observed that Oba Erediuwa’s reign was characterized with peace and tranquility as his fatherly role united all his subjects.
According to him, during Oba Erediauwa’s reign, Benin culture flourished and witnessed remarkable growth with chiefs playing prominent role in preserving and jealously guiding the custom of the land.
Born in 1923, Oba Erediauwa is the 38th king of the great Benin kingdom whose reign Ize-Iyamu pointed out will go down in history as an epoch of renaissance as education and the propagation of the true values of life was vigorously pursued.
He was a top administrative personnel in his hay days in the Federal Civil Service with a sound legal mind prior to his ascendancy to the revered throne. His reign Ize-Iyamu stressed was worthy of emulation by his subjects especially the young who have come to realize that education and exposure are desirable.

“He will be remembered for his great wisdom reminiscent of that of King Solomon in the Holy Bible. While we observe the rites of passage of our reverred monarch,  we are consoled by the rising of another Sun, the crown prince, in the horizon of Benin Kingdom”.

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Matthew Iduoriyekemwen commiserates with Benin royal palace on Oba

I have received with the greatest shock of my life but with total submission to the incontestible will of the Almighty God the transition to Greater Glory of the Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa CFR, The Oba of Benin.

Your reign as the 38th Oba of Benin and the attendant peaceful co-existence between your subjects and our immediate and extended environment cannot be over-emphasized; the cultural renaissance, re-orientation and education therein was a mix of the old and new order; while sustaining the historical background and flavour of our tradition and custom, Your Royal Majesty, our very distinguished Palace Chiefs and the Benin nation, under your Kingship vigorously promoted a contemporary view of royalty.

Though I am pained at your demise at this critical time in the life of our dear State, when your wealth of wisdom would have been very instrumental as to building a sustainable bridge of peace, understanding and tolerance amongst us, I am however consoled by the fact that your good and humanitarian works before and during your reign will continue to be points of references and guiding principles in our dealings with us.

Your Royal Majesty gave us millions of reasons to believe in oursleves, promote our cherished culture and tradition, fight for our rights, love, protect, defend our land and territories; On behalf of my teeming supporters and my family, I wish to convey my deepest condolence to the Benin Royal family, the Palace and the entire Benin nation for the loss of the Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Erediauwa CFR (The God-King).

May the Almighty God and our Ancestors continue to bless and protect the Benin nation, Edo land and Nigeria in general.

Oba gha t’okpere, ise.

Hon. Matthew Aigbuhuenze Iduoriyekemwen
PDP Gubernatorial Aspirant
Edo State

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Oshiomhole restates commitment to workers’ welfare

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says the state Government got only N1.6 billion from the Federation Account this month and has a shortfall of N1.4 billion to meet salaries and overheads, but that it won’t stop the Government from meeting its wage obligation before the end of the month.

Oshiomhole who restated his commitment to the prompt payment of workers’ salaries during a visit of the newly elected leadership of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) said, “the labour movement remains to me my primary, original constituency. Politics is my secondary constituency, and I am never ashamed to say it that the style that I adopt and the strategy that I evoke are the result of my trade union training and all that the union equipped me with. So, our movement gives us all that we need to prepare for leadership. So, I congratulate you on your election. I also want to congratulate your immediate predecessor, for the leadership he provided for the TUC.

“Things are tough. This month, Edo State Government received from the Federation Account N1.6 billion. I will need about N3 billion to pay wages and overheads and other basic things that are not negotiable, which means we have a deficit of about N1.4 billion. But we will pay the workers before the 30th, before May Day, they must get their money. It is a lot easier for the government to explain poor finances. It is far more complex to explain how in the face of the crisis in the country, how a worker is able to go to work, stay at work, put in eight hours work, find his way back home, provide for his wife and then hug the children as a father that cares with a salary of twenty thousand.

“So, the worker is the greatest economist, whether in prosperity or in recession, the wages are taxed while every other price is dynamic. As a Christian, I think it is a temptation. So, when it dropped to this level, I think somebody must be saying, let’s see how he is going to cope. The God that made me a governor will enable me to meet all the obligations.

“Your request for May Day, we will provide. We don’t have much in our treasury but we have much in our will and determination. And it is that will that will enable us to do any of the things that are good in the eyes of God. So, we will do the May Day as if we were not in this kind of crisis.

“For the promotion, I have told the Head of Service. I want our promotion to be up to date, sign them, implement them, not notional, and translate them to naira and kobo so that I am not passing on any social burden to my successor. I want to be able to pay it so that nobody will say I did it on the eve of my departure.

“For us to get out of this recession, we must reflate the economy. I have argued and nobody has contradicted me that what we spend on workers is the only money that re-circulates within the Nigerian economy. What the ruling class spends is the only money that often flies out of the country. So, if we are going to keep the economy going, we need to spend more money on the productive force so that the money can circulate. I understand that paying workers is not an act of goodwill; it makes economic sense. It is a smart thing to do to pay a living wage and a decent wage. It is healthy for the economy. So, we will sustain the promotion, fast track the process and I will endorse and we will start to pay.

Speaking earlier, the newly elected chairman of the Trade Union Congress, Comrade Marshall Ohue said, “Specifically on the 11th of February this year, a new leadership emerged in the Trade Union Congress of the Edo State Council. I am not surprised at your antecedent over the past seven years. You have done so much in terms of infrastructure. It goes to show your zeal and your passion for developing Edo State and making Edo State a workable state. I am not surprised because I know what you are capable of doing. You did it when you were the NLC President. I knew you would do better as a governor and that you have certainly shown.”

The TUC chairman continued, “Your Excellency, I went through Egor this month and I discovered that the whole mammy water has disappeared. Now I remember as we used to say, power pass power. The ultra-modern hospital is one of the best in Africa. You have written your name in gold. You broke records and you create new ones. Sir, we say kudos and bravo to a man of honour.

“I also want to thank you in the area of payment of salaries even in the midst of dwindling economy of the nation, when many states find it difficult to pay their workforce.

“Thank you for the cooperation over the years. As my leader here has said, if they were good, we will do better. If they are best, we will be excellent. Under my watchful eyes as the TUC chairman of Edo State, I am ready to work with you to ensure that there is industrial peace in Edo State, between Edo State workers and Edo State Government, especially when you are one of us.”

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Oba of Benin: All Males Ordered to Shave Their Heads

The Benin Traditional Kingdom has formally announced the transition of Benin Monarch, Oba Uku Akpolokpolo Erediauwa.

A statement by the Iyase of the Kingdom, Sam Igbe, relayed in local Benin language, and translated to the hundreds of palace chiefs, sons, daughters and journalists, said the traditional ruler had re-united with his ancestors.

The formal announcement followed the breaking of the White Chalk at the Urho-Ozolua shrine in the presence of palace high chiefs and others, a symbolic ritual to signify the demise.

The prime minister of the kingdom, Chief Igbe, as a sign of respect to the monarch, directed all markets to close till further notice.

He also directed the sons of the Kingdom to shave their heads while palace chiefs with multiple beads are to wear only one.

By the directive, at least 15 major markets across the seven local government councils that make up Benin Kingdom and Edo South District closed immediately.

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Chinese Consul visits, seeks closer ties with Edo

As a follow-up to President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent visit to China, the Chinese Consul-General in Nigeria, Mr. Liu Khan, has visited Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State to explore the investment potentials in the state and locate more Chinese industries in the state.
Governor Adams Oshiomhole has strengthened diplomatic relations with China with a view to deepening investment ties with the people and government of China.
Receiving the Chinese Consul-General in his office, Governor Oshiomhole thanked him for leading a delegation of investors to his office. 
He said “Let me thank you, Mr. Khan, for leading a delegation to pay us a visit. They, along with other Chinese companies, have set up various factories in Edo State. I have visited their factories and I was very impressed by what I saw, the quality of products they are producing whether the ceramic tiles and iron rods which we badly need for our construction industry. They shared with me their plans to even further expand their operations. I have had conversations with them about the possibility of new investments in Edo State because we have so much natural endowment, natural resources besides oil and gas which we have in sufficient quantity. Edo State actually has the highest deposit in the volume of gas deposit. And so, with such a huge gas reserve, this State will continue to play a very important role in the economy of our country.
 “And under the power arrangement, I also know that this State is meant to be one of the major hubs for power supply and distribution. Recently, a private company, Azura Power Plant has commenced the process of laying about 450 megawatts of power which will be completed within the next one or two years, and the construction is still on. And there are other various power plants that are already in existence. And so, in the very near future, we will have enough power supply coming from Edo State. I know that from my conversation with some Chinese companies here, they told me that with power, they have so much more they can do.
“Right now, we have a minister who I personally believe has the leadership ability that is required to deal with the challenges of power supply. They are already doing something. So, hopefully in the very near future, the problem of power supply will be substantially addressed.
“have taken time to take some of the Chinese to some sites where we have various solid minerals, precious stones because I believe that we have enough limestone and other precious metals which can be developed, and these things can easily produce granite, marble, and in addition to other manufacturing plastics, glass, etcetera. I think so much is possible. So, I think that the real benefit we are expecting from the visit of Mr. President to China and the very cordial relationship that now exists that translate politics to economy and diplomacy is that we need more Chinese factories and less finished Chinese goods so that our trade balance can be addressed. We have a very young population in this State, and I am sure our Chinese brothers who are here will tell you how resourceful the workers have been. I also want to assure you that compared to other parts of the country, we have a more secured environment and businesses require security, security of personnel, security of investments and every other thing that the state will provide. 
“So, I will want us to deepen our relationship and I want to have a further conversation.”
Speaking earlier, the Chinese Consulate General, Mr. Khan said, “I sincerely hope that Your Excellency and all the distinguished guests will continue to share and support the development of the Chinese companies and the Chinese that work and live in your state. I want to do my best to promote friendly and cooperative relations between China and Edo State. As you know,   President Muhammadu Buhari had a very successful and fruitful visit to China. During his visit our two countries signed an agreement involving infrastructure, industrialization, agriculture, financial and so on. 
“So I think this is the best time to foster development friendly and cooperative relations between our two countries.”

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‘Our hearts are heavy’: Oshiomhole’s condolence message on the death of Oba of Benin

Our hearts are heavy, laden with pains and grief, at the announcement of the passing on to glory of Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa of Benin, our highly revered Oba, a distinguished Edo numero uno, an accomplished Nigerian, a seasoned bureaucrat, quintessential unifier, unique personage and exemplary Omo N’Oba, whose reign brought distinction, immense class, finesse and integrity to traditional institution in Edo state and the country at large.

His carriage comes with an élan that was peculiar with the reverence of royalty. His uncommon courage was symbolic of the can-do spirit of the Edo mind. His unity of purpose was not in doubt even as he used his revered position to promote constructive engagement amongst all shades of opinion and culture in Edo state. As a thorough-bred bureaucrat, rising to the pinnacle of his career as a Federal Permanent Secretary, he understood the dynamics and intricacies of governance. He was the alternative voice to the many voiceless in our society, calling government attention to issues of development and transparent governance, without minding whose ox is gored. He was brave, fearless, punchy and instructive in his verbal and written messages.

To us at the Edo state Government, he was our strongest supporter; both in his uncommon faith in our ability and his readiness to offer uncommon advice to sharpen public discourse in our shared commitment to transform Edo state. It gladdens our heart, therefore, that our revered Oba was alive to witness the positive transformation of Edo state under his reign, and for standing with us through thick and thin in the course of making the Edo economy a treasure to behold. Being part of that eloquent history of transformation before his reunion with his ancestors gives us further reassurance that he will occupy a special pride of place in the hereafter.

We are enveloped with a deep sense of nostalgia that our great Oba, a great-grandfather, grandfather, father, uncle and iconoclastic royal father of exemplary carriage and conduct, who sustained the dignity of the average Edo mind, has joined his ancestors. We are, however, encouraged by the fact that another great son of the Great Benin Kingdom, His Royal Highness, Edaiken N’Uselu, Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa, who is already showing manifest quintessential attributes of his great father, will step into his father’s big shoes.

Edo people will miss our iconoclastic royal father of the great Benin Kingdom. Nigerians and Nigeria will miss this great exemplar of a Royal Father, an Oba of distinction and integrity. Adieu until we meet to part no more.

Oba gha to kpere, ise.


Adams Oshiomhole, mni, CON

Governor, Edo State.

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Host communities demand N16 bn DESOPADEC fund from Delta Assembly 

Host Communities Oil and Gas, HOSTCOM again took their protests to the Delta State House of Assembly complex, Asaba to protest against the 2016 budget of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC, and demanding that the state account for the N16 billion funds in the 2015 budget of the commission.

Led by its State Chairman, Dr Peter Egedegbe and National Coordinator, Prince Maikpobi Okareme, the protesters besieged the Assembly in over six buses at about 9:30am‎, and said projects sited outside the oil and gas producing communities should be de-emphasized.

In its protest letter addressed to the Speaker of the State House ‎of Assembly, and made available to Jungle Journalist, HOSTCOM called for the “full implementation of the 2015  budget as passed,especially projects that have been designed for which tender documents have been prepared and ready for distribution”.

It also spoke on the need for higher provision for capital expenditure than recurrent, and advised the Assembly  to stop deliberation on the 2016 budget until the anomalies were attended to.

It also alleged that 2015 budget was never fully implemented, “all budget figures for 2015 budget were cleverly omitted to short-changed the host communities especially in the capital budget.” 

Speaking to the protesters, chairman House Committee on DESOPADEC in the State House of Assembly, Chief Dennis Omovie described the protest as premature, since the budget has not been discussed by the House as it was only sent last week for necessary legislative action. 

Omovie said; “a budget is an instrument of law that passes through a process and the 2016 DESOPADEC budget cannot be an exception”, stating that it was not not the place of Host Communities to tell the House who to do its work.

He said; “‎DESOPADEC as an interventionist agency, every Deltan has an interest but most do so within the ambit of the law,” advising against putting the cart before the Horse”.

He however commended them for the protest and assured that the House would consider the interest of all stakeholders without neglecting the mandate of DESOPADEC.

Recall that the Itsekiri HOSTCOM  had last week protested against the provision of N600 million security votes in the 2016 budget of the commission.  

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