Crucifixion of Edo traders written by Lucky Irukpe

Trading is the engine room of any economy, an this therefore, makes traders the life-wire of the economy.
Every right thinking government puts necessary machinery in place to encourage trade so as to expand its economic and industrial capacities.
In Edo State, instead of encouraging traders by providing business enabling environment, like market spaces, street traders are being subjected to the intimidation of seizure and destruction of their
This is government’s idea of eradicating street trading.
The oppressive tendency and the autocratic policy of today’s government in Edo State have killed the dreams of traders, having poverty and hunger as responsive effects. Traders in Edo State are subjected to
oppression, intimidation, extortion, multiple ticketing, and in the process, have reduced 80% of traders to
beggars, wheelbarrow pushers, and so forth.
Traders Welfare Union of Nigeria will always remain the third leg of the tripod to the obviously voiceless traders.
The struggle continues with a strong belief that the messiah will come someday and that the traders in Edo
State will have course to smile again.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

Comrade Lucky Irukpe is the president of Traders Welfare Union of Nigeria in Edo State.

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