Magu and the EFCC should be called to order: Press release of CIVIL LIBERTIES ORGANISATION, CLO SOUTH-SOUTH ZONE

The Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, South South Zone, is increasingly worried over the endless harassment/hounding of Nigerian citizens by security agencies, especially the EFCC  and the DSS in a manner that leaves  no room for the respect for the rule of law and due process. It is more worrisome that most of the people being hounded are believed to be members of the opposition, or people who may have been vocal in criticising President Buhari.

This has raised serious doubts over the genuineness and credibility of the much advertised war on corruption which seems to be the sole agenda of the Buhari led regime. People have been arrested and detained for many days on allegations of corruption without trial. Some were released after they were forced to pay huge amounts of money to the EFCC and the DSS. People like Femi Fani Kayode and Olisa Metuh were detained for over one month without trial, several others, including Nnamdi Kanu and El-Zak Zaky are still languishing in detention months after their arrests, even after court had ordered their release. The latest victim of the EFCC’s endless selective game of intimidation is the former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and a Niger Delta prince, Hon Chibudom Nwuche, who was reportedly arrested few days ago and is still being detained without trial.

We are not opposed to any form of campaign against corruption, but such campaigns must be genuine, non-discriminatory, impartial and must follow due process and the rule of law which considers a suspect innocent until proved otherwise. Targeting people believed to be on the bad books of the president or people from an unfavoured section of the country for harassment, while those in the good books of the government who have looted public funds massively are still enjoying government patronage and security protections is condemnable and unacceptable, as nepotism and favouritism are manifestations of corruption. We recall EFCC bluntly refused to arrest certain persons despite public outcries over their massive plundering of public funds. Buhari even rewarded such persons with ministerial appointments.

Magu the EFCC boss and the EFCC have been carrying on as if there is no law or constitution. They have demonstrated utter disdain for due process and the rights of individuals guaranteed under the Constitution. In its operations, EFCC carries itself as the law, the court, the complainant and the judge. When they capture their targets, they would dump them in jail and rather than charging them to court, they would simply subject them to unfair media trial. Those arrested by EFCC are treated like criminals who have already been found guilty by EFCC the court.

The Constitution is clear about the liberty of suspects, and indeed, all nigerians. It is unconstitutional to detain anyone for more than 24 or 48 hours without charging the person to court. It is also wrong to just arrest people and clamp them in detention and then begin to fish for evidence to prosecute them.

We demand that EFCC and other security agencies of the government must follow due process and observe the rule of law.

We demand that all the people languishing in EFCC and other security detentions, including Nwuche, should be released or charged to court of competent jurisdiction.
Magu, the EFCC and other security agencies should be called to order as they are constituting themselves into a serious threat to nigeria’s fledgling democracy.


Karl Uchegbu
Zonal Chairman;

Zonal Director


No 21 Igboukwu Street, D-Line
Port Harcourt.;

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Death of 2 ex-presidents will cause great distress, tension before 2019-prophet


A prophet who foresaw Goodluck Jonathan’s 2011 victory over President Muhammadu Buhari, and his 2015 loss to the same Buhari, Prophet Chukwudi Emmanuel has once again said that the president will not complete his first term as president.

Chukwudi equally told Jungle Journalist in a telephone interview that another former president who overthrew the current president will also not last into 2019. He however expressed concern that the passing of both men, which will occur at the same period will create great fear, tension and distress in the country. He apparently was referring to former president Ibrahim Babangida, who overthrew Buhari in 1985.


Prophet Chukwudi, who called from his spiritual headquarters in King of Kings Deliverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Government,
Ebonyi State said that the latest message was in addition to several past messages on the state of health if the president, which, according to him, gets him restless until he makes it public according to divine injunction.

“There will be serious tension because of the death of two great men in Nigeria. Two former rulers, of which one rules now, they will pass around the same time. This thing I tell you will not reach 2019. I would have said that Nigerians should pray to avert this but will they take it seriously? They will say its false prophecy. But I will do my own bit as a prophet, and God will do his own. But there will be distress.”


Recall that Chukwudi had in the past predicted that APC will win the Kogi elections, and also forecasted that billionaire-cum-politician Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Prophet Chukwudi Emmanuel can be reached via: 0703 750 3690

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Is Oral Sex safe for you?


Oral sex is the process of stimulating the genitals using the mouth and tongue. Is this safe or are there risks of contacting sexually transmitted infections through oral sex. Though the risk of contracting STI’s through oral sex is significantly lower than vaginal and anal sex, there are indeed risks associated with oral sex.
For most STIs it is safer to receive than to give as the recipient is less likely to be exposed to genital fluid.

You are at an increased risk of contracting STI’s through oral sex if you have many sex partners, if you or your partner have oral or genital sores, if there is bleeding during the act among other reasons.

What STI’s can do contact through Oral sex

The commonest ones are:

•    Gonorrhoea
•    Genital Herpes
•    Syphilis

Others are as follows:

•    HIV
•    Hepatitis A through oral contact with the anus
•    Hepatitis B and C ( blood)
•    Human papilloma virus (HPV) which increases your chances of developing throat and cervical cancer
•    Chlamydia
•    Genital warts
•    Pubic Lice

Can these risks be minimized?

Yes they can be minimized if

•    The man wears a condom on his penis if he is the receiving partner
•    Using a dental dam to cover the anus and vagina of the receiving partner during the exercise. Dental Dam is a very thin soft plastic usually made from latex or polyurethane
•    If a Dental Dam is not available you can cut open a condom and make it a sheet.

Piece written by Dr Chin Akano, UK

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No Igbo listed among CNN’s 20 most corrupt Nigerians

A recent report of the American Cable News Network (CNN) gave the names of Nigeria’s 20 most corrupt leaders.

The list which went viral, showed, sadly, how several of those who were on the corridors of power looted the treasury and are still around to dictate the direction the country goes. Top on the list is two time president, Olusegun Obasanjo. 
However, no single Igbo is on this list, despite being labeled lovers of money more than every other ethnic group in the nation. 
In a recent publication, CNN has gone ahead to publish a list that shows how corrupt our former leaders are and how much they looted from our treasury.
Here is the list, if you have not seen it yet: 
Oluesgun Obasanjo – He stole $25 billion from 1999-2007 ($16.4 from power sector alone)
Ibrahim Babangida – He stole $15 billion from 1985-1993 ($12.4 billion from oil wind fall in 1990
Abdulsalam Abubakar – He stole $9 billion from 1998-99
Sani Abacha – He stole $7 billion from 1993-1998
Ahmed Bola Tinubu – He stole and continues to steal from Lagos State treasury since 1999 till date. It’s estimated that he has stolen $6 billion so far.
TY Danjuma – He fraudulently got enriched through oil blocks from the Niger Delta worth $20 million in the 70s after the counter coup. Those oil blocks worth billions of dollars in today’s value.
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – He stole $1.2 billion as CBN Governor from 2008-2014.
Bukola Saraki – Through his father, Olukola Saraki, their bank, Societe Generale and as a governor of Kwara State (2003-2011) he stole $1.1 billion
Nasir El Rufai – Before he was made the FCT Minister, El Rufai was broke, homeless and was looking for loan to import taxis from the UK. After he was made the minister, he seized landed properties that belonged to Nigerians and resold them with huge profit. It’s estimated that he stole $1 billion from 2003-2007.
Tunde Fashola – He is the poster boy of Tinubu. Boht of them looted Lagos dried and left it in debt of about N1 billion. Fashola, among other thing built his personal website for N78 million, drilled borehole for over N100 million per each and built a kilometre road for N1 billion. He stole $900 million from 2007-2015. He’ll soon be a minister to continue the looting.
Chubike Rotimi Amaechi – From 2007 to 2015, he stole $700 million and $150 million from that money was used to sponsor Buhari and APC.
Atiku Abubakar – When he as asked by our reporter how he made his money, he simply said “he was always at the right place at the right time.” Atiku is an astute businessman, but through shady deals, he stole $500 million from 1999-2007.
James Ibori – He stole $150 million from 1999-2007 as governor of Delta State. He’s serving his term for money laundering in the UK.
Amina Mohammed – This woman was the founder of Afri-Project Consortium (APC) that was in charge of all PTF Projects during Abacha’s regime. About $125 million was stolen from PTF accounts from 1994-1998. Buhari has just nominated the same woman as a minister to continue to stealing.
DSP Alamieyeseigha – He stole $120 million and was arrested for money laundering. He pleaded guilty and long served his term.
Sule Lamido – He stole $110 million between 2007-2015 and out of that amount, $50 million was found in his sons’ bank accounts. He was arrested and detained for days together with his sons.
Rabui Kwankwaso – He stole $100 million as a governor of Kano State. EFCC has arrested many of his aides and they are “singing” how they siphoned the money
Kashium Shettima – this governor has stolen about $80 million and still counting.
Rauf Aregbesola – he has milked Osun State to the tune of $60 million.
Kayode Fayemi – this former governor stole $40 million and stashed some part of the loot in Ghana. He was reportedly bought a bed for N50 million.

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Niger Delta Avengers are giants, Nigerian Army cannot fight them -soldier

A soldier who claimed that he was among 52 kidnapped by the Niger Delta Avengers earlier this year have said that the Avengers militants he came face to face with are nothing like any humans he has ever met in actual life. 

He said that they are actually about 10 to 12 feet in height, and very heavily built. The soldier who didn’t give his name also informed our reporter that the Nigerian Army does not have the kind of weapons needed to fight the militants, and even if they do, cannot face the fierce, fiery looking men who abducted him and other 51 soldiers and held them for two weeks.
The soldier claimed that he was with 51 other soldiers, all of southern extraction save for one, and were sent to the creeks of Delta State to search for the militants and arrest them. “While we were moving, we didn’t really know exactly what happened, and all we heard is ‘drop your weapons!’ Then we saw them. They were giants. They were so large and fearful-looking, and they carried very large guns. Each of these guns can only be lifted by three soldiers, but each of them held one. My brother, they can break you like a stick”. 
He further added that the militants took them to their camp, and allowed them to stay with them for two weeks. They also fed them, and returned their guns to them at the end of the two weeks. 
“They returned our guns to us. They also gave us a comfortable sum of money and referred to us as ‘hungry Nigerian soldiers’. They said we should use the money to cater for our needs because the army is not paying us enough and we needed the money”. 
When asked how the militants can be defeated, based on his observations, he said; “those people cannot be defeated. At least not by the Nigerian Army or any army like ours. Those guns, each of them had one, and the ones who arrest us alone are about 200. But there are less than 50 of such sophisticated guns in the whole nation. That’s probably why the president was begging them to take it easy with the bombings”.
The soldier also said that the only non-southern soldier that went with them on that mission was killed by the militants. 
“When we were brought in to their camp, they began to ask us where we hailed from. Each of us mentioned our states of origin. But when the young soldier said he is a northerner, they picked him up and dumped him into a giant pot of boiling oil. I felt pity for him. Me, if I have a chance, I will join those boys”, the soldier ended. 

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Alex Otti asks Appeal Court to declare fresh elections in Abia without PDP


Governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) in the April 11th governorship election in Abia State, Dr Alex Otti has asked the Court of Appeal in Abuja to order for a fresh governorship election in the State without the PDP being allowed to participate.

Alex Otti joined as an appellate at the Court of Appeal following the Judgement of Justice Abang Okon of the Federal High Court in Abuja which had disqualified Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on grounds that he presented a forged Tax Clearance Certificate To INEC.

Alex Otti is claiming that since Dr Uche Ogah did not participate in all the stages of the 2015 Governorship election in Abia State, a fresh election is to be ordered where the PDP will not be allowed to contest.

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