Pro-Biafrans launch MOBIN political movement, adopt UPP as national party

Leaders of pro-Biafran organizations across the world met over the weekend to adopt the United Progressive Party(UPP) as Biafra’s national party in Nigeria.

The groups in its meeting in Enugu, where they were hosted by the leadership of the UPP, led by its national chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie, vowed to take over the leadership of the old Biafran region, starting with Anambra.

It also announced the formation of its political movement in Nigeria, the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria(MOBIN). “Since Nigeria has resolved to deny us the right to self-determination, we have also resolved that they can no more continue to decide who runs our ancestral nation of Biafra. Today, we resolve to take over our territory through political means. We are calling on pro-Biafrans today to join us and run for political positions. It’s our home and we shall win. Never again shall security forces kill our children in our homes because a stooge of the Nigerian state is the governor. Never again shall our people be subject to underdevelopment and lack of jobs and remain helpless. We shall vote in our own politicians and hold them responsible for quality governance in our land”, said Rita Anigboogu, the Coordinator-General of MOBIN in an interview with The AUTHORITY.

Chekwas Okorie, chairman of the UPP told newsmen that the relationship between his party and MOBIN, which is the mobilization group of pro-Biafran activists, has been fully cemented “This is the only political party, of all the parties registered under the Nigerian law that has a manifesto, a political ideology expressly expressed in its document registered with INEC that is a social contract with the Nigerian people. The party has made as its cardinal programme self determination of the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria through federalism, resource control, devolution of power. That also includes state police, community policing, referendum at any given time, that any section may wish to express its willingness to remain of exit from Nigeria. The government of UPP will build into the Nigerian constitution the provision for referendum, that is an exit clause as it is today in the constitution of Ethiopia. That has made Ethiopia more stable today than it was years ago when they were fighting each other. UPP is the only political party that has taken a decision to appropriate all the 660 recommendations of the 2014 national conference, all reached by national consensus, not by anyone side neglecting the other. 

UPP has a programme, it is like an expo that cannot be copied by any other party. It’s a UPP brand, and that brand is self determination of any nationalities inclusive of the fact of all those who may have been arrested, detained or even sentenced to prison terms. Only on account of their political beliefs will be granted freedom with compensation, if UPP takes the government of Nigeria in 2019”.

London-based Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, solicitor for the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) told our corespondent “today is actually the day we came to cement the relationship between the UPP and MOBIN, in which case MOBIN has become the mobilization agency for UPP, so the programme is that MOBIN will mobilize the entire old Eastern region and parts of the North Central and make them to vote Biafran candidates into power. Our mission is clear-we want Biafrans to take charge of the whole political space of Biafraland. MOBIN is now officially the mobilization agency for UPP. We have adopted UPP as the national party for all Biafrans. We will mobilize our pro Biafran groups across the world to move into the UPP, and begin to prepare to take over the whole Biafra nation”.

Also speaking on the matter, Engineer Anthony Aniebue, Administrator of the Customary Government of the IPOB told The AUTHORITY “We cemented our relationship of working together with the UPP, in making sure that we enthrone Biafranism in all Biafraland, that we take over Biafran political environment through political process, that from the Biafran angle we have what we call the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria. We are Biafrans by indigenous identity, but we are still Nigerians struggling for our freedom. Between now and the shortest possible time when we hope to restore Biafran nation and country, we are still Nigerian. Within that time, we want to make sure that we have Biafran people representing Biafra, Biafrans in thoughts, Biafrans in action, Biafrans in deed. What we have come here to do is to have a working relationship with United Progressive Party, a party that has identified itself with the Biafran project-of self determination, of emancipation and the freedom o pf Biafran people living in Nigeria. That political platform which we have endorsed today, with which we have a working relationship is the UPP. From now henceforth, what we want to project are all Biafrans that want to pursue their political ambitions. We want to offer them MOBIN, we want to offer them UPP, and upon UPP, we will take over Biafraland politically”.

He continued “We know that, as people agitate for freedom, in whichever way you try to actualize it, that even if you are in the forest fighting a war, or leading a violent campaign, that act certain points time, there must be a round table discussion. That roundtable is what we call political solution. That political solution is what we are embarking on today, and we want to use it to stop the slaughtering of our fellow Biafrans on the streets. From the time of cessation of hostilities in 1970 till date, Biafra has lost not less than 3 to 4 million Biafrans that the Nigerian people have killed. It cannot happen if the Biafrans are in charge of our governance”.

“What we are doing today is to take over our governance, take over the political administration of Biafraland, so that our children can no longer be killed. Where a givernor comes out and says he is the Chief Security Officer, yet he is in the office while his citizens are slaughtered, and he will say nothing. Is he really a CSO of that state? So what we are doing is to ensure that henceforth, no one is killed on the streets of Biafra anymore”, he stated.

Zulu Ofoelue, civil society activist and education present at the meeting also spoke “It’s a great improvement. For a long time we have been agitating for something that is purely political, we need power, be on our own, establish our own state, but we have had no political platform. We have no platform through which we can democratically determine our future in Nigeria. Holding this meeting where agreements are drawn to that end is a great step, and I see a very great future for us”.

Community boils as Juju Priest is accused of killing own son

Sola Charles, Asaba

Ekuku community in Agbor is currently boiling with tension.

It’s youths are angry and have vowed to sack the village elders as they were alleged to have conspired and killed their former youth leader. According to reports, leader of the elders who allegedly carried out the henious act was his own father.

A man identified as Achafu Lucky Collins who was in a running battle with his father, allegedly trying to force him into serving the deity of Igue has disappeared, and is believed to have been murdered by worshippers of this shrine by the youths of the community.

According to reports made available to JUNGLE JOURNALIST by residents of Ekuku community, in Agbor, Achafu Lucky Collins had run away from home to stop being forced to become the chief priest of Igue.

JUNGLE JOURNALIST correspondent who spoke with residents said some youths have protested the abduction of their leader, one Achafu Lucky Collins, a youth leader by his own father.

They allegedly vowed to set his house on fire, and destroy his properties, if he does not produce Collins.

According to information made available to our reporter, the priest, Nkwo James Achafu allegedly sent some people to the Lagos home of Collins where they drugged him, abducted him and brought him back to Agbor in the dead of the night. In their protest, the youths were alleging that Collins has been murdered because he refused to serve as the chief priest of the shrine, which his uncle, and later his father had served.

But speaking to our reporter, Pa Nkwo James Achafu denied harming Collins: “Those boys are very unreasonable, how could I have killed my own son? Collins is the heir to the Igue shrine and is supposed to take up his akpa agwu (juju bag), and serve Igue. He is the son of Igue, because his mother gave birth to him right in the caves of Igue.

“That is a great sign that he is the destined inheritor of our priesthood. The chief priest was my elder brother and he died a long time ago. Since he had no son to take up the akpa agwu, Collins, who we named Agwu (Juju) is the heir apparent. Because he was born the same day my brother died, I was forced to take his place until Agwu grows up. If I didn’t do that, the great Igue would have brought calamities upon our land. My son is lost, “, he narrated and added that the calamities he feared were coming upon them, as his son has vehemently refused to be the chief priest, and save the land.

JUNGLE JOURNALIST findings revealed that Collins had run away from home in 2013, depite his position as a youth leader loved by the youths.

“His father was always taking him to the shrine and he didn’t like it at all. He left our town since and they have been shopping to replace him with somebody else. The problem is that once they chose a new chief priest, something bad happens to the person, he will either fall ill, die, or have an accident, mysterious things were happening and they have been saying that it’s only Collins that is qualified to be the chief priest. But look at what they have done. Collins is not in Lagos, his number is not going. The men who went to Lagos to bring him are claiming that they didn’t see him. But they are lying because they returned in the middle of the night. Information at our disposal shows that the priest threatened that if Collins refused to become the chief priest, they would kill him in Lagos, or bring him home and sacrifice him at the shrine. They must have brought him back, and killed him there”, John Uzor, popularly known as Empire told JUNGLE JOURNALIST. Uzor is the new youth leader who took over from Collins. He has been the leader of the youths who vowed to bring down the community if Collins is not produced by the elders.

He added that Igue was the shrine of their forefathers, but that it had served its purpose and was dead. “As a Christian, I have given my life to Christ. These old men do charms, poisons and evil spells to destroy the destiny of youths they hate. They are using these shrines as a cover and are claiming that the shrines are active and are causing harm. That’s a lie. The shrines use to do good, not evil, and served our people and many other communities around, all the way to Benin Kingdom. But these days, they go there and do evil. We even suspect they do human sacrifice there. We know the truth, and that’s why they must either produce Collins or face our wrath. How can Pa Nkwo claim he does not know the whereabout of his own son? Did the young man enter the ground and vanish? That man has been threatening to deal with his son, and he has done his worst. He should not expect to go free.

Another youth, Imade Ali, who claimed to be the Youth secretary of the of the community, also confirmed the death threats on Collins. “They have always issued death threats against our former leader. His father in particular vowed to use him as sacrifice for the shrine if he won’t come and do what his ancestors have been doing. That’s why he ran to Lagos in the first place. Buts they have gone to Lagos and killed him”, she lamented.

Despite his claims that Collins have been killed, Uzor and Imade however admitted that there was no evidence of the killing of Collins by the elders, apart from the threats which his father, admitted but said he made out of anger: “Yes, I must have said that in anger. My son is very stubborn, how can he say he won’t do what our ancestors did? I thought by saying that, he will be afraid and obey me, but now he is missing”, Pa Nkwo stated.

Our correspondent could not visit the shrine as at the time of filing this report, as no one in the community agreed to point out the location to him.

The Delta State Police Public Relations officer, DSP Celestina Kalu could also not be reached for comments.

Photos from 2nd Igbo Awards, Lolo Beauty Pageant in Enugu

Igbo nation came to limelight in 2017, perhaps much more prominently and in the positive light more than any other time since the end of the Biafra War. Rising protests for the emancipation of Biafra and release of its heroes took the lead across the globe, while two major Igbo organisations, the Igbo Awareness Movement(IAM) and the World Igbo Summit Group in two separate cities had summits to discuss the future of the Igbo people in Nigeria.

There is also the revival of the Nnechukwu Cultural and Spiritual Festival that was spearheaded by traditional enthusiasts like Ozo Okonkwo Ezi, including a rising interest in Igbo cultures and traditions across the globe, enhanced by a growing awareness on the social media.
But one area where the Igbo also shot into was the Igbo Awards and Lolo Igbo Pageant, both of which celebrates Igbo sons and daughters and also, rewarded young women who showed proficiency in knowledge of the ways of the Igbo.
Organized by Vine Shield Limited, the events, which passed through a period of auditions and planning came to a crux on the 25th of November, 2016 at the Dome Events Centre, Enugu. 
Speaking to the audience in his welcome speech, which was rendered in Igbo language, Mazi Stanley Okoronkwo elucidated on the importance of the events and the different events that would be held “Igbo Awards is organized to give rewards to Igbo sons and daughters who have, in one way or other, promoted Igbo through their creativity. This is the second edition of the event, which also include the Lolo Igbo Pageant, which in itself is a competition. 

“In the pageant, the winner will go home with a brand new car. There shall also be five runners-up, and they shall each represent the five states of the South East. They shall be given consolation cash prizes.
“In addition to these events, there also was the essay competition across universities and secondary schools, and winners in the essay competition were given prizes too.
“The essay competitions are instituted in the name of two great Igbo writers and promoters of culture trough essay writing, Mazi FC Ogbalu and HRH Eze SM Ahamba. The title of the essay is ‘Neglect of Igbo language and culture, and how to promote them”.
The event, which began at about 3 pm, was a total showcasing of Igbo culture, music, and general lifestyle. The contestants at the pageant were not there to show beauty only, but proficiency in Igbo methods. Each represented what women did, and they include traditional medicine, trade, divination, cooking, and others.
In its address to the audience, Enugu State Government said that it is committed to the promotion of Igbo culture, tradition and values in order to preserve its highly prized heritage.
Deputy Governor of the state, Mrs Cecelia Ezeilo said this at the Awards and Pageant where she was represented by Hon Mrs Ola Uzoukwu, SPA to the governor on Diaspora Matters and Special Duties, who crowned the winner of the 2016/17 Loolo Igbo pageant.
Ezeilo stated that the Igbo nation is rich in culture, tradition and history, which has given it a very strong base for the sustenance of its moral values.
The Deputy Governor also used the opportunity to call on the contestants, winners and losers alike not to be discouraged by the results, but to use whatever experience they have gathered to be ambassadors of the Igbo Heritage.
She enjoined the new Loolo and the winners of the five states of the South East not to relent in their efforts to revive the cultural values which have been upheld by Ndi Igbo from the ages.
Some of those who were honored in the awards include Professor Barth Nnaji, Archbishop Olisaemeka Chukwuma, Pete Edochie, Mike Ejeagha and Steven Uwaezuoke.
Others include comedian, Uche Ogbuagu, radio broadcasters Steve ‘Yaw’ Onu and Metche Moses, gospel artiste Amaka Okwuoha(Chioma Jesus), and market leader, Mrs Ezenwa Agunobi Ifeyinwa. 
Two politicians honored include Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and Senator Ike Ekweremmadu.
Two people were also given posthumous awards, HRH, Late SM Ahamba and Late FC Ogbalu.
Guests at the event include Dr Dozie Ikedife, Chiefs and traditional rulers, Prof Pita Ejiofor, Ahamba, and other great Igbo personalities. Of course, the awardees and their families, except for a few were present to receive their prizes.
Those who clinched the prizes for the essay competition include Adaeze Juliana Opara of Imo State University, Owerri, who won the Ahamba University Igbo Literary Competition, while Chikamma Queen Iheme was the runner-up.
For the Ogbalu Secondary School Igbo Literary Competition, Umelo Ezinne came tops, with Ulaegbu Mary Cynthia coming directly behind her.
The Lolo Igbo Pageant was closely contested by 30 contestants, who came out to showcase reasons why they should be declared winner.
Okoronkwo, while presenting the award to Pete Edochie said “wherever you go in this world, there is an image of Igbo. It’s the face of Pete Edochie that represents the face of the Igbo man.

That’s why Igbos have said that you will be honored in life, and be given this award. Continue what you are doing, that’s a good prayer. The fire given to a child to hold cannot burn him. 
Responding, Edochie however, frowned at some of the performances of the contestants, arguing that Igbo women do not perform such according to the traditions of the people “what some of these ladies did today are not what women do in Igbo society, please improve on it. It’s does not portray what we are”.
He also gave a brief lecture on the dos and donts among Igbo women “A woman does not break the kolanut in Igboland. A woman does not hold the sacred staff(Oji) in Igboland. What some of you did is only staining our traditional heritage. Igwe said it, by the grace of God, I doubt if there’s any face as popular as that of Pete Edochie as the Igbo face.This is because of what we have achieved in movie making. Once you are dressed in a red cap and the Isi Agu dress, they will ask if you know Pete Edochie. It makes me happy. Above all, there is a place an image of me was built in the United States, if you stand by that image and snap a shot, you pay eight dollars. There is no one else made like that”.
“In Igbo culture, it’s an adult that stretches his hand to shake the child, never the other way around. It’s not our tradition to shake a woman’s hand. This is because our women touches us dearly, and so when they come close, we touch them on the body,more we embrace them, so that they will know how dear they are to us. You don’t stretch your hand and shake them. As a woman, you also do not say, Igbo kwenu, it’s forbidden. Only men do that”.
The Loolo Pageant was the last of the events where results were presented. At the end, Choice Onyeka Amajuoyi came tops as the overall winner, going home with a brand new car

Madam Irowa (Mama Ibadan) buried in style in Benin: PHOTOS

The body of Late Madam Okhuomaruyi Lucy Orhionkpazirowa has been laid to rest in her home, 22 Okhiria Street, Benin.

Aged 82, Madam Orhionkpazirowa was also known as Mama Ibadan, or First Lady of Adun in her lifetime.
The lady, who died December 2016, was finally buried last week, in a seven days burial ceremony, according to Bini rites and customs.
The Service of Songs was held on Monday, 30th January, at 22 Okhiaro Street, while her body was moved from God’s Care Hospital, Ekehuan to her residence on Tuesday, 31st January. She was buried the next day, and other family burial rites were carried out on Thursday and Friday.
Social dance was performed on Saturday, 4th February. The final event was the Thanksgiving Service by the family. It was held at the Church of Jesus Christ for the Latter Day Saints at Siluko Road, Benin City. 
She is survived by her husband, children grand children and great grand children.


Husband: Elder David Orhionkpazirowa 
Mrs Murtala Agboola

Mrs Risi Agboola

Mrs Osakpamwan O. Owens

Mrs Gloria Efionayi

Mrs Iyobor Felix

Mr Osayomore Orhionkpazirowa 

Mr Osayamen Orhionkpazirowa 

Mrs Osarumwense Orhionkpazirowa 

Mrs Osayawe Orhionkpazirowa 

Oyemwen Aiyamenkue

Blessing Ogbeide

Bright Osazemwenide

Elvis Agboola

Musa Ogbeide

Amina Agboola

Osarugue Osazemwenide 

Fatai Agboola

Basiru Akinjobi

Omovbiye Owens

George Efionayi 

Adegheosa Owens

Osaro Odigie

Osamagbe Irowa

Loveth Owens

Tracy Efionayi 

Osaigboka Owens 

Eki Irowa

Tracy Irowa

Martins Efionayi 

Osayamon Irowa

Harrison Felix

Nancy Felix

Larims Agboola

Mia Agboola

Damian Agboola

Divine Efionayi 

Terin Agboola

Okuji Agwu Obuagu

Ikpomwonsa Irowa

Great grand children-
Gift Edobor

Prosper Edobor

Osagioduwa Edobor

Elohhosa Edobor

Osakpolor Akponmwoba

Destiny Akponmwoba 

Aisosa Akponmwoba 

Destiny Akponmwoba

Precious Akponmwoba 

Gods time Akponmwoba 

Osamudiamen Akponmwoba 

Iwonosa Akponmwoba 

Sadia Akinjobi

Uyioghosa Ogbeide

May God bless her soul. 

CONSUMER PROTECTION: ‘Incorporate kids, market women as members’

The Chief Judge of Delta State, Hon. Justice Marshall Umukoro, has advocated for the expansion of the membership of the state committee on consumer protection to accommodate critical stakeholders. 

Speaking when the Chairman of the Delta State Committee on Consumer Protection and Honourable Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Chief (Barr.) Mrs. Mary Iyasere, represented by the Secretary of the committee, Mr. Felix Oseji, and other members of the committee paid him a courtesy visit on Friday, the Chief Judge said that market women, religious leaders, primary and secondary school heads, among others, should be incorporated into the committee. 

Hon. Justice Umukoro stated that if children are made to imbibe the culture of checking expiry dates and NAFDAC numbers of products from young age, then battle against fake, adulterated and expired products would have started in earnest. 

He promised the full cooperation of the state judiciary to the committee to enable it achieve the objectives of its formation. 

Also speaking when the committee members visited the management of Nigeria Immigration Service, Delta State Command, earlier the same day, the Comptroller of the command, Baba Ali Zakari, averred that the commencement of the operation of the committee is very timely considering the unwholesome practices of manufacturers nowadays. 

The immigration Boss called on all stakeholders to join hands with members of the committee to bring offending manufacturers to book to serve as deterrent to others who might have plans to engage in such evil acts. 

Mr. Zakari promised that his command will not hesitate to draft officers and men of the command to work with members of the committee when proper enforcement begins. 

In her address during the visits, Barr. Mrs. Iyasere disclosed that the state committee on consumer protection was set up in 2006 during the administration of Chief James Ibori but have been very inactive since then because of lack of funding.

The Commissioner for Commerce and Industry said that the current administration of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, in line with his SMART agenda, approved the composition of the committee in June last year and the members were inaugurated in December 2016.

She called for the support of all and sundry to enable the committee achieve the objectives for which it was set up. 

Delta PDP in tatters as Sheriff-faction suspend Delta Deputy Speaker, 3 others

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State took a plunge in its crises yesterday as the faction loyal to Senator Ali-Modu Sheriff suspended the Deputy Speaker of state’s House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi. 

They also suspended the 2007 governorship aspirant of the party, Chiefs Godwill Obielum, Mr. Ugo Asibelua and Emmanuel Onyeukwu, all of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi’s faction of the party.

The suspension, according to group, is indefinite, and a result of what they tagged “an illegal meeting” of some disgruntled leaders at a private home in Ushie, Ndokwa East Local Government Area on January 29, last month, to disparage the party. They were also accused of manipulating the constitution of the party and failed to explain their impunity and utter disregard of some laid-down principal guidelines for the conduct of congresses.

At an emergency meeting of the party at Ibredeni, Ward 8, in Ndokwa East Local Government Area, where party executives were sworn in yesterday, the party chairman, Chief Kris Oputah, announced that the suspended members plotted to run down the party.

In a signed statement, dated February 1, 2017, the group lamented that the affected persons single-handedly declared fractionalisation that never existed in the party.

“It is disheartening that those who wish to be taken seriously as wanting to lead the people of Ndosimili could descend so low to personalizing a constitutional matter of the magnitude of party congress. 

“We have been patient all these while, now is the time to halt their arrogance and perpetual falsehood. They  cannot continue to paint lurid picture of Ndosimili people as uneducated, uninformed and lacking in true leaders. The party in Ndokwa East hereby suspend them with effect from February 1, 2017, indefinitely”, it read.

The press release also added that they abused “the genial disposition of Ndosimili people by trivializing the injury they have inflicted on the people by their mediocre leadership”, and also frowned at what it described as “flagrant abuse of the privileges conferred on them by the mandate of Ndosimili people and their conniving cohorts.” 

You’re Image Makers Of Govt, Ukah Tells Information Officers  

The Delta State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah, has charged the State Information Officers to see themselves as the image makers of the State Government.

The charge was given during a meeting between the management of the Ministry, Public Relations Officers and Public Enlightenment Officers of the Ministry held in Asaba.


He stated that as Image makers of the government, Information Officers must be ready to tell the truth at all times and ensure that government activities, achievements, policies, programmes are disseminated promptly and properly to the people so as to enlighten them.


The Commissioner stated that in spite of the economic hardship, Information Officers must do their work effectively and efficiently not minding the financial situation around them, even as he assured them of his support stating that he will do his best to ensure that Information Officers enjoy their work.


While berating the negative attitude of some Officers to their bosses and duties, he enjoined them to see themselves as civil servants who ought to be obedient at all times no matter the condition of service, even as he promised that training programmes will soon be organized for the Officers to make them keep abreast of modern reportage.


Speaking, the Functioning Permanent Secretary and Director of Information of the Ministry, Mr. Paul Osahor, condemned the poor attitude of some officers to work and said that the Ministry will not hesitate to apply the Civil Service Rules to errant Officers who derelict their duties.


Mr. Osahor urged Officers to be up and doing as they are the eyes of the government in the rural areas.


The Director of Publication and Production Services, Mr. Dona Obuseh, and the, Government Printer, Mr. Omokri Lucky, while speaking, advised Information officers to be abreast of protocols in their Ministries, even as they urged them to learn the act of event compere.


Present at the meeting include Director of Purchasing Research and Statistics, Mr. kingsley Olomukoro, the Director of Administration Mr. Frank Akpoku, the Deputy Director of Information, Mr. Cele Ofuani, the Media Assistant to the Commissioner, Mr. Ijeh Sam, among others.


Asaba Airport going to be 2nd best in Nigeria, says Delta Govt*approves construction of 6 roads in the 3 senatorial districts

In its bid to effect infrastructural facelift in the state, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has approved six roads to be constructed in three senatorial zone of the state. The state is also positioning the Asaba airport to be one of the best international ones in the country, as it already has the second longest runway in Nigeria.
The state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah disclosed this on Wednesday during the press briefing of post executive meeting by presided governor Okowa.
According to Ukah, the executive meeting which held on Tuesday, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa approved six roads in three senatorial zone for easy accessibility to the rural communities.
“The exco graciously approved 24km road of Ejeme-Aniogo-Nsukwa- Ndemili road which will take more than 12 months calendar to be completed due to the nature of the road”, Ukah explained.
The government will be rehabilitating also, a 3.7km Amai-Abi- Ezionum road, 3.1km off Udu road, in Udu Local Government, while the palace road in Oporoza, capital of Gbaramatu kingdom were approved. A concrete road will also be constructed in Obidunor, Warri South Local Government.
In his presentation, Ukah argued that most of the roads are meant to meet the needs of the people, and build development. “It’s not about how long the roads are, but, are they meeting the needs of the people?”
He also disclosed that, apart from building a massive state secretariat to house all MDAs, Delta is building an international airport in Asaba, with the second longest runway in Nigeria.
“It’s not just about physical infrastructure. What about the massive job creation industry we started? Our star project is that the state is moving forward, and that the people are getting what they needed from a government”.
He also disclosed that the spots causing drainage blockage in Asaba have been identified and will be dealt with before February ending “The major black spots causing blockages in the drainage system have been identified and will be complete by February ending. It’s at Okpanam and DLA roads in the state capital”.