​Lagos is drowning in its success, by Kelechi Deca

Yesterday evening, I left my office at 8.25pm. I thought the road would be a bit reasonable but I was very wrong. The trailers’ menace which was at Funsho Williams Avenue in the morning extended to Onipanu, blocking the entire highway, leaving other vehicles to squeeze themselves into the service lane and the BRT Lane. 
It was such a sorry sight to behold. 
Driving down to Ikorodu Road, I saw the worst. Vehicles were at a standstill for upwards of 30 minutes.Trailers, tankers and other heavy trucks took the two lanes of the express from Onipanu and it stretched to Apapa.
Because my sight works somehow, I was thinking of the immediate and remote losses that may accompany such madness. I started counting the number of ambulances trapped in the melee. Over 15 of them. Wailing and begging for space to navigate out of the bumper to fender dead end.
Driving further down to Maryland and Ojota I saw the traffic situation extended up to the Old Toll Gate. Imagine traffic extending from Apapa to Old Toll Gate? A friend told me he spent  six hours from Oregun to Surulere.What a life….
Come to think of it, what if inside the over 15 ambulances wailing and crying for space were very sick people in critical conditions needing urgent medical attention?Imagine a woman in labour being rushed to the hospital at that moment?
What if a crisis erupted in the middle of such confusion. Millions would be trapped….
Driving to work this morning, I tuned to the Lagos Traffic Radio to monitor the roads. The report I got was that the articulated vehicles are still on the road, so to avoid Ikorodu Road, I drove straight to Anthony, veer off towards Oshodi, down to Cele, connect the Cele-Ijesha Bridge, drive back again to Itire Bus Stop, link up to the back of Afin Oba Onitire of Itire, and down to Lawanson. From there to Ogulana Drive. 
Lagos wahala cant come and kill me……but in truth, any human who gets exposed to this wickedness from poor town planning and official irresponsibility that allows such absurdity would be dying slowly.
The madness that has become Lagos traffic is the new normal. Most of us have resigned to fate, taking it as part of our daily life. But it is killing us by installment. Poor traffic flow contributes to a large extent to Lagos’ reputation as one of the worst places to live on earth. Even with all the glamour and seeming presence of vast business opportunities, Lagosians are dying by installments.
It is in the interest of Lagos and Nigeria that the federal government open up and expand the capacities of other ports in the country in Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri among others. The ports at Apapa and Tin Can will be more efficient and viable with alternatives at other cities. Someone I know told me that a container he cleared a week ago and loaded onto a flat bed trailer is yet to leave from Apapa. 
Nigeria has 180 million people for God’s sake. We can operate 10 mega ports and all would be at full capacity, yet they wont meet demands. How many human beings are in Singapore?Yet we can’t scratch 10% of shipping activities in that country. In one of my visits, it took me and my guide four hours to drive from one end of the country to another end. Four hours…..
But we are a very narrow minded people. Culturally narrow minded because our cultures project lack, restraints, constraints and incapacitations. That was why our infrastructure were never designed and built with our population expansion in mind. Narrow roads, narrow spaces, no open spaces, tight streets etc etc
Please expand the political and economic space of this country to release millions of Nigerians from the shackles of environmentally induced limitations. Limited thinking, limited opportunities, limited space, limited ambitions, limited mindsets, and limited life. The concept of limitlessness is so foreign Nigerians can’t even imagine such possibility. 
“We and them” was inspired by fear induced lack mindset. 
I do not know any other place on planet earth that suffers such indignity on a regular basis. That is why I have started reappraising my continued living in Lagos once I hit 50. 
For majority of Lagosians, the map of their life is like:
Wake up at 4;30 am.

Spend three hours in traffic on their way to work.

Work from 8;00am till 5:30pm, no Tea Break, no Coffee Break, no Lunch Break.

Close at 6;00pm.

Spend another four hours in traffic.

Get home at 10;00pm.



Wake up at 4:30am.

Then you ask why young men drop dead at 43 with no signs of sickness.

Dying by installment.

This is not living.It is existing.
This is a dogs life. 
God forbid!
-Kelechi Deca, a senior journalist wrote from Lagos.


Chief Emeka Kalu CEO Stercoll Group of Companies and an APGA guber aspirant in the 2015 election in Abia State have called on the good people of Abia state to be peaceful and remain calm even as he called on the Federal Government not to turn a blind eye towards the ongoing uproar in the state between the military troops of operation Python dance deployed to southeast and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to allow the zone have a peaceful atmospheric condition that will be favorable for everyone to carry out their daily activities without fear or panic.
Chief Emeka in his statement says the country’s “unity is non negotiable” and for that reason the country needs peace and love to move the country forward. He urged the Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Middle Belt to see themselves as one Nigeria .
Chief Emeka also call on the Nigerian army to make sure that it’s members that invaded the state NUJ secretariat should be brought to book and disciplined.
The Abia state chieftain also calls on the leader and members of the IPOB to calm down and sheathe their swords for “Empires are not forged by war” that it only takes peace and dialogue is all we need to achieve our goals.
Chief Emeka calls on youths of South East to feel free and take up their agitations to their leaders, that Nigerians youths are suffering today because of the bad and greedy leaders voted into power and until youths come out in mass to vote in credible leaders all this corruption’s and looting instead of creating jobs and developing the states will not stop. He also commiserated with the families that lost their members and advice them to remain calm and resolute, that in no time all will be well ,he appealed to Nigerian in the  southeastern zone to be  peaceful, and that state security will return to normalcy.

Hon Ifeanyi Okoro

Media Aide to Chief Emeka C Kalu.

Dr Emeka Kalu: Stop attacking me and address the issues we raised, Emeka Kalu replies Gov Ikpeazu 

A governorship aspirant for the 2015 elections in Abia State, Chief Emeka Kalu has said that he has no qualms with the Abia State government, other than the fact that he wants the right thing to be done.

Kalu who spoke with Jungle Journalist correspondent on the phone, stated that it was unethical for the government to resort to personal attacks, first against Dr Alex Otti and now himself, simply because they want to see the State funds used properly to serve the interests of Abians and not diverted to personal use. 
In his response to media reports emanating from the government against his person, Kalu argued: “First of all let me address this issue of communication with Gov Ikpeazu. As an individual, I respect every political office that has to do with the government. Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s media aides are talking about secret messages, when there is nothing secret there.
“In the trending response, you purportedly alleged that I sent you a text message making requests to organize rally and a press release in support of your government, amidst other inconsequential and frivolous claims; but you failed to state if in the said text message to you, whether I specifically demanded for money or any form of selfish favour. Of course, I did not ask you for money or any form of favour as I will never do such and not even to a man that I am still able to give pocket money, irrespective of the fact that he is sitting comfortably on the resources of our dear state – Abia. I have the constitutional right to call or text the Governor, to give him my opinion and perspective on how I believe is the best way to make Abia great again, but that is not even the bone of contention. Why would they always keep calling the name of the  former Governor of Abia state  Dr Orji. Uzo Kalu when anyone speaks ,on sensitive issues that can stampede the development of the state why ?”
“I have the capacity to ask questions about our dear state, I am continually asking the questions, because there is no clear part for repayment of the said loans when there are no checks and balances in place.
“I live in a country  where politics is regarded as an avenue to serve humanity and not to immerse wealth to the detriment of the people; therefore, whenever you hear from me, do not panic and feel like I have come to ask for favours.”
On whether he has been asking for favour from the Abia governor, Kalu replied; “I have never for one day asked the governor for any contract or anything that has a financial gain in Abia, what I am doing for Abians is solely for the interest of the coming generation, our children. I am content and fully sustained with what God has blessed me with and I do very well both here in the United States and other nations where we conduct our business. So the  idea of secret messages shouldn’t come up at all. I have never asked for favour and will never ask Gov. Ikpeazu, I only need answers to my questions”.

2019: Atiku is the ordained next president, Obasanjo cannot stop him

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, the General Overseer of Kings of Kings Deliverance Church, in Ntezi in Isielu, Ebonyi State has said that no plan of Olusegun Obasanjo to stop Atiku Abubakar will work, since Atiku is already on his way to the presidency in 2019.
Chukwudi who in 2015, had first said Atiku will emerge president in 2019, expressed disgust that Obasanjo was hell-bent in stopping Atiku. Hear him “God is God and no one can challenge him. I want to let you know that come rain come shine, Atiku is the next president of Nigeria. If anyone is saying that Atiku cannot be president in his lifetime, the person is a beast, an agent of Satan.
“If Obasanjo is going about in the media and telling the world that Atiku cannot be president, Obasanjo is a very big liar. God has stated that Obasanjo is parading himself as the God of Nigerian politics but he is nothing. God says I must warn him that his utterances will lead to his own destruction. He should change and stop presenting himself as a god. Destruction is knocking on his doorstep, he better know that. Witchcraft cannot stop the word of God. Anyone who tries to use witchcraft to stop the ordained of God will die”.
In November 2015, the prophet who spoke to National Mirror and The Authority was quoted to have said “I have made several prophecies. I have given prophecies to save lives, and I have given prophecies to deliver people. But I will be specific in the area of politics. God speaks to me mightily about prophecies. In 2011, I prophesied about the victory of former President Jonathan. I gave the prophecy that time. There was a team of people who came from Abuja to consult me and I told them that God said that come rain, come sun shine, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will defeat General Muhammadu Buhari then. But two years ago, I was going about shouting and telling people that God stated that Buhari will be the next President of Nigeria. But nobody believed my prophecy. But you can see, that the prophecy have seen the light of the day”.
He also made this revelation then “God told me clearly that the next president of Nigeria will be Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. In fact, in the spiritual realm, he is already the president, but 2019 is when there will be a manifestation”.
Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi: 07037503690


The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria MOBIN has watched with growing concern the gradual but deliberate move by security agencies, especially the Nigeria Army to intimidate and cow our people into submission.

The recent deployment of dangerous weapons of warfare, brutality and death, as well as announcement of the army that it has entered the South East to carry out what they termed Operation Python Dance 2 is a clear act of arrogance of the army against a people it swore to protect, the citizens of Nigeria. Warfare is carried out by a nation’s army outside its territories. Nigeria on the other hand, is poised to wage war against her own citizens.

The government wants to prove to South Eatsterners, Ndigbo, and indeed Biafrans that they are a conquered people, right under their control and command.

The culmination of these blatant show of power had reared its ugly head last week and yesterday, when the Army tried to show the people of the ever peaceful Umuahia, Abia State capital that they have no right to move as free citizens.

While the incident of last week was an attack on the freedom of movement against our people, yesterday’s move, which Nnamdi Kanu was quoted to have said was aimed at arresting him by the Army, was a clear attempt to gag the voice of Biafrans against marginalization.

MOBIN by this statement is calling on security agencies to leave Ndigbo and all Biafrans alone. It’s on record that our people are the most peaceful agitators in this country and have continually indicated that civil disobedience can be achieved without use of arms.

The Army had claimed they will begin their Operation Python Dance on September 15. What then are they doing in Afaraukwu Ibeku on the 10th, five days before the day they are supposed to begin? Something surely is very fishy here. What is the essence of the show of force the army is threatening our people with?

This infiltration of our cities, towns and villages with soldiers and weapons of death is unnecessary, and a flagrant abuse of our rights and sensibilities as a free people, and should be removed with immediate effect.

The Federal Government of Nigeria and her security are well aware of the incessant killing of Biafrans in the South East and South south by Fulani cattle rearers. They are aware of the continual death threats against our people in different northern states, some of which have been carried out in the past. They are also aware of the war being waged against the country by Boko Haram in the north.

We at MOBIN believe that it’s those who threaten the integrity of the country that should be targeted by the army, not men and women of peace and goodwill, which Biafrans are.

The attempt to arrest Nnamdi Kanu, and the recent shooting three of our people to aggravate them is a continuation of the unprovoked war against Ndi Igbo, which culminated in the killing of over 3000 youths in Onitsha, Asaba, Port Harcourt and Aba two years ago.

Be aware that it’s a similar kind of provocation, which led to the killing of Mohammed Yusuf that aggravated into what is now known as Boko Haram, which has killed over 2.3 million people and sacked over ten thousand people from their homes. This is a monster that could have been avoided in North East of Nigeria. The deaths of soldiers and innocent citizens who continually get killed by Boko Haram could have been avoided if some overzealous security agencies hadn’t decided to take laws into their hands.

The Nigerian state should leave our people alone. The Army should leave our territory. We are an aggrieved people and our agitations should be addressed. The great mistake you are making against the Nigerians state is to ignore us and our agitations.

Instead of listening to proffer a solution, you are there trying to intimidate us. Be aware that the whole world is watching. The United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, European Union, all are watching and taking notes of the second attempt by the army to annihilate our people.

Leave us alone, and allow us forge on to Biafra, since you gave refused to allow Nigeria grow!


Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu,

Director General, MOBIN.

Email us at mobinbiafra@protonmail.com, mobinbiafra@gmail.com

​It will be wicked of the N Assembly to approve $200m loan to Abia Govt

A governorship aspirant for the 2015 elections in Abia State, Chief Emeka Kalu has asked the  National Assembly not to give Abia Government the $200m loan it is requesting for.
The business mogul said the debt profile of the state is so frightening that any government that will inherit it will suffer, just like its citizens are doing, since the current administration is incapable of repayment.
Kalu also asked Abia State government led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu to urgently address the needs of workers in the state who are being owed several months salaries instead of throwing stones at Dr Alex Otti, who raised issues about the indiscriminate demand for loans running into millions of dollars by the government.
Kalu stated this in a press release where he wondered why Abia would still be grossly underdeveloped even after borrowing more than states like Ebonyi, received more bailout founds, and took the notorious Paris loan without anything to show for it.
“Ebonyi State is a child born out of Abia years ago. Today, Ebonyi people are enjoying basic amenities and the state is virtually a mega construction site. Abia, even after the last governor, has refused to stand on its feet. Instead of addressing these issues, all Abia government press aides do is attack Dr Alex Otti, who showed some measure of statesmanship by asking questions about our commonwealth.
He equally supported Dr Otti’s position that the National Assembly review the approved $200 million loan for the state. 
“Like Dr Alex Otti said, there is nothing to prove that the current government can be able to repay a loan. The debts of $200m will be a great burden upon the state, and the current government has no clear plan on how they want to invest the money. 
He continued “Abia at the moment is in debt to the FG to the tune of N14.150bn which is bailout fund, there are two tranches of Paris Club loan refund in the sums of N5.3bn and N5.7bn respectively, and $200m loan is being expected. Yet workers are groaning with eight months’ salary arrears and the state is on autopilot.
“Granting the request of the government will mean the National Assembly has no interest of the state at heart”, he stressed.

​Kanu heading for a great downfall, Biafra to play major role in Anambra guber-Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi


Controversial Man of God and General Overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministries, (KKDM), Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi who had earlier prophesied how Nnamdi Kanu will be released from prison has spoken out against the leader of the Biafran struggle, stating that his(Kanu) arrogance has gone into his head.
Chukwudi, of KKDM, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State also stated that Biafra will pay a major role in the coming Anambra gubernatorial elections.
Speaking to our reporter on the phone, the prophet said that he was worried that Nnamdi Kanu has denied the Lord who delivered him from the jaws of death at Kuje prisons, Abuja too quickly and lost all sense of humility. 
“God is very angry with him. He is arrogant and is proud. He is headed for downfall. In the spiritual realm, he is fallen already. God is telling him to come and have Biafra, the young man thinks he will only go to White House or Jerusalem and London to get Biafra. Am seeing a very mighty fall, a very shameful fall facing Nnamdi Kanu. God is revealing to me that there is no atom of humility in him.
When asked how it would happen, he replied “I don’t know how it will happen. When God says someone will fall, I don’t know how it will happen.
“When God told me Buhari will have problem, I spoke and no one paid attention, today you are seeing what is happening. God says there is a great calamity, a mayhem coming his way.
On whether God will accept Kanu if he comes back, Chukwudi said “God will always receive you if you turn around and change. Remember the story of the prodigal son. God will accept him if he comes back and changes. But he should beware. I see great darkness, I see great mayhem across his path, unless he changes. But time is running out.
Also speaking about the coming Anambra polls, the prophet, popularly known as ‘Onye Ru Uka Ofu Nanya'(Doubters will see with their eyes) said that Kanu’s negative evangelism against the elections have already met the rock. The Lord God who, I serve has revealed to me the whole world, and he is the one revealing to me right now that the elections will be a great success, contrary to fears that Kanu will be able to stop it. I know that as usual, they will doubt.
“Anambra elections have been held and concluded in the spiritual realm. Kanu does not pay attention to God anymore, he prefers to work with carnal thoughts. With such carnal thoughts, he is going to fall soon. He has no power over the elections at all. The Supreme has spoken.
“Let me also state here that the Lord has shown me the winner of the Anambra elections, but he says I should hold my peace for now. The only thing I can say for now is that, if you are serious about Anambra elections and you are ignoring those Biafrans who say they are heading to Anambra Government House with the Biafran flag, then you are just going there to waste your time.