Biafrans will participate fully in 2019 General Elections – MOBIN

The Director General of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Nwada Eberechukwu Anigbogu has said that Biafrans are going to choose their leaders in the 2019 General Elections.

The group’s position, articulated by the female leader was contained in a press release signed by the its Director of Media and Mobilization, ThankGod Ofoelue, and made available to journalists in Enugu.

Anigbogu, who is the leader of foremost pro-political Biafran group also revealed that MOBIN has a template for the coming polls which will be unveiled in the near future.

The activist stated: “The continued deterioration of Nigeria’s economic front, human rights records and ratings in the comity of nations is a testament to the fact that there is a serious problem with its leaders”.

“A great majority of the rulers of Nigeria today were not chosen by the Nigerian people but were imposed on them”.

“Same goes for Biafrans. Here in Biafraland, our rulers were handpicked and imposed on us by the powers-that-be. Since 2017, we have continued to canvass for political participation of Biafrans to select popular candidates who will ensure that the welfare of our people are guaranteed”.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on our citizens wherever they are to secure the future of their children by getting a voters card. No matter how difficult the process may be, you must deny yourselves your usual pleasures and ensure that you secure that PVC. We all must decide the future if Biafrans together. Stop leaving it in the hands of your oppressors”.

“We will roll out our programmes in no distant time to ensure that Biafrans are never again oppressed”, the release stated.

Enact anti grazing bill now, Group tells Ebonyi HA

A pan Igbo organisation which is an amalgam of civil society, grassroots people and professionals has asked the Ebonyi State House of Assembly to enact an anti grazing bill.

The group, Igbo Patriots also asked the Legislative Assembly to inform Fulani cattle rearers that no inch of Ebonyi land is available for give away to them.

Igbo Patriots made this position known this afternoon after delivering a letter to the Speaker of the Assembly, Hon Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru.

Addressing journalists shortly after members visited the assembly building, leaders of the organisation led by its Coordinator, Mr Obumneke Okafor narrated the sordid tales of the activities of the cattle rearers who shoot and rape their guests at the slightest provocation.

Professor Joseph Agbo who is a member of the Board of Trustees of the group, while speaking, wondered why the issue of Fulani herdsmen should be a subject of discussion with the tales of woe they bring where ever they go.

The members said: “We are calling on the Ebonyi House of Assembly to enact the anti grazing bill in the state. What we are saying is what the people of Ebonyi State who elected them to power want”.

A press release signed by the coordinators was presented to journalists. Signatories include Obumneke Okafor
(Coordinator), Arthur Nwakanma
(Secretary), Okezie Ogu and Kelechi Nwagbaraocha (Australia Coordinators).

Others include Jack D. I. Igweigbo (Asia Coordinator), Chijioke Oham (Europe Coordinator) and Kenny Uzoma
(North America Coordinator).

It read in parts: “We have observed that the Nigerian Police has failed to enforce this law in other states, and for that reason, we want you to empower the state government to set up Vigilante groups that will enforce the bill when its passed.

“Moreover, we want you to direct all commercial cattle rearers in the state to register with the government for proper monitoring a d build ranches for their cattle. This is the only way of ensuring an end to crises between farmers and Fulani herdsmen, killing of our people in their communal land and prevention of the impending doom in Ebonyi State.

The group also asked the House to include a clause which will prevent the ceding of land in Ebonyi State to the Federal Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria etc for cattle colony, grazing areas, grazing reserves or whatever else in the bill.


The provocative idea “cattle colonies” is the logical consequence and climax of a policy adopted by the caliphate while the early leaders of NDIGBO either went to sleep or wanted to be more Nigerian than Igbo. If this is doubtful, let us go back to history.

“The new nation called Nigeria should be and estate of our great grand father OTHMAN DAN FADIO, we must ruthlessly prevent any change of power. We use the the minority in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory. We must never allow them to rule over us. We must never allow them to have control over their future” -Sir Ahmadu Belly (Sarduana of Sokoto) October 11, 1960

“Time has come. We must show these intellectual fools that we are only in the morning of our leadership of this country. Our only obstacle are the Ibos. They have overplayed their cards. They will sink”. – Excerpts from the Manifesto Of The Northern People’s Congress (NPC) for the1964 General Elections.

If a party would write this in black and white in a public document as open as a manifesto and if the leader of a people would make this kind of daring statement in a country that took 10 years (1950-1959) to fashion a federation, then why are we surprised by what brilliant and clear headed analyst, Chinweizu has properly called “Caliphate Colonialism” Caliphate Colonialism for him is the “taproot” of what Chinue Achebe had called “the trouble with Nigeria” The cause of Caliphate Colonialism is nothing but what I can call “IGBOPHOBIA”, an unnecessary, unfortunate and uncanny disdain and dreadful hatred of Ndigbo and anything Igbo.

Who is turning Igboland into a colony, a colony, not for human beings but for animals? Why have private cattle rearing become of imperious importance to a federal government that has Boko Haram terrorists to contend with? Is this an attempt to claim and occupy their “Estate”? Before the 1804 OTHMAN DAN FODIO jihad in Northern Nigeria, were Ndigbo living in fear of cattle as we are today?

This blatant, brazen and arrogant “cattlelization” of Igboland began after that war called Nigeria – Biafra war. Before the war, Ndigbo were not feeding on Fulani cattle. We had our own sweeter and stronger cattle breed. But they were massacred during that war along with their owners – Ndigbo.

After the war, we lost many of our people and cattle and allowed the north and their cattle to graze openly on our lands and on the process we lost our crops to Fulani cattle rearers and it began to appear that it’s a calculated attempt to compel us to look up to the North for daily food. Why not? Oil wells from Igboland have been exploited and their proceeds used to set up gigantic dams in the North for agricultural products. Cattle are then sent on starvation mission to destroy thousands of hectares of farm lands in Alaigbo, while their men brutally kill and rape the people for even as little as daring to complain. Yet, many of our leaders watched almost helplessly, or made beggarly and apologetic statements.

Having penetrated and ready to occupy our lands with their cattle, while our leaders watched, hands and minds akimbo, our masters toyed with the idea of a “grazing bill” that would make it legal for fulani cattle farmers with their private trade, to demand and chose any grazing site anywhere in Nigeria that they so wish. The outcry against it from the South was, as to be expected, deafening! It failed.

Then came “Cattle Colonies”! The idea again is dying. But we can not continue to pretend that it is normal. The mere fact that these ideas were conceived is annoying. It is a rape on the sensibility of a people who had spent over a thousand years within the Nigeria space before other ethnic nationalities began to arrive. If Nigeria to have an “owner”, it would be Ndigbo. For not only did we arrive first, our people have developed every part of this country. Besides no other people have made more sacrifices for the survival of this wobbling Republic as much as Ndigbo. These constant, callous and castrating confrontation of Ndigbo in Igboland have reached a crescendo. And do I need to remind everyone that every rubber has an elastic limit?.

Our governors are busy campaigning for second tenure while Igboland is under invasion by FULANI terrorists.
Governors in Igboland – ABIA, ANAMBRA, EBONYI, ENUGU, IMO, DELTA AND RIVERS – need to arise and do something before their people are totally destroyed in a country that appears to be turning into one gigantic human abattoir. They need to as a matter of urgency, prepare anti – grazing executive bills to their various Houses of Assembly for passage into law. Governors of Igboland MUST ARISE NOW before their people would make them politically irrelevant.

This rescue mission should also be of interest to members of the Houses of Assembly in Igboland. If they discover any governor that is playing agency role for the FULANI caliphate, such governor should be impeached.

Let the Fulanis also know that igbo land belongs to Ndigbo and that any other person coming to stay or live here must abide by the tradition and custom of our people and in line with the international best existential and social practices.

A stitch in time they say, saves nine.!

Eberechukwu Anigbogu

Enact laws againts cattle rearing in Igbo land, stakeholders urge Legislators

Stakeholders in Nigeria’s South East under the aegis of Igbo Patriots have rejected proposals of the Federal government to establish cattle colonies in the 36 states of the country.

The group also called on the five Houses of Assembly in the region to enact anti-grazing laws in the zone to protect the citizenry from malevolent attacks and invasion by jihadists and terrorists who come disguised as herdsmen.

This is coming in the wake of disturbing news and rumours of planned attacks by cattle herdsmen on different communities.

At a press conference, the two groups advised Federal government to ease the current tension in the nation by taking proactive steps to quell the heat created by the activities of herdsmen.

The press document was signed by its coordinators in 5 countries, including its national coordinator, Obumneke Okafor, Australian coordinators Okezie Ogu and Kelechi Nwagbaraocha; Asia, Europe and North American coordinators Jack Igweigbo; Chijioke Oham and Kenny Uzoma among others.

Igbo Patriots while speaking with journalists in Enugu, through its national coordinator Obumneke Okafor said that it will frustrate any state government in the South East that attempts to cede part of its territory for cattle business.

The group also expressed worry that the Federal government is trying to compel the national assembly to pass a bill that favours cattle colonies at a time when herdsmen have been going about killing their hosts.

Okafor also stressed that Ndi Igbo would resist the bills, adding, despite the fact that certain selfish elements of Igbo origin have been stoking fire because of their vested interest: “Historically, socio-politically and spatially, we are republican by nature, orientation and attitude. This makes it imperative that whatever decisions or actions that will impact the mass of our people or involve the general good, welfare or will of the citizens must be democratically deliberated, agreed and acted upon transparently.”

“Igbo patriots are averse to such action(s) and will not tolerate their prodigal exploits in whatever guise, form or shape. We dare make bold to state unequivocally that we won’t yield an inch of land to satisfy the private business interest of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders and their hegemonic patrons.”

Come rain, come shine, Atiku is the next president:Popular Ebonyi Prophet releases 2018 prophecies

*Trump, Umahi, Melaye, Nana Akufo-Addo will face problems

A popular prophet who foresaw the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump of the United States have released his prophecies for 2018.

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, who in January last year told the world that Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra would be released, also prophesied then that Kanu would go down in a big way.

In his latest prophecies, Chukwudi listed Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State and President Donald Trump of the United States as leaders who will have serious challenges if they do not seek the face of God.

He also reiterated his earlier prophecies that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will emerge president next year.

The prophet, who spoke with journalists in his Gbonum-Ulepa Ntezi, Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi State ministry, also told our reporter that God revealed that the president of Ghana will be faced with serious health challenges that may eventually lead to his not completing his term as president.

The prophet, who is fondly called ‘Onye Ruka Ofunanya'(doubters will see with their eyes) by his followers, who had in earlier prophecies stated that President Buhari will not complete his tenure said he will make a statement on that matter in another revelation.

He spoke the following words “2018 has been given to the blessed of the Lord to excel. It’s a year of prayers, a year of grace. Nigerians who have been trusting God will be blessed this year for their patience, for our God is loving and kind. But God is saying again that he has given the leadership of this country to another. Nigerians should know that come rain come shine Atiku is the next president of Nigeria.

“This prophecy was first released to me in November 2015 and God is still repeating it frequently. I read in the media where so many so-called prophets are trying to prophesy against Atiku. The Lord is telling me that those people are speaking from the pit of hell.

“The Lord God who choses leaders have chosen Atiku to govern this country and return it to some sanity.

“If you look at the history of Saul and David, God chose Saul to govern the people of Israel but when Saul deviated from the purpose for which God chose him, God had to choose David. I want to assure you that Atiku is the David of our time. God has rejected Buhari and chosen Atiku.

He also had some words on Governor Dave Umahi: “In the spirit realm, I see Ebonyi State governor is not in power again. In the spirit realm, he is out of office.
If urgent steps are not taken now to address the issue, Umahi will not return in 2019. There is a lot of conspiracy from his party and the opposition to push him out. And he is out already. One problem he has now is that even if he decides to join another party, he will still lose. Nothing for him. He has already lost grip of power. Unless urgent steps are taken now”.

According to the prophet, there are a lot of errors committed by the governor, but these issues cannot be revealed in public, he said.

“If he wants to know what he must do, he can come to me. Two years ago before he became governors, I made a prophecy proclaiming him governor of Ebonyi State.
I gave the prophecy to the senator representing Ebonyi Central, Sen Obinna Ogba.

“I also told Prof John Eke, current Commissioner for Education in the state.
I told them to tell Umahi that, come rain, come shine the Lord have chosen him to be the next governor of Ebonyi State. Despite the powers standing against him, the Lord proved himself and Umahi won.
Dave Umahi is the spirit realm is in double trouble. Crises are all over him.

On Donald Trump, Chukwudi stated: “I was the first prophet in the world to prophesy that Trump will win and become president. Now the Lord is saying that Trump so far, is working according to what is expected of him.

“But I forsee attacks battling him. I have said last year that if Donald Trump does not come and recieve prayers and deliverance in Africa, there is trouble.
Many other prophets have been telling him not to worry, but I don’t see him completing his term, unless he comes down from his high horse, humbles himself and receives the annointing from Africa.

“God has continually revealed that to me. I am seeing a very serious health crisis against Trump, but this thing is spiritual.

“Last year, I prophesied that Nnamdi Kanu will face a great crises but must come to the Lord for deliverance. That prophecy was made public and he saw it. For one reason or another, he ignored me. You see what happened to him? I am sorry it happened, but it was the voice of the Lord, and he disobeyed it.

“I was the only prophet that told the world in January last year that Kanu will be released before long, and that he must come to the Lord and seek his face. If he had come, he would have found Biafra. Twice, while he was in prison, and after he was released, I called him to the voice of God and he ignored me.

“Now, hear me, Senator Dino Melaye. Your case has been brought before the Lord who gave you that position to serve the people. Your days in the Senate are numbered at the moment.

“The Lord says that you are a youth raised to become an army to liberate your people. But there are dark forces who will not rest until they ensure your downfall. Your case is like the case of Nnamdi Kanu. Come and serve my people, says the Lord, but don’t let power go into your head, Senator Melaye.

“Hear me and hear me clearly, says the Lord God of Hosts. Your case is like the case of Nnamdi Kanu because an army of enemies have been raised against you. But as a matter of urgency, you must visit the man of God for solutions to your predicament. You will go down and be disgraced out of office. Your case shall be like the case of Nnamdi Kanu, should you ignore the Lord.

The prophet also spoke about Ghana’s president, whom he said needs prayers.

“The president of Ghana, Mr Nana Akufo-Addo will not be well. His sickness will be so challenging. Ghanaians should pray for his health. Let there be no story against his continuing to be president”, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi said.