The provocative idea “cattle colonies” is the logical consequence and climax of a policy adopted by the caliphate while the early leaders of NDIGBO either went to sleep or wanted to be more Nigerian than Igbo. If this is doubtful, let us go back to history.

“The new nation called Nigeria should be and estate of our great grand father OTHMAN DAN FADIO, we must ruthlessly prevent any change of power. We use the the minority in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory. We must never allow them to rule over us. We must never allow them to have control over their future” -Sir Ahmadu Belly (Sarduana of Sokoto) October 11, 1960

“Time has come. We must show these intellectual fools that we are only in the morning of our leadership of this country. Our only obstacle are the Ibos. They have overplayed their cards. They will sink”. – Excerpts from the Manifesto Of The Northern People’s Congress (NPC) for the1964 General Elections.

If a party would write this in black and white in a public document as open as a manifesto and if the leader of a people would make this kind of daring statement in a country that took 10 years (1950-1959) to fashion a federation, then why are we surprised by what brilliant and clear headed analyst, Chinweizu has properly called “Caliphate Colonialism” Caliphate Colonialism for him is the “taproot” of what Chinue Achebe had called “the trouble with Nigeria” The cause of Caliphate Colonialism is nothing but what I can call “IGBOPHOBIA”, an unnecessary, unfortunate and uncanny disdain and dreadful hatred of Ndigbo and anything Igbo.

Who is turning Igboland into a colony, a colony, not for human beings but for animals? Why have private cattle rearing become of imperious importance to a federal government that has Boko Haram terrorists to contend with? Is this an attempt to claim and occupy their “Estate”? Before the 1804 OTHMAN DAN FODIO jihad in Northern Nigeria, were Ndigbo living in fear of cattle as we are today?

This blatant, brazen and arrogant “cattlelization” of Igboland began after that war called Nigeria – Biafra war. Before the war, Ndigbo were not feeding on Fulani cattle. We had our own sweeter and stronger cattle breed. But they were massacred during that war along with their owners – Ndigbo.

After the war, we lost many of our people and cattle and allowed the north and their cattle to graze openly on our lands and on the process we lost our crops to Fulani cattle rearers and it began to appear that it’s a calculated attempt to compel us to look up to the North for daily food. Why not? Oil wells from Igboland have been exploited and their proceeds used to set up gigantic dams in the North for agricultural products. Cattle are then sent on starvation mission to destroy thousands of hectares of farm lands in Alaigbo, while their men brutally kill and rape the people for even as little as daring to complain. Yet, many of our leaders watched almost helplessly, or made beggarly and apologetic statements.

Having penetrated and ready to occupy our lands with their cattle, while our leaders watched, hands and minds akimbo, our masters toyed with the idea of a “grazing bill” that would make it legal for fulani cattle farmers with their private trade, to demand and chose any grazing site anywhere in Nigeria that they so wish. The outcry against it from the South was, as to be expected, deafening! It failed.

Then came “Cattle Colonies”! The idea again is dying. But we can not continue to pretend that it is normal. The mere fact that these ideas were conceived is annoying. It is a rape on the sensibility of a people who had spent over a thousand years within the Nigeria space before other ethnic nationalities began to arrive. If Nigeria to have an “owner”, it would be Ndigbo. For not only did we arrive first, our people have developed every part of this country. Besides no other people have made more sacrifices for the survival of this wobbling Republic as much as Ndigbo. These constant, callous and castrating confrontation of Ndigbo in Igboland have reached a crescendo. And do I need to remind everyone that every rubber has an elastic limit?.

Our governors are busy campaigning for second tenure while Igboland is under invasion by FULANI terrorists.
Governors in Igboland – ABIA, ANAMBRA, EBONYI, ENUGU, IMO, DELTA AND RIVERS – need to arise and do something before their people are totally destroyed in a country that appears to be turning into one gigantic human abattoir. They need to as a matter of urgency, prepare anti – grazing executive bills to their various Houses of Assembly for passage into law. Governors of Igboland MUST ARISE NOW before their people would make them politically irrelevant.

This rescue mission should also be of interest to members of the Houses of Assembly in Igboland. If they discover any governor that is playing agency role for the FULANI caliphate, such governor should be impeached.

Let the Fulanis also know that igbo land belongs to Ndigbo and that any other person coming to stay or live here must abide by the tradition and custom of our people and in line with the international best existential and social practices.

A stitch in time they say, saves nine.!

Eberechukwu Anigbogu

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