African Queen: I lied, against Tuface, Blackface admits, apologises

Afro-pop singer, Ahmedu ‘Black Face’ Obiabo, has issued an apology to his colleague, Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia.

The apology comes on the heels of the out-of-court settlement for their ongoing copyright infringement battle in Lagos on Wednesday.

This is contained in a copy of the apology letter, which the singer intends to post on social media on today, Thursday.

It read:

“Having consulted with my Solicitors, I do hereby revoke all allegations of intellectual property theft and career sabotage previously made against Mr. Innocent Idibia and Mr. Efe Omorogbe

“These statements were erroneously made under misapprehension as to their accuracy, due to prevailing circumstances at the time. I have been advised on the inaccuracy of my previous allegations and retract them entirely.

“I undertake to refrain from making any such subsequent statements against the persons of Mr. Innocent Idibia and Mr. Efe Omorogbe in future”.

The erstwhile best friends came to an agreement at a mediation process held in the presence of 2baba’s manager, Efe Omorogbe, and Black Face’s lawyer, Manny Enajeroh, in Lagos on Wednesday.

A mediator, Ronke Kuku, oversaw the process at the Ikeja High Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) section.

Black Face’s solicitor, Manny Enajeroh, has also confirmed the development.

Mr Enajeroh also hinted of a possibility of both artistes recording a track when this newspaper probed further.

“That would ultimately depend on the parties, but I see no reason why that can’t happen. Their differences were purely professional resulting from certain inefficiencies in the copyright system. There is no longer an issue of stealing songs so I believe the future of both artistes is bright,” he said.

2baba’s manager also confirmed the news adding that his team would issue a statement to the effect on Thursday.

Abia wins bid to fund 2019 development plan

Abia State has won a capital bid to fund its long-term strategic development plans for 2019.This follows a presentation by Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo, and Ondo at the Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) states Pitch Development Plan competition on, “delivering results: implementing a state-led plan,” on their long-term development planning process in which Abia won technical support from the development partners for the development of its development plans in 2019.

The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), is a Nigerian non-profit organisation established by Chevron Corporation in 2010, to build partnerships and peace for equitable economic development in the Niger Delta.

To this end, PIND has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Abia State Government at the Government House, Umuahia, during an advocacy visit by PIND team in company of its other development partners that included the European Union (EU), Niger Delta Support Programme 4, and BugIT.

Speaking during the advocacy visit, the PIND Partnership and Engagement Manager, Chime Asonye, who led his team, said: “PIND’s support will help Abia to develop a long-term strategic vision to enable Abia leverage their areas of competitiveness in delivering inclusive governance and sustainability to their people.”

He said by signing this MoU in the presence of the State Deputy Governor, Ude Oko Chukwu, the Secretary to the State Government and other key stakeholders, Abia has demonstrated a commitment to the development plan. This indicates “a process will be facilitated through the provision of technical, organisational, strategic support and leadership to enable the plan be created through a participatory process incorporating all sectors.

“Additionally, a high level team comprising relevant State Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), civil society, development partners and professional groups, will be assembled to help provide input and expertise to the exercise, hence the long-term development planning was identified as a solution to begin to address the underlying issues of economic stagnation and conflict in the Niger Delta.” In his remarks, Chukwu said Abia was elated by its choice for the PIND support that will enable the state develop its long-term plans and projects that will benefit the indigenes.


Census exercise should fully reflect the population of Abia, Ikpeazu tells NPC

The Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has urged the National Population Commission(NPC) to ensure that the forthcoming National census exercise fully reflects the actual population of Abia.

Dr Ikpeazu made the call when a delegation from NPC led by the Federal Commissioner, Chief Nwanne Nwabuisi paid him a courtesy visit at Government House, Umuahia. He explained that the population of Abia is steadily increasing with the massive influx recorded in metropolitan cities in the state. He also charged them to avoid politicizing the exercise

The Governor who was represented by his Deputy, Sir Ude Oko Chukwu, stated that knowing the actual size of Abia’s population will aid in planning and budget preparation, noting that inaccurate population figure will impact negatively on the economy.

He commended the NPC for their efforts in preparation for the exercise, and assured them of government’s assistance and support in creating the necessary awareness and sensitization that will enable Abians get proper information on the need to participate fully in the population and Housing census Exercise.

Speaking earlier, the leader of the delegation Chief Nwanne Nwabuisi disclosed that they are in the state to acquaint government on its activities and on the need for government to mobilize its citizens to fully participate in the Enumeration Area Demarcation Exercise, a prelude to the population and Housing Census exercise that will commence on Thursday November 28th at Ohafia LGA.

Members of the State Executive Council, Secretary to the State Government and other top Government officials were present during the visit.

Abia Poultry Cluster: The Ikpeazu-Mbakwe Connection, by JOK

In the 80s, then Governor of Imo State (made up of current Abia, Imo and parts of Ebonyi States), Chief Sam Mbakwe, launched an ultra modern poultry complex known as Avutu Modern Poultry Farm in Obowo (in present day Imo State). It was celebrated then as the biggest poultry farm in Nigeria with modern facilities and capacity to provide tens of thousands of birds, eggs as well as feeds.

Sadly, Avutu poultry farm fortunes dwindled after the exit of Dee Sam Mbakwe.

In neighboring Abia, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu dreamed up a new poultry farm but with a different model from what the legendary Dee Sam executed albeit with same objective of providing poultry products and allied inputs such as feeds. The Ikpeazu model centers around decentralized facilities located in Nsulu Isiala Ngwa of Abia Central Senatorial Zone, Item in Abia North Senatorial Zone and Ovom in Abia South Senatorial Zone of the state.

While the Mbakwe poultry farm was basically established to produce and sell poultry products, the Ikpeazu cluster model is designed to do the same in addition to serving as a training center for young Abians who wish to engage in poultry farming as a means of earning a livelihood. Each cluster is expected to train and employ a minimum of 1,000 youths who will also benefit from a CBN facility that will help them establish their own farms.

Each cluster hosts an ultra modern administrative building including classrooms, hostels and top class trainers.

The recently opened Nsulu poultry cluster located in Isiala Ngwa North LGA is the first of 3 to be established by the Ikpeazu administration. Over 60,000 birds are currently located within the facility which has the capacity to take as much as 100,000 birds. The second cluster is under construction in Item and it is expected to be completed next year.

According to Governor Ikpeazu, the concept and vision to do the clusters was “borne out of the need to bridge the gap between knowledge and practical agriculture. We thought it wise to look at the reason many young people are no longer interested in poultry farming and our studies indicate that many of them are not mentally prepared for what it takes to go into poultry farming. It is not just enough to have money to buy day-old chicks, build pens and buy feeds and start your own poultry farm. There is need for a potential poultry farmer to pass through some tutelage and know the dynamics of procuring feeds, type of feeds to procure and at what time and for how long you need to feed your birds. You must also know the imperatives of vaccination and other services that will be provided by the veterinary services department. Beyond that, you must know and learn that you must love your birds and chicks just like you love yourself. Government decided to create a cluster to hold down these variables that would have ordinarily confused the young poultry farmer. So that as you take part in what is happening in this cluster, first, you will be taken to a classroom where you will be taught the rudiments of poultry farming and then from there you will receive support from our warehouse of feeds, the nutritious Abia feeds for poultry which I am proud to declare is also manufactured in this cluster and they are the best in the market. By holding down these variables, we are able to guarantee 95% or more success rate for young farmers. Our objective is to tackle the twin problem of unemployment and food security.”

The poultry cluster project is another testament to Governor Ikpeazu’s capacity to evolve solutions that create jobs, deliver on food security and position the state for trans-generational excellence. In 2018, he planted four million high yielding tenera specie palm seedlings and distributed same across the state to replace the wild type of palm seedlings mainly grown by the legendary Late M I Okpara administration of the 60s. It is expected that by 2021, the Ikpeazu palms would be yielding optimally, hence, the current drive by Governor Ikpeazu to establish cottage palm processing facilities across the 17 LGAs of the state. He has also supported the resuscitation of the iconic Golden Guinea Breweries also established by Dr Okpara.

In 2015, Governor Ikpeazu told journalists that his leadership role models were Chief Sam Mbakwe and Dr M.I. Okpara. Those who have observed his development paradigm that focuses on delivering high quality road infrastructure to enable his administration’s pillars of development: Agriculture, Education, SME Development, Trade, Oil and Gas Development, will agree that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is one leader that Abians and Ndigbo will celebrate long after he has completed his tenure in 2023.


With the state’s mushroom farm also contributing to family income in Abia State using the well known Ikpeazu’s agricultural entrepreneurship development model, support for Abia rice farmers and the soon to bud Agro-Industrial cluster planned for Ubani Ibeku In Umuahia North LGA, it is safe to say that on all scores, Governor Ikpeazu is living true to his Scholar in Government title.


INTERVIEW: Oshiomhole’s steps not in line with the goals of Edo people -Bishop Edokpolo

(Dr) Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo is the founder and president of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA).

EPIA, an Organisation designed to promote the empowerment of all Edo indigenes has been registered for over five years, and has made immense contributions towards the development of the state and it’s indigenes.

Following the recent ongoing squabble between Governor Godwin Obaseki and his predecessor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, (national chairman of All Progressive Congress. APC), the political space appear heated up.
In this interview with journalists, Bishop Edokpolo speaks on the impasse, including issues relating to Pastor Ize-Iyamu’s crossing to APC, and his rumoured plans to become governor.


We understand that you supported Governor Godwin Obaseki during his campaigns in 2016, and he won the elections, and since then, not much has been heard from your quarters. What motivated the sudden return?

Our goal is not to be political, but to do the right thing- to source, research and identify our sound indigenes who have the capability o pilot the affairs of this state. We want to make sure that such a person emerges to become the leader of the state. That’s our job, not to get involved in the political day-to-day running of government. Contestants, are they qualified? Are they even Edo indigenes? If they are not, then we speak out, it’s our right to put the Edo indigenes first in all we do.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t support non Edos, but be aware that self-first is not selfishness.

Our duty after these verification, is to make sure that the credible candidate wins the elections.

As soon as he wins the elections, our job is done. We will just look out there and ensure that he is doing the right thing, which is the main reason we supported him.

In the case of Godwin Obaseki, we have no doubt that he will be able to lead the state to the apex of governance, and moving into the first six months of his administration, we started seeing some very healthy manner of governance and administration. It’s not just about fixing roads, but also involves touching every aspect of development. This knocked most of our members to sleep because, we believe that Edo is in safe hands with Obaseki. So there is no job left to do other than going back to our private sectors to continue to pilot the business we do on a day to day basis.

Till tomorrow, we have not met the governor, he has absolutely no idea how much we have done for him. Initially when he was nominated, we sent him a proposal, and we eventually noticed he adopted one or two pints in our proposal.

The only time we wanted to voice out was when it was said that he was employing non indigenes. We did our research and noticed that yes, there were facts there but that he was consulting with experts who he can confirm that they can deliver on the job.

He also set up platforms to employ our indigenes, if which me as an employer of labour, did employ some of our indigenes from that platform he set up, Edo Jobs.

From all indications, the man has satisfied some of the cravings of Edo indigenes.

Politics is coming back again and a lot is happening out there, as part of our mandate to give Edo the best leaders, we have come out again.

A situation whereby the national chairman of the APC and the governor are having a lot of issues is really troubling.

As far as we are concerned, we as Edo indigenes-Binis, Afemais, Esans, we do not take sides but we will speak out on what s good for us.

Oshiomhole has done his tenure in Edo State, we supported him and he won. He piloted the affairs to the best of his knowledge, but it’s high time he stayed away and let the governor focus.

Are you saying that the steps Oshiomhole is taking now is wrong?

From all indications, the steps he is taking is not in line with the ideals and aspirations of the Edo people.

Don’t you think that since Oshiomhole is the one who found and presented Obaseki to be governor, the governor should be loyal to him to some extent?

If I ask Edo people the question, will you prefer your governor to be loyal to the national chairman and face some catastrophic turbulence in your state, or for him to focus on what matters most to the citizens, what do you think they will answer? Most people are very confused about the difference between want and need.

Want should be suspended and our needs should take its course. Right now in Edo State from all indications, it is clear that what Edo people need is to leave the pit they have been in, and they are gradually coming out from it. In fairness to the party leader Oshiomhole, when he wa the governor, there were some positive steps that he made in the state, and we gave him credit for that. But when you are dancing, and you dance from the beginning and it’s rosy, then after about one hour you begin to scatter the dance floor, or dance like a madman, nobody will remember the good dance.

Are you implying that Oshiomhole has danced his dance?

What I am saying is, Oshiomhole should leave the governor alone to pilot the affairs of the state. He is completely and sincerely aware that what Governor Obaseki is doing is in line with what he wants him to do, when it comes to the developmental context.

At the back of his mind, Oshiomhole is happy that Obaseki is delivering that at the moment, but problem now is that he failed to understand that at the time he was proposing Obaseki, Obaseki also has a mind of his own, and that he has a vision that supersedes what Oshiomhole was expecting at that time.

He wanted a performer and an errand boy at the same time but Obaseki has refused to be an errand boy. That’s what is causing the turbulence in the state.

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu ran for governorship under the PDP in the last elections and has just joined the APC. Permutations are rife that he was invited by former governor Oshiomhole to take over power from Obaseki. What do you say on this?

Have it in mind that the governor is the incumbent, and he has a right to choose any political party he wants as his platform. Am not going to speak for the governor, nether am I going to speak for Ize-Iyamu or Oshiomhole, but one thing is sure, these three prominent politicians are like footballers and have their interests in different wings.

The question is, which wing will favour the state more? Before now, the state has been unlucky, with maniacs and illiterates piloting the affairs of the state. We have produced a lot of professionals over the years, but they are handicapped, without any opportunity to exercise the value of that they learnt in school. But it’s under this administration of Obaseki now that you are beginning to see that the era of maniacs have vanished into thin air. Obaseki did that. Right now, the society is as clean as snow, and their is fresh air in the state.

Edo people are enjoying a great deal of sanity in governance. There is orderliness now, a privilege the state lacked for decades. Not even under Oshiomhole did we experience it. Majority of those he was using to enforce governance were maniacs. He was able to achieve some level of development by way of road construction, but governance goes beyond that. We laud him for finding an extremely intelligent, positive and vision minded man like Obaseki. You have introduced Obaseki to us, and our eyes are clearly open right now, and we are saying it’s not politics as usual.

We happen to be in a state where there is a lot of street menace. This is the first time we are having a healthy, intelligent, disciplined, professional governor who does not have street mentality, in Edo State. The reason Edo political field is full of blood is because the state is peeved with that street mentality.

Today, you must agree with me that this governor is not a noisemaker. You don’t see him running around TV, radio, to defend himself. A learned person does not need to run around to defend himself, his actions will defend him. His approach to all those criticisms and gimmicks has spoken so loud that even a lay man will hear.

As I speak to you, Edo is one of the most sanitized and orderly states in Nigeria. So why would we want to kick out such a governor? Our people have an adage ‘Aghwina-esay orhu-unuagbon-Good things sell themselves in the market. If you are good, it’s in the mouth of the people. When you are bad, it’s also in the mouth of the people. Go and do your statistics in the streets and ask the people, ‘who would you prefer to be your governor?’, and the people will tell you.

The reality of it is that when it comes to governance, we have tested Obaseki and we have seen what he can deliver. Not even the opposition party has criticized Obaseki up to ten percent of what they did to Oshiomhole, that’s to show you that the governor is beyond governorship quality, he is a presidential quality. Quite me anywhere- if we have someone like Obaseki as our president, the United States will be a top of the iceberg of the height Nigeria can ascertain when it comes to development.

Do you have any advice for Edo people regarding the impasse and the coming elections?

Edo indigenes and citizens will enshooting themselves on the feet if they chose to withdraw their support from Obaseki. Let’s put our hands together and support him. Yes, we know he is not Alan Shearer, he doesn’t share money here and there, but if you value the future of your children, you look beyond the N20,000 they will give you now and tomorrow you will be hungry. If you eat a cow to sleep, don’t forget that tomorrow, more hunger will come.

Equipment installation commences at Abia automated shoe factory in Aba

The Abia state Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has handed over the machines procured for the Automated shoe factory to Chinese Engineers for onward installation at the Enyimba Automated Shoe Company.

According to Sam Hart, who is the Project Co-Facilitator, the handing over was performed today, Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at Aba.

He said “the installation process will take one month and the Chinese Engineers will be in Aba until installation is complete and production has begun in earnest. They will also ensure that the Aba Shoemakers fully understand the process before they return to China.”

He added that “the 30 Shoemakers the Governor sent to China to learn the use of the machines are also on ground to work with the Engineers from China as they will form the nucleus of the workforce of the shoe factory upon commencement of production.”


Women has been described as the catalyst for unity, peace and progress in the family and the society at large. The member representing Ohafia North State Constituency at the Abia state House of Assembly Hon Mandela Obasi who is also the Chairman House Committee on House Services, stated this when he joined the Abiriba women to commemorate this years ABIRIBA WOMENS DAY.

Speaking at the event, the member representing Ohafia north state constituency charged the women to continue to fan the ember of peace in their family and the community at large. He attribution the peace been enjoyed in the Ancient kingdom today to the sacrifices and can do spirit of the Abiriba women who went extra miles when it mattered most to bring peace back to the kingdom.

He also used the opportunity to thank the women for the massive support they gave to him during the March 28th, 2019 House of Assembly election by giving him over six thousand votes against one thousand gotten by his closest rival. Hon Mandela distributed relief materials, food items and cash gifts to the women.

He was accompanied by his adorable wife Mrs Nnenna Mandela Obasi, who joined the women procession, Former Special Adviser to the Governor on Grassroot Mobilization Elder Okoro Okeke, Hon Dasuki Abraham(Former Councillor AMEKE ward 1) and some Abiriba PDP stakeholders.

OPINION: When Sex Becomes A 4 Unit Course In Tertiary Institutions

By Usman Issa (Busy Brain)

Since three days ago, I have tried to overlook the series of sexual intercourse between students in Nigeria tertiary institutions but I couldn’t just take my mind off the matter after reading waspish and disgusting reactions on one newsplatform. The arguments and reactions that I read was so irritating and appalling. One cannot but imagine the level of stupidity inherent.

It could be recalled that the popular sex video was staged by Babcock students which led to the expulsion of the culprits by the management. For the fact that the decision was solely made by the school management, it sounds more or less like an injustice to some social media analysts. They took it starkly upon themselves by faulting the Babcock management’s decision to have expelled the students. While some opined that since sex is not a crime in Nigeria, the students should have rather been counselled instead of loosing their career to expulsion. Another set of analysts claimed that the school decision was too cruel for expelling students that had sex blatantly in a lecture room. Even though it is not disputable that individual is a master to his or her opinion, I cannot comprehend the kind of counseling these guys were talking about. Should the management counsel the culprits after the sex video is already dancing soapy on air or to counsel them on how to do it more better some other time. I repeat: “I cannot comprehend that kind of counseling”

As if that one isn’t enough, another blatant sexcapade surfaced by another set of students from one of the institutions in Edo state. It seems sex for grades lecturers have gone to rest; it is students Vs students now. Sex has turned to 4 unit practical course that should be practiced in a broadaylight. Now, it suits some students more to mess up themselves in an open arena all in the name of three minutes enjoyment. Of course, I’m not preaching holiness here but the sexual urge shouldn’t propell one to be an object of ridicule and reproach.

Honestly, for people to be taking sides all in the name of pitying have shown that we cannot get things right in Nigeria. Or what else could have been done as punishment and lesson to students who intentionally had sex in lecture room. Those taking sides have forgotten that the image of the school is at stake for such slew of immortality. They also claimed that no one is holy and If no one is holy, does that mean people should be having sex openly? If sex isn’t a crime, does that mean students should start banging themselves on campus in lecture rooms? Why talking about these sex warriors carreer only and mind not to talk about the image of the school that is already in the mud?

Emphatically, what is bad is bad, whether sex is a crime in Nigeria or not, such act can never be embraced. If a student can be expelled for writing an open letter to VC on issues that need urgent attention, If corpers can be sent out of the camp for having sex, no sane society will allow such sex tape to undergo spiral of silence all in the name of saving a career. I see nothing wrong in their expulsion. They actually called for it. There is nothing new about sex among undergraduates. The leaked ones is just a testimony to the level immorality in our tertiary institutions and if this irritating scene continues, Nigeria educational system awaits burial by installment.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer. A Mass Communication graduate from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State;

Tallen, Fayemi, Ezekwesili for 2019 National Women’s Dialogue Tomorrow

The Minister for Women Affairs, Paulen Tallen; First Lady of Ekiti State, Erelu Bisi Fayemi; and former Vice-President of the World Bank, Obiageli Ezekwesili, are among the keynote speakers for the 2019 National Women’s Dialogue billed to begin tomorrow.

This was contained in a press statement by organisers of the event.

The NWD, themed ‘The Nigeria We Want: Nigerian Women-A National Conversation’, is expected to have no fewer than 5,000 participants.

According to the statement, the 2019 NWD will tackle challenges of out of school girl-child; early marriage; effect of insurgency on women and children; among others.

The statement read in part, “Over 5, 000 women from different walks of life will grace the upcoming National Women’s Dialogue 2019.

“The three-day dialogue is scheduled to hold at the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Abuja from November 27 to 29.

“The conference, tagged WOMANIFESTO ‘19, is to bring women together to dialogue and come up with a charter of demand on issues affecting women and children in the country.

“The three-day event will feature presentations and discussions in areas of health care, women participation in politics, business and other gender-related issues such as, percentage of out of school girl-child; early marriage; maternal death rate; effect of insurgency on women and children; among others.

“Delegates will be drawn from women groups, collectives, civil societies, entrepreneurs, professionals, social media influencers and women within the labour work force.”

Aside Tallen, Fayemi and Ezekwesili, other speakers expected at the 2019 NWD are Iyom Josephine Aneinh, Hauwa Shekau, among others.

Other notable personalities expected at the event are Senator Abiodun Olujimi, Senator Betty Apiafi, Hon. Nkiru Onyejeocha, Hajiya Saudatu Mahdi, and Dr. Amina Salihu.

Others are Dr. Priscillia Ankut, from the European Union Rule of Law Project; Dr Adiya Ode, from the Department for International Department (DFID); Osai Ojugho ,Country Director, Amnesty International; and Dr. Ene Obi of Action Aid.

Mary Ikoku, Founder Emerge Women; Ebere Ifendu; Convener, Women Politics Forum; and Prof Hauwa Imam, from the University of Abuja; Dr Abiola Akinyode – Afolabi, Dean, Faculty of law, University of Lagos; Prof Ayo Atsenuwa; Prof. Joy Ezeilo; Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo; Hafsat Abiola Costello; Fatima Zakari; and the United Nations Women Regional Representative, Comfort Lamptey, are also expected at the event.

NASS Should Not Accept Budget Approval Request From NDDC Interim Committee, Says IYC

The National President of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Barrister Eric Omare has urged the National Assembly to disregard any budget approval request from NDDC submitted by the Interim Management Committee inaugurated by Minister of Niger Delta, Chief Godswill Akpabio.

In a press statement issued on Sunday, November 24, 2019, Barrister Omare said that under Section 18 of the NDDC Act of 2000 only the substantive Board of the NDDC can submit a budget to the National Assembly for consideration.

Section 18 of the NDDC Establishment Act, Number 6 of 2000, as amended, states that, “the Board shall not later than 30th September in each year, submit to the National Assembly, through the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces an estimate of the expenditure and income of the Commission during the next succeeding year for approval.”

Barrister Omare said the National Assembly has a duty to defend the law. He maintained that the problem with NDDC since its inception is with non- adherence to the law establishing the Commission.

According to him, “Instead of strictly complying with the law establishing NDDC, emphasis is placed on political patronage instead of using the NDDC as a platform to develop the Niger Delta region.”

The IYC President regretted that despite the Senate confirmation of a substantive Board for NDDC, the government has not deemed it fit to inaugurate the Board. In his words: “Given the myriad of problems in the region, we had looked forward to the inauguration of the Board, knowing that it will bring a level of sanity and stability to the Commission but unfortunately and to our surprise, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Chief Godswill Akpabio set up an illegal Interim Management Committee that is not contemplated by the NDDC Act because under the Act there is no room for an interim management committee in the first place.”

He noted further that “there is absolutely no reason in the present circumstance for an interim management committee because President Buhari has already exercised his powers under Section 2 of the NDDC Act to nominate members of the substantive board to the national assembly and the Senate has confirmed members of the substantive board.”

Barrister Omare stated that what ought to happen is for the substantive board to take over the leadership of the commission immediately but regretted that two weeks after the clearance “we still have a contraption called an interim management committee presiding over the NDDC in flagrant violation of the law establishing the NDDC.”