Service chiefs must be sacked – House of Reps insist

The House of Representatives has maintained its demand for the sack or resignation of the service chiefs over the insecurity in the country. Benjamin Kalu, the spokesperson for the House in a report on Daly Trust dated February 10, told journalists in Abuja that the lower house has not backed down on its call for the removal of the security chiefs.

Kalu stated that the legislators are yet to rescind an earlier resolution calling for the removal of the service chiefs, noting that the resolution stands until a member calls for the resolution to be rescinded.

“So, every resolution taken by the house remains as it is until somebody will raise by a way of motion and being to say, we want to rescind a particular resolution on the matter,” he said.

“If that is not done, you cannot accuse the house of caving in. Caving in to what? There is the only one way of caving in, by a way of motion, and we have not done that. So, until we do that, don’t accuse us of that”.

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