COVID-19: Anambra State Govt bans all public gatherings, begins shutdown of schools

The government of Anambra State has banned public gatherings, from 23rd March 2020‬ until further notice.

A government house publication which listed the modus operandi in markets, schools, residents, eateries and other public places was made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited this morning.

Tertiary institutions will go on a compulsory break on 20th March, while primary and secondary schools will be proceeding on holidays on March 27 till further notice.

All schools sporting activities have also been banned, and traders and shoppers have been advised to wash their hands with soap and water all the time.

Hand shaking, hugging and all other forms of contact salutation has also been strongly discouraged, and the statement advices that a distance of 6-feet should be maintained between customers and traders.

It further read “All residents in Anambra state are advised to avoid handshaking, hugging and all other forms of contact salutation.

“They are to avoid unnecessary travels.

“Every body must keep a reasonable social distance when conversing with each other.

“All residents returning from countries and states with active COVID-19 cases, must self-isolate for 14-days and contact the Anambra state Public Health Emergency Operation Center immediately (PHEOC). During self-isolation they must take their temperatures twice daily.

“PHEOC numbers are ‪080309531; 08145434416;0810446408‬.

For hotels, travelers and transporters, the statement said

“Management of all hotels, restaurants and nightclubs must check the temperature of all their staff on daily basis. Staff with temperature more than 37.9 degrees Centigrade should not be allowed to serve and must report to the hospital.

” Restaurants must avoid overcrowding patrons at the table. Hotels are encouraged to maintain a database of their guests.

” all luxurious bus owners and operators must maintain a travel manifest for inbound and outbound passengers to Anambra state.

All luxurious bus owners must maintain hand wash stations and provide hand sanitizers in their buses.

“Passengers are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and running water.

“All intrastate buses are encouraged to have hand sanitizers in their buses and encourage passengers to use same”.

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