Activist Patrick Eholor gathers friends, family to celebrate wife and daughter

Frontline social rights activist, Chief Patrick Eholor threw a surprise birthday party for his wife and daughter, Mrs Ivie Dianabeth and Audrey Orobosa early today. The early morning party began at 6.30 am, a breakfast party and attracted members of the family, relatives, friends and well wishers.

An elated Ivie Eholor who cried tears of joy told our reporter that she was pleasantly surprised because she was not expecting the party at all.

She said “I was extremely surprised. I didn’t expect my friends, in short, he was able to get my close friends, my family members, his own friends too, in short everybody was here. He really overwhelmed me and I am full of joy.

“I really love and appreciate my husband, Chief Patrick Eholor. He is one great man and an ideal husband and father. He is everything you can ever wish for in a husband, he is always there when you need him. I pray that God should always strengthen and give him more life and good health”.

She also prayed for better fortunes in her new age-

“Am expecting to be bigger and better. I know am not where I used to be, but I even want to be better than I am now, and achieve my heart’s desires. I know that before the end of this year, I will achieve them” .

Chief Eholor has this to say on the birthday celebration-

“We are all here to celebrate my wife and daughter. The essence of life is to celebrate our family and friends when they are here, because there are those of them that we don’t get to know until they are gone. That’s why I decided that we hold this breakfast with friends and family, it was really nice and she was overwhelmed”.

“I feel very happy for her and my daughter. I ma grateful to God for making it possible that I reciprocate to her. Our women do a lot but men don’t realize it. If you have a good wife and give her a house, she will make it a home, and she has made my house a home and made my life more meaningful. I am an easy man to be tolerated. I work with the media and work so hard and is hardly at home, but family is first in my life, and I dedicate this day to her”.

Honourable Osaro Obaseki who was among the guests also gave his well wishes to the celebrant –

“We really appreciate what our brother Ultimate Equals has done, and we are again saying happy birthday to our wife. We wish her more happy years, in good health, and she will have more children for us. God will bless Ultimate Equals to keep doing this again and again for her”.

On his part, Engineer Olotu Olotu described the birthday gathering as a special occasion for family and friends to unite- “I wish the celebrant a very happy birthday. At times like this when you congregate around family, you realize that this is just the essence of living–family. Our brother has always been this way, by bringing us his brothers together, for one celebration or another. I use this medium to appreciate him so much for this. He will live long in prosperity, and I use this medium to wish madam a very happy birthday. She will live life to the fullest, and enjoy everything that has to do with matrimonial fulfilment. She will also have more children for us. It is well with the family of Ultimate Equals”.

Photos from the event:

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