COVID 19:Doing the needful in over-riding national interest, By Dr Ramas Okoye Asuzu

Despite growing global alarm and concern regarding the Coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging the world, the Nigeria leadership at all tiers are displaying an embarrassing insensitivity and obvious incapacity to take extreme proactive measures to prevent / stem the spread of the virus in the country.

For now, only feeble attempts and measures are being projected to prevent the COVID 19 virus from having a firm foothold in the country. This is a wanton disregard of the duty of care the Nigerian leadership owes the long suffering masses who voted them into power.

For now, the nation is holding out by an act of providence. But rather than waste our energies on attempts to wish the virus away, the different tiers of government should galvanize and mobilize the nation into action against COVID 19 in more practical and result-oriented ways.

The priority of the government should be a tangible commitment to keep Nigerians safe and alive. We should realize that the country does not have the capacity, in whatever ways to confront the virus on a large scale. For one thing, managing the IDP camps in the North East has become almost a mission impossible for the Federal Government.

Such a dire situation arising from a coronavirus pandemic on a national scale will surely be an unmitigated disaster given our self-evident inadequate health infrastructure. This is the time to halt all so-called capital projects. We are used to doing without them. It is also time to wisely employ the Security votes of governors which runs into several billions. The community / constituency projects of the members of the National Assembly should now be geared towards how to make the people safe first.

All such monies for Capital projects, Constituency projects, Security votes of governors should be used to massively provide hand-gloves, face masks, sanitizers etc. to the helpless masses for free without delay.

The Federal Government should inaugurate a committee of medical experts and drug companies as well as tradomedical practitioners to brain-storm on how to meet the challenges head-on before it hits a crises point. The recovered loot by the EFCC should be re-ploughed into the system to fight this Virus.

The Federal, State, and Local Governments should reach out to banks, philanthropists, multinational companies such as Shell, Chevron, Julius Berger, Dangote Group etc. to own up to their corporate social responsibilities to the people.

The Nigerian military, for once, should show some form of utility value by deploying all over the Country to enforce strict compliance with measures and policies issued by government to prevent the spread of the Virus. All hands should be made to be on deck to forestall the doomsday situation looming around corner.

We may also wish to appeal to the sentiments and emotions of all looters of public funds to donate generously back to the society from whom they stole trillions of dollars of public funds. Maybe that will be a form of restitution at a time like this when the Country is in dire-straits. It is s shame to note that the upper super class of Nigerians comprising the hierarchy at Aso Rock, Ministers, Governors, the Royal class, Service Chiefs etc. do not show exemplary behavior by wearing face masks.

This way they undermine in the eyes of the public the real and prevent danger that the virus represents. The same goes for the middle class. While we are here waiting for the western world to discover a cure for the Virus, we should look inwards to minimize the impact of this present scourge on our people.

I am a true Master and Prophet and I see strong spiritual signals that this virus will decimate the top echelon members of the society who have so wickedly foisted a culture of bad leadership and untold hardship on the people through their actions or inactions. Finally, we should feel as the price of oil, the mainstay of our fragile mono-economy, is at an all time lowest value.

Lets put our acts together to use what we have to get what we want and ensure that for this virus we shall brace ourselves to do two weeks work in one day as a National Policy.
God bless Nigeria.

Dr. Ramas Okoye Asuzu FCON
(Ezeoba Akajiofo Ndigbo Gburugburu
and Custodian of Igbo Culture)

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