Coronavirus will not end, unless… says popular Ebonyi Prophet

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi of the King of Kings Deliverance Ministry, Gbonum Upale Ntezi in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has said the dreaded Chinese virus, COVID-19 is a curse from God.

The prophet who earlier told Jungle Journalist Media Limited that Prophet TB Joshua defaulted by claiming it will end by March 27, stated that the disease has been on the rage in the spiritual realms and would still kill more people unless men and women cry to God in the spirit of repentance and ask for forgiveness.

“The truth is that our God has run out of patience with all of mankind”, he began.

“The belief in God has gone away. Men and women, even those who profess to be teachers and leaders in the house of God also don’t believe in God. They profess physical wealth as the overall goal of righteousness.

“When you say you are a Christian or that you believe in God these days, they mock you and try to make you ashamed of the Lord.

“But hear what I passed through.

“The Lord took me around the world and I was made to see the horrible things humans were engaged with.

“Men and women were worshipping Satan, and laughed when the name of the Lord was mentioned. They denied the existence of God and said that God has been doing nothing for them, but that Satan has served them with the things they desired.

“Then the angel led me away and took me into the sky and I saw millions of arrows been shot from the heavens. They were falling out and I was told that the arrows were the arrows of death, and that God chose to deal with His people that way.

“Go and tell them that the Lord is the one killing them. They have turned their back upon God and He has also turned his own back on them, and allowed this evil to befall them. The day they turn back to the Lord in repentance, the Lord will heal mankind, and being an end to the arrows.

“Humans must suffer and realize that the Lord is the one in charge. If they don’t, and continue to believe in demons and in their own powers, then they are of no use to me and will be wiped out. This is the simple message. He who has ears, let him hear”, the prophet stated.

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