COVID-19: Aba can produce 10m face masks, hand gloves, sanitizers in 2 days-Sam Hart

There is a rising alarm about the face masks, hand gloves and test kits which China has donated to some countries. Reports have shown that some of these items are contaminated with Covid 19, and warnings have been coming that Nigerians should desist from using the ones donated by Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

The Director General, Abia State Marketing and Quality Management Agency has said that Aba artisans can produce 10 million face masks, hand gloves and sanitizers in two days for Nigerians.

Hart was responding to a telephone interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited.

He said that in the light of the current demand for these items, Abia State Government has already directed that these items be produced for these of health workers in the state while plans are in place to mass produce for the use of Abians. He also said the quality of the items meets the best international standards.

The DG argued that Nigeria does not need foreign products of may kind to battle coronavirus, but has willing hands in the local industry who can deliver in record time and also deliver the best quality materials.

Hear him;

“The governor commissioned 10 thousand face masks, hand gloves, and sanitizers to be distributed. His priority for now are the health workers in the front, who have to be the first respondents, so that those people are not exploded to disease while responding to calls. This period we are getting a lot calls, even prank calls. We have a special line which people can call.

“And the health workers have to respond. We have 722 health centers in Abia State, and each of them have four to five workers, totaling about 8000.

“These masks are not supposed to be used for too long, maybe after three days you dispose of it and wear another one. So they are our first priorities for now and masks, sanitizers and hand gloves have been locally produced, and they have been tested and ascertained to be of the best quality globally.

“We have reusable and disposable face masks which were all produced in Aba, we also have hand sanitizers produced by our people here.

“Aba can meet the demands of Abia State, Aba can meet the demands of Nigeria in terms of local production. Incidentally, I am a member of the National Support Group for this Covid-19, and I am heading the local products subcommittee. Part of what we are doing there is to find people who can produce materials locally in time of emergency.

“Aba can produce 10 million face masks. Remember that there are 200,000 artisans in Aba. 10 million is 200,000 times 5,000 each person, and you get 10 million. 5,000 is less than what they produce in day. So in two days, the 10 million masks, hand gloves and sanitizers will be ready”, he said.

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