When you see a listening and humanitarian legislator you will know.

A legislator in touch with his people and reality on ground will always manifest at a time like this.

That is the kind of Legislator we have in Ohafia North State constituency in the person of Hon Mandela Obasi.

Last week Friday being 27th March, 2020, I put a phone call across to my House member requesting that he shows support and provide palliative items to the people of our constituency in this challenging period of lockdown. After explaining the need and urgency of the matter he gave me his word, but just to put more pressure on all of my other Representatives at the federal level, I wrote an article calling for unity of purpose between the Legislators and state government in the fight against Coronavirus.

In that article I called out Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, Hon Uko Nkole, and Hon Mandela Obasi to rise to the occasion and provide support to the masses and health institutions.

I was glad when I received a phone call from one of the Aides of the House member representing Ohafia North state constituency this morning requesting that I should try and call Hon Mandela who has tried severaly to call me but my number wasn’t reachable.
I explained to him why my number was not available as of when he was calling.

I immediately called my HOA representative, he told me that in regards to our last discussion on providing palliative to our people, that he has concluded arrangements to provide some Items to our people and also told me the modalities to handle the distribution in a time like this when people are requested to stay at home.

Though I have not seen the items but trust me, there are worth it and will be appreciated by our people who are not known for ingratitude. I will be there to see things for myself and report back to my reading audience what and what he provided.

Abiriba Enachioken and Nkporo okwe rejoice for God is still on our side.

Thank you my leader, you have once again shown your attribute of love and concern for your people.

I still expect to hear from Hon Uko Nkole and Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, this is the time to stand by us just as we stood by you people during the election period. We need food items, face mask, Hand sanitizer and buckets with tap,also note that our health institutions needs a lot of medical consumables at a time like this.

We are anticipating.

Paul Kalu writes from Ameke Ward, Ohafia North, Abia State.

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