Tony Nnadi, April 4, 2020

Amidst the Global Pandemonium, Meltdown and Lockdowns trailing the Corona Virus Pandemic, the emergence of the 5G Conspiracy Theories and the Apocalyptic Projections accompanying those Theories, Caution must take center-stage as humanity scrambles for answers to the deadly chaos into which it has been plunged by some of its own members. The video below encapsulates the main thrust of the Conspiracy Theories.

The horrifying picture emerging from this Global Melee seems to suggest, and credibly too, that Covid-19 is a smokescreen Deployed by the Promoters of 5G Technology to cover their tracks whilst exploiting the paralyzing fear deliberately orchestrated, to forcefully haul humanity into the fast-moving Train towards a New World Order that will be heralded by One-World Religion, One-World Currency and One-World Government, enabled by chips that would be surreptitiously implanted as Forcefully-Administered Vaccines against Covid-19 or other Man-Made Plague.

While the Global Statistics of Fatalities grow more scary, the Trajectory of Curves of China’s Graph on the Pandemic as well as the lockstep coincidences of 5G Rollout in various Locations with spiraling fatalities, lend much credence to the growing evidence of Covid-19 being smokescreen for the human collateral damages for 5G Rollout well anticipated by its Promoters.

The sudden complete containment of the Covid-19 Pandemic in China as well as motion pictures of residents of Covid-19-ravaged communities uprooting and 5G poles and antennas high-ten the suspicions of Conspiracy.

Looking back at the debates that trailed advancements in Biotechnology, Genetically Modified Foods, Stem-cell and other DNA-related Technologies, in which Science pushed towards fundamentally altering the Human, Animal and Plant nature, as it pleased, it is clear that the same human forces that halted the human race to the precipice, need to rally itself forth at this time. The coincidence in time between the sudden escalation of the Cancer Scourge in recent years, and the Deployment of certain Radiation-emitting Technologies, points clearly the danger the Radiation concomitant to the Deployment of the 5G Technology might pose to humanity.

Whatever be the truth in the entire situation, rational thinking will dictate that it is better to err on side of Caution in terms of believing or not believing the Conspiracy Theories around the Covid-19 Pandemic, considering the raging Fatalities across the Globe. Accordingly, one would posit that until it is conclusively established that there is no link whatsoever between the Deployment of 5G Technology and the Fatalities currently being credited to Covid-19, the first urgent precaution would be to Roll Back and Decommission the 5G Technology wherever it has been Deployed.

Countries in which the 5G Technology have not been Deployed, (including hopefully Nigeria, if we are believe the claims of Nigeria’s Minister for Communications about Nigeria being still at the Pilot Trial Level on a very limited scale) must halt all plans towards the Deployment of the 5G Technology until it is established that the Charge of Death-Dispensing Radiation-Levels being made against 5G are untrue. The dearth of Medical Facilities in Africa and particularly Nigeria, should compel utmost Caution in this regard, going by the horrific experiences of Countries with advanced Medical Facilities.

The Video Clip from France where two Doctors were talking about using Africa as Testing Ground and Africans as Guinea-Pigs for Covid-19 Vaccines, is simply abominable and should rouse Africa to the grim realities of its situation in the current Global Dynamics. Tales of Financial Inducements by the Promoters of the 5G Technology to Corrupt African Regimes should also elicit more vigilance on the part of the Populace in Africa. They must stop their unthinking and uncaring Governments from foisting such a calamity on them.

I am convinced that enough is now known to defeat Covid-19. The Question is whether the endangered segments of humanity will find the Courage to push back the Monstrous Promoters of the 5G Technology. In this regard, President Donald J Trump of the United States seems to be standing between Humanity and the Forces of Darkness seeking the Mass Extermination of Humans to establish a New World Order.

Tony Nnadi
April 4, 2020.

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