Covid Management For Dummies, By Aniedobe

Q. Will Covid kill up to 200 thousand Americans as some are predicting?

A. No it will not. Expect between 15 – 20 thousand. Grief has become a sad reality in America and fear has gripped many.

Q. Is it true that the worst is still ahead of the United States?

A. No it is not. The worst is behind the United States Ignore Big Pharma and their agents. They are making a case for vaccines.

Q. When did Covid enter the US Population?

A. Probably Nov 2019.

Q. Is it true that disproportionately more blacks in America are dying from Covid?

A. It is true.

Q. That means that Nigerians are going to be finished when it makes landing and that is why countries are withdrawing their citizens from Nigeria.

A. Covid has already landed in Nigeria but is going no where.

Q. What do you mean going no where? Is that science or religion?

A. It is science. Blacks in America have weak immune system because many of them are vitamin D deficient from inadequate exposure to the sun. Blacks in Nigeria have stronger innate immune system because of exposure to the sun and many diseases and consequently, high dose of vitamin D and more vigilant immune system.

Q. I get you. So Vitamin D levels matter a lot?

A. Yes. Vitamin D plays a role in surveillance, chemotaxis and recruitment of disease fighting cells to the sites of invasion.

Q. But why did you say that the worst is behind us?

A. Spring has arrived. Respiratory droplets containing corona virus will dry up more quickly and the rate of infection will go down sharply. Also those who go out to the sun and soak up at least one hour of sunlight will quickly build back up their Vitamin D levels and will get a more vigilant immune system.

Q. What of taking vitamin D supplements?

A. It helps but God created the sun for that purpose because our bodies need vitamin D for strong bones, strong imnune system and blood sugar control among many benefits. Many scientists are still discovering the role of this super vitamin that comes from the sun. Blacks need more exposure in the sun than whites to make adequate levels of vitamin D.

Q. So all those big men and women in Nigeria who do not go out to the sun but prefer to stay indoors will have difficulty fighting Covid?

A. Precisely. As well as old people who stay indoors all the time.

Q. So you are saying that sun exposure should be highly recommended as Covid prophylaxis?

A. Yes. At least one hour a day depending on your dressing. If the sun is not hitting your skin, you won’t make Vitamin D. Early morning sunlight preferred. Too much exposure can be harmful. Wear your masks and keep your social distance out there. Hang around your house. Avoid getting infected.

Q. Is going out to the sun all I need to do to avoid Covid?

A. No. Use the following protocol to really rev up your immune system. 1. One whole lemon or lime including peels and seeds.
2. Two or more fingers of fresh ginger.
3. One tablespoon of tumeric
4. Blend and boil in 40 ounces of water.
5.Sieve and put 10 drops of Grape Seed Extract per 16 to 20 ounces of tea. Enjoy. Drink at least 30 to 40 ounces of this tea blend a day.
6.At least one hour of exposure in the sun.

Q. One whole lemon, with peels and seeds.

A. Yes. Mega dose of highly absorbable vitamin C. Better than supplements.

Q. Lemon seeds and Grape seed extracts?

A. Yes. High dose of natural antiviral agents.

Q. Tumeric? What role?

A. Immune system modulation. Prevents your immune system from going into overdrive.

Q. Sun exposure?

A. Mega doses of natural vitamin D.

Q. If I do these things, can I still get Covid?

A. Yes. Obese people, diabetics, old folks, people already immuno compromised may still get it. Initial load is very important.

Q. Initial high viral load, is that why it kills young people?

A. Yes. If the initial load is heavy, it may overwhelm the immune system very quickly.

Q. Should I take chloroquine just in case?

A. Please avoid self medication. However, if you feel you need more natural antivirals, take bitter cola and fresh garlic but do not take chloroquine tablets.

Q. What if I am coughing already and I have aches and pains and shortness of breath, will your protocol cure me?

A. No. The protocol is a prophylaxis and is designed to help your body ward off Covid before it gets established. If you start getting these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately. Many people with strong inmune system eventually recover but some may need more therapeutic intervention. Work with your doctor.

Q. Why consult my doctor if there is no known treatment?

A. You should get tested. If confirmed, your doctor may put you on trial medications like hydroxy chloroquine, azithromycin, iv vitamin c, antivirals. There are anecdotal evidence that some of these work. But stay with my prophylaxis even while sick. Prevention is always better than cure.

Q. Does God have anything to do with this?

A. The whole world is in his hands. We are visitors to planet earth. Our visiting visa will expire soon if he continues to avert his countenance from us. Pray ceaselessly that his gaze may fall again on us.

April 7, 2020

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