What you need to know about the 5G, COVID-19 controversy-Rights activist

*Politicians should be made to get treatment in their local constituencies

Patriot Patrick Eholor, social rights defender in this interview, speaks on the controversies concerning Covid-19 and the 5G network:

There are various videos alleging that the 5G network is the actual thing killing people and not the coronavirus. What’s your take on this?I am not a scientist and I will not be too quick to go into things I am not too familiar with. I enjoy reading and research and from my research and conspiracy theories, there is prima facie that this could be true.I will take you back to when we started in technology. We started with the G1, then we graduated to G2, then we progressed into G3 when we started seeing smartphones. Then we began to use the 4G LTE and the masts for communication. It has been proven that these masts can cause cancer and injurious to the body.So people out there know that the 5G is injurious, whether it’s coronavirus or cancer I can’t tell. But I do know that it comes with its problems.Do you believe like the skeptics do, that the 5G will affect humanity in such a way that will be very injurious?Even the telephone that we use is already affecting us positively or negatively. It now depends on how we guard ourselves. Whatever that has advantages also has its disadvantages. But I know that it will help and make life more easy for us, but can also complicate many things.With 5G, you can have the auto driven car, people will always know where you are. Cameras can penetrate walls and you may not have privacy. It’s devices can be attached to your equipments like the fridge, and it can for instance tell you when the milk is going low.It’s like a robotized society, like science fiction. That’s why people are very skeptical. But the government and the power brokers are so powerful, and it must go their way.We fought against facial identification but today its been used to fight terrorists. So the 5G is here to stay, nothing can stop it. If you are afraid that we are going to die, forget it because no one leaves life alive. We are all going to die. Definitely something must kill a man.Are you not concerned about our security?Its not just about security, it’s about mind control, invasion of our privacy, but we are already under control anyway. They are going to go overboard to control us. You are aware that there is something called social security number. If you have it, you are already monitored. Am from Canada, we have what they call Bitcoin. If you are using your Bitcoin, someone already knows where you are using it from. I am from Nigeria, if I swipe my ATM card at Ring Road, people will know that I am in Benin.Government is already monitoring us. The only thing we have not given them the right to do is to see us in bed with our wives or our family in our private living room. But now, that’s what they are trying to take from us.They want to go beyond the ordinary to teleguide us with this modern tech.Do you think Nigeria is prepared for this?Nigeria is never prepared for anything anything. Nigeria is never in the equation of anything. I am a Nigerian, regrettably because we have leadership failure. We don’t have visionaries as leaders. We have them but not in leadership.We have so many cases of coronavirus already in the country. Do you think we are doing well in containing this virus, especially in Edo? We have done nothing, and have only been surviving on the grace of God. But the time has come for us to live on our own because God cannot come here and build hospitals for us. God cannot come and train our scientists or construct roads. These are all human endeavours. But thank God that He has shamed the miracle pastors today. You see a man like Oyedepo of Winners Chapel whom I thought is responsible enough. They are supposed to obey the law of the land. But he is the one cajoling his members that he has solution when he doesn’t.He held worship, and exposed people to getting infected whereas the whites who brought church to us are dying in numbers. I heard the Italian president crying and said that they have done everything humanly possible but now are calling on God, the I am that I am. Can you be more religious than they. These pastors cannot even be patient and what to collect tithes and offering no matter what. I think the government should hold them responsible, they are not bigger than the law of the land, and they should be prosecuted and made to face the full wrath of the law.I say this unequivocally, and without apologies.What do you think should be don’t to ensure that Edo is safe?Edo State is an embarrassment. Somebody died yesterday and today if you go to Ring Road, they are holding public marriages. I have tried to get Barr Osarodion Ogie but he is not picking. I have tried to contact the Deputy Governor, Philip Shuaibu but he is not picking. The Governor is on self isolation, he is on MIA (Missing in Action). It becomes difficult for me as a citizen to see that things are very porous and nothing is working. There is no assistance for Indigenous citizens, everything is just gimmick, we are copying and pasting, I think Edo is a joke. They should have borrowed a leaf from Lagos.Thank God we don’t have an international airport here, Edo State would have been doomed.What do you think about the state of the country? The Chief of Staff to the President tested positive and we don’t know what’s really going on as the president has not yet spoken to Nigerians? You cannot bribe sickness, you cannot bribe coronavirus. If they’re able to, they would have done so, and that’s why it’s hard for them. Is it not a shame that your president has not come out to address this nation? Who can be more vastly affected by this virus than America? Yet American president Donald Trump come out daily to relate with his citizens. Why should we in any circumstance be pleased with a president like Muhammadu Buhari? Look at the so called giant of Aso Rock, Abba Kyari. Today he is sick. There were no infrastructure, there were no hospitals, no schools. They didn’t prepare the North, they didn’t prepare the South. Today they can’t go to Germany, they can’t go to London, they can’t go to Dubai they can’t go to India. So we will suffer it together and die together.Now they will realise that sickness don’t know the difference between the rich and the poor. It’s preposterous that today, the President could only speak to us just once. We are not saying that he is a doctor and we understand that, but he has failed in his duty.Every one should support my proposal that, every political office holder should go back to his constituency for treatment. If you didn’t invest in a hospital, die there. If you did, the hospital will save you. I hope that everybody learns from this, that the money you were stealing cold have been used to develop the infrastructure of your people.As big as Nigeria is, we have no specialist hospitals, and we have qualified doctors who have left the country due to frustration. Can you imagine in this times, Lawmakers were busy sharing cars. It’s a shame,I cry everyday. I wish this will be a turnaround for everybody.

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