Nigeria’s past leaders so heartless, deserve life sentences in the worst prison-Activist

The founder of social rights group, One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has said Nigeria has fielded the very worst crop of rulers over the years that they all deserve to be jailed for life in the worst kind of prisons.

While speaking with Jungle Journalist Media Limited in a telephone chat, Eholor said that all past rulers have engaged in massive looting of national treasury, so much they they have destroyed the future of the Nigerian youths.

Eholor also accused the current government of faring no better, and said Nigeria needs a serious revolution to usher in new leaders.

“As I read a piece from a news paper few days ago I couldn’t help but wonder what every past Nigerian leader was thinking.They all deserve to be in the same prison room for the rest of their lives. Yes every single one, along with their cronies. And that will be doing them a favor. If one is to be truthful, the wickedness with which these thieves stole makes me wonder what should happen in the country after COVID 19.

“The only question then should be, what form of revolution will it be. There has to be some kind of complete overhaul that makes these types of heartless thieves think twice before doing what they have done”, he stated.

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