UPDATED: Security officials kill 2 keke operators in Aba

Two days after the killing of two men in Onitsha, Anambra State and one in Umuahia, Abia State, two tricycle operators popularly known as keke havesl been killed by some security officials in Aba Abia State.

According to Jungle Journalist Media Limited findings, the incidents took place in two locations of the city- Uratta Junction and Opobo Junction, Ogbor Hill Aba, Abia State.

An witness reports said, the keke operators were killed by police mem attached to Abia Covid19 taskforce team. The agency was set up to enforce the “Stay at Home” order by the Abia State government in a bid to curb the widespread of coronavirus.

The killings brings to three the number of drivers killed in Abia State inside this week alone by security officials.

An eye witness from Opobo junction in Ogbor Hill, Aba recounted how the incident happened to Aba City Blog “Roughly 1 hour ago some police men brutally killed a keke driver. The keke driver was unlucky as he wanted to escape the area with other keke drivers as the police men always chase them around and sometimes tax them .

“This young man was about reversing to run so the police men wont catch him but unfortunately for him his keke hit a pole and he tried pulling back which yield to no avail other than the police men dragging him down from his keke and started beating him . One of the police men used the head of his gun to hit the man on his head, the man started having have seizures and died immediately.

“As this happened the police men put the dead man in their car and left with him , obviously to go dispose his body and deny the act.

“The market women kept shouting “Who will marry our young women if they kill our youngs boy finish”.

“I wish I was with my phone to capture this devilish act !

Some angry youths have allegedly set a truck belonging to the security officials on fire.

Currently, the atmosphere in Aba, Abia State is tense.

Additional reports from Aba City Blog

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