Edo Indigenes hail donors, Edo Govt, plans phase 2 of cash/food distribution

The umbrella body of Edo indigenes, Edo Indigenous Peoples Association (EPIA) has expressed it’s gratitude to some of its donors towards its ongoing cash and food distribution to vulnerable people in the state.

It’s Founder/President, Dr Bishop John Omogiade E Edokpolo told Jungle Journalist Media Limited in Benin City that some good spirited individuals have continued to provide support for the palliatives programs, even as he invited new donations from other Edo indigenes around the world in order to assist the less privileged.

Edokpolo also hailed the Edo State Government for increasing the number of ventilators to assist patients in the state.

He said “as we continue to visit different people in different communities and senatorial zones, the burden of giving continues to increase. But some wonderful Edo sons and daughters have stood by us and vowed that no Edo man, woman or child will be hungry or in such need that we won’t help.

“A number of names like Dr Brown E.A.O (Edo South; the North America Coordinator General) sent in his overwhelming support from Canada. Another is Mr Lugard Edokpayi (MBA, CTP); our
Maryland Co-director also sent in very encouraging donations from Maryland USA.

“Engr Edrian Osagie Ididia
(Osagie Baba) another dear Edo indigene in Canada has also contributed over and over to the COVID 19 food program.

“Deacon Omoragbon also contributed loads of food items to the food bank program and all other Edo Indigenes around the world for the welfare and food bank program starting next week Sunday.

“It has come to light that we must work diligently to support and contribute enormously to shape our ideas, and focus on how we can best help our people. We must therefore, stand steadfast and in collaboration with the State Government, ensure that our dear people are given the opportunity to excel. EPIA was created for the manifestation of programes of inclusiveness and empowerment to enable our people fend for themselves.

“The monetary and food distribution that is ongoing since last week in our state is the beginning of our efforts to help the elderly, unemployed and the vulnerable among us during this Covid-19 pandemic. I would therefore, use this media to appeal to all our Edo State indigenes irrespective of where you are in world to be proud and become a part of this movement.

He also said “we will not fail to thank our state government’s efforts, for increasing the number of ventilation machines in the state after our requests.

“We further appeal to the state government not to relent it’s efforts in providing measures to alleviate the suffering of Indigenes by putting additional energy in the areas of food and other palliatives in place and be liberal with its mobile curt policies and Edo Indigenes are currently going through a lot mentally at the moment.

“Our welfare and food bank program starts on Sunday next week with 100 vulnerable Edo indigenes to benefit each day.

“Only persons who are registered with us will stand to benefit, and this will be done in batches and 20 vulnerable indigenes will be attended to per hour in order to observe efficiency in social distancing.

He hinted that the food bank program will be held every Sunday, and indicating that Edo North and Central will be their next port of call for N2000 cash distributions as Edo South registered members had already received theirs.

“If you have not yet a registered Edo Indigene, you can do so now at http://www.edoindigenes.org
to qualify up coming benefits in the future”, Edokpolo stated.

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