As Ndi Enugu proceed with talent hunt, let’s weigh the merits of Prince Ezeh

By Chidipeters Okorie

Prince Lawrence Ezeh is an independent-minded leader with an even-keel temperament, charismatic speaking skills and a knack for consensus-building.

He is also a talented introspective writer. His values are strongly shaped by his expertise as a Marine Engineer, personal philosophy and his Christian virtues. He represents a new dawn in the politics of Enugu State and Nigeria at large considering his fundamental political ideologies, which is; politics of inclusiveness as evident in his moral consistency and faith in the indivisibility of Enugu State.

Prince Ezeh has management forte. He has had business experience before arriving into politics. There are strong indications that if given the opportunity to serve he has the administrative acumen to handle, successful government.

Prince Eze is the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Buzuzu Construction Company Limited. No doubt he is an ambitious business mogul who from the very day he joined the business world, decided to creditably distinguish himself and his company. Through dint of hard work, personal conviction to succeed, visionary leadership and doggedness, he has, in a matter of few years, taken Buzuzu Construction Company Limited to a vantage position of becoming a dominant leader in the industry in Nigeria.

As the Chief Executive of Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, he also sits on the board of several other companies as Chairman, among which are:

Ranzolina Oil and Gas Co Ltd
Deepwell Technical Ltd
Renzolina Service Ltd.
Prince Lawrence Ezeh Foundation

He has been actively involved in top flight business management for over two decades with vast experience in international business and has attended several local and international courses and seminars in leadership and business management.

A versatile and successful businessman, Prince Ezeh is a-

Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers;

International Marine Contractors Association.

In addition to all these, there is a part of this able visionary leader that cannot be left out. Prince Engr Dr Ezeh is an avid philanthropist and a motivator par excellence. In acknowledgment of the need to serve humanity and give back to the society, provide succor to the needy, he has established an Educational Foundation that gives students free education at all levels, particularly in Enugu State, installed electricity transformers and engages in constant repair/grading of community roads.

He has provided funding opportunities to numerous artisans and given the youths the tools to excel and become responsible.

He has taken his philanthropy to an enviable height which has brought succor to communities in his area. Among these numerous services are:

Extension of electricity to all the villages in his community;

Continuous annual grading and lathering of Nara-Mburubu-Nomeh roads;
Award of scholarship to 64 indigents youths;
Rehabilitation of the electrical installations in Nkanu East;
Connecting some parts of Nkanu East to the national grid;
Rehabilitation of the several bridges in Nkanu East;
Constructed a 4.5km asphalt road with street lights in his community among others.

In recognition of his contributions to national development, he has been saluted with several chieftaincy titles in Enugu State and beyond. He is also a recipient of Honorary Directorate Degree (honoris causa) by Federal College of Dental Technology Enugu; United Nations Mayor of Peace Award and numerous other prestigious awards in Nigeria and Diaspora.

Prince Ezeh is known for being unafraid to speak the hard truths.

As Ndi Enugu proceed with talent hunt, let us weigh the merits of Prince Ezeh. We cannot go wrong with people like him.

His impacts so far in Enugu State has remained sui generis and may not be surmounted in the near future.

Okorie is publisher of Time Africa Magazine and writes from Lagos Nigeria

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