COVID-19 Lockdown: I foresee major uprising, says Eholor

Patrick Osagie Eholor, President of One Love Foundation and social critic, has stated that the coronavirus pandemic is a blessing in disguise for Nigeria and indeed Africa.

He called on the government to do the much it could to avoid an uprising.

He also spoke extensively on the death of Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President.


On lessons to learn from Abba Kyari’s death

We celebrate life. We don’t celebrate when people die rather we condone their family. My condolence goes to the Presidency, the family of the late Abba Kyari and also his friends and associates. There are lessons to be learnt from his death. Nobody can live forever. We must all depart this earth some day. What is paramount is that we should endeavour to leave good legacies behind. We should live a life worthy of emulation.

What we will be remembered for

When we leave this earth people will only remember us for our deeds. We should start reflecting on our actions here on earth. Democracy is all about the people. It is all about transparency and service to the people. When the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a similar health issue like Abba Kyari’s he got admitted into a health facility with quality equipment and was attended to by qualified health workers. Soon he left the facility recovering well and surviving the disease. It is the contrary in Nigeria.

We should improve our health sector

Just recently we heard that in a state in northern Nigeria cars were been shared to people. Such extravagance is uncalled for. The same thing happened in the House of Representatives where they were sharing exotic cars. Such collosal sums of money should have been expended on improving our health sector. We should learn from the Europeans and Americans most especially.

Are Africans cursed?

Are we in Africa cursed? Now that Abba Kyari died did he take any material possession along with him? What he would be remembered for are his deeds here on earth. I want to warn those that thrive in looting our commonwealth that it is time for them to reflect on what awaits them on their last day. It would be reasonable for us to start a positive change whereby women are considered for leadership position. It is now time to make use of our abundant human and material resources to develop the country. We have what it takes to achieve growth and development. We have resourceful people like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who is a hot item in South Africa. There are also others who are flying Nigeria’s flag high in different parts of the world.

Covid-19 is a blessing in Nigeria

Coronavirus pandemic is a blessing in disguise for us in Nigeria to take a careful look at our situation and do the right thing. The coronavirus pandemic will help us to have good leadership in Africa. Take for instance, a person like late Captain Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso(formerly Upper Volta) who on becoming President of the tiny country at the age of 30 years changed her fortune for the better. He dealt with those who hitherto were seen as untouchables. Here in Nigeria let us start the construction of edifices that will last for decades. Let us stop the brain drain. We should stop opening the legs of young girls but open their brains. We can do better.

On Governor Godwin Obaseki

Governor Obaseki coming out of his self isolation is definitely not changing things in Edo State. Though I agree with those calling on him to come out of his self isolation and start operating in line with his campaign promises. But you should be now know him as a person who does his things in his own way irrespective of whatever people are clamouring for. He believes he knows it all. Look at the issue of the distribution of stimulus packages to cushion the effect of the coronavirus pandemic in Edo State. Most people ended up getting just a packet of noodles and few grains of rice. How long can people live on that.

Government should avoid uprising

The Federal Government is using the distribution of stimulus as a cover up for its negligence of people’s welfare. It is a scam. The World Bank and other international agencies have rescued us from huge debt repayment by giving us debt relief packages such that whatever we gain from this can be used to cater for people in this stay at home season. Meanwhile, the government do not supply electricity and there is no stimulus/welfare package from them. I pray that we would not experience an uprising whereby people go into the streets to revolt and cause mayhem. With the army of unemployed people all over the place government cannot stop such a crisis if it happens.

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