Police personnel spend every day keeping people safe. These brave men and women put themselves in harm’s way whenever a call comes in.

However, when they are injured, either on the job or in an accident while away from work, they face significant difficulty.

Though the Nigerian Police Authority has program that grants assistance to officers and their families in the event of a serious disability or death that occurred in the line of duty; but the question is, how efficient is the scheme and how fast does injured officers access the grants.

The plight of Sergeant Ahmed Mohammed is one of the many. He is completely and permanently blind from the catastrophic bullets injuries he sustained when his Squad engaged dare deviled armed hoodlums in a fierce shootout at Umunede, Delta State, in 2019.

The injured police officer, who was deployed from 41PMF in Yobe State, was on special duties in Delta State. He was attached to the Eagle Net Squad, a special anti-kidnapping/robbery squad of the Delta State Command of the Nigeria Police Force commanded by DSP Usman Abdul Dimka.

For months, his life hung in the balance. After many surgeries to save his life, the Squad’s Commander appealed to the then State Commission of Police, the Delta State government picked up his medical bills. Though blind, Sergeant lives to tell his testimony of that fatal day.

Recently, in the office of the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command, CP Hafiz Inua, the officer had an emotional reaction when he was given a touching gift. He was at loss for word, and his family members moved to tears when he was presented with a cheque of N3 million from Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.

The Sergeant who expressed gratitude to God for spearing his life, was also thankful to DSP Dimka, whom it was learnt, took him to hospitals from Federal Medical Centre Asaba, to University of Benin Teaching Hospital and finally to University of Zaria Teaching Hospital where he was treated. He also thanked the former Commissioner of Police Mohammed Zanna for not abandoning him and the State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, for his generosity and benevolence throughout his critical time.

On the day Sergeant Ahmed fell to volley of bullets by the armed hoodlums, DSP Dimka personally led the operation. Even in his dying breath, the Squad battled the heavily armed hoodlums ferociously and successfully killing many of them and two were arrested!

While it is not particularly common that ranks and files of the Nigerian Police get the spotlight for the great jobs they do, TIME AFRICA has chosen to bring to the public bar and give good testaments of unheralded — and sometimes anonymous — police officers who are out there day in and day out, pounding the street, fighting and busting high profile crimes. Some of them gave up their lives fighting for us; the others left no stone unturned to make the country a better and safer place to live in.

TIME AFRICA decided to capture the Commander of The Eagle Net Squad in Delta State, a Deputy Superintendent, DSP Usman Abdul Dimka who personally led the Squad to the operation which is considered one of the police deadliest operations.

The Eagle Net was established in 2016 by then Commissioner in Delta State Police Command, CP Zanna Ibrahim psc to crackdown and flush-out from the State all criminals and criminal activities.

Dimka is a fearless officer who is known for being compassionate. He has a great rapport with his Squad. His compassion spans beyond religion and ranks.

From that fatal day that the Sergeant was injured, TIME AFRICA gathered, Dimka has never abandoned him to his fate as he kept pushing until succor of 3 million naira finally came for the brave hero and selfless policeman.

It was further gathered that while personally taking him in and out of hospitals, Dimka rolled-up his sleeves on many occasion to donate blood to the dying junior officer.

Ever since his enlistment into the Nigeria Police Force, Dimka has always been swift to take action, never giving two hoots about his own security; he is a brilliant police officer who takes painstaking efforts to eradicate crimes.

Little wonder in 2013, for his bravery courage in engaging hoodlums in series of anti-robbery operations leading to the arrest of many daredevil armed robbers and recovery of arms while serving in Edo, Delta and Oyo State he received Presidential Recommendation from Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and in 2014 the Inspector-General of Police, IG M.D. Abubakar honoured him with Presidential Gold Medal Award for courage.

Dimka has continued to behave ethically—doing the right thing. He is committed to proper principles and values of policing and he is guided by his actions and adheres to the Constitution and pertinent statutory laws.

In 2011 he singlehandedly foiled an eight-man robbery gang, inflicting bullets injuries on the fleeing hoodlums. While in Oyo State, in 2013, he led the high-powered police team that arrested armed robbery suspected and recovered arms, ammunitions and vehicles from the bandits.

DSP Dimka has continually gone above and beyond the call of duty. In 2015, he spearheaded the building, furnishing and equipping with the state-of-art gadgets, the Anti-kidnapping office, Eleyele Police Headquarter, Oyo State.

Also in Asaba Delta State, in 2018, he oversaw the construction and equipping of the Eagle Net Special Squad Office Complex, Female Police Transit Camp and six Units of public toilets at the State headquarters of the Nigeria Police.

The then State Commissioner of Police did not only commended his effort in this regard, but strongly recognized his dedication, gallantry and courage as the Officer-in-Charge of Engle Net Special Squad, who made series of achievements in the arrest of armed robbery/kidnap suspects, rescue of kidnapped victims and recovery of arms and ammunitions including a general purpose machine gun at Ekpan in Uvwie LGA, Delta State.

He personally led his team to an unlicensed criminal factory in Enwhe community, Delta State, where AK 47 rifles, local made pistols and guns were fabricated. Cartridges and live ammunitions and equipment used in the manufacturing dangerous weapons were discovered.

Dimka has on many occasions stood to lead well-trained police officers of his Squad in series of anti-robbery, anti-kidnapping operations and other vices of detection, prevention of crime and apprehension of offenders; rescue of so many kidnapped victims and arrest of suspects in Delta State. He has led and carried out over 50 successful operations.

He has won hearts with his devotion and selfless service.

What’s more?

Dimka has won a number of honours and medals, including his emergence as the best 1st -3rd position in the prestigious Israelis Operational Security Academy. He is associate member of Institute of Criminology and Penology;

Associate member of the Nigerian Red Cross Society and a memberships many others.

In a career spanning over 3 decades, he has successfully completed and international professional courses and foreign conferences.

He is humble, modest and has respect for others, as well as lack arrogance and bravado about himself.

DSP Usman Abdul Dimka though a native of Rong Village, Kabwir in Kanke Local Government Area of Plateau State was born in Maiduguri, Borno State on 1st October 1971.

The desire for new knowledge is critical for true long-term success. Like other disciplines, policing continues to evolve and requires practitioners to stay abreast of the expanding knowledge base.

Not only do laws change regularly but police practices and tactics evolve too. With this axiom at the back of his mind, Dimka has not ceased in his quest to seek new knowledge personally and simply not expecting the Police Authority to provide him all training and education. After enlisting as a constable police officer in the Nigeria Police at the age of 21 in 1992, Dimka as a Police Officer went further to gain admission in 2006 into Delta State University, Abraka where he graduated with B.Sc. in Business Administration 2010.

He has served in several States of the Federation such as Katsina, Edo, Lagos, Nassarawa, Oyo State, FCT Command and currently Delta State.

We have nothing but respect and admiration for this brave heart. Thanks to him and of him who are making our country a much safer place to live in!

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