EPIA invites Edo Indigenes to get registered for economic, infrastructural/block chain technological devt

President of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association, EPIA, Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo has invited Edo Indigenes across the globe to become ambassadors of the Edo nation by joining EPIA.

Edokpolo in a message made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited, said the time has come for all Edo people to unite for the sole purpose of economic and heavy infrastructural development, and make Edo an economic magnet in Africa, with a block chain technological mentality.

His words “I want to call on every boy, girl, woman, man of Edo indigene to please rise and let’s take our destiny in our own hands by becoming Edo Indigenous ambassadors.

The Edo Indigenous Movement is a tsunami that is about to hit Edo State positively. Join Edo Indigenous Movement today by becoming a member at http://www.edoindigenes.org

“Our vision is to make Edo State the economic magnet in Africa by introducing block chain technology mentality to encourage incorruptible development, and to start promoting rural development.

” Let’s all prepare for the foriegn investment invasion that will be coming on on our way after this pandemic, Edo Indigenes movement is already 20 miles ahead preparing for the invasion most especially with the Chinese, we should be United to creat a template of trade by barter economy, where we can trade with the to firstly have them provide the state and our rural areas a sustainable solar energy across the state.

“This will discourage the constant migration from our rural communities into cities and encourage the needed development. We will create a business paradigm shift with our 10 years economic agenda, so it’s time for Edo Indigenes to take their destiny into their own hands by partnering with the government to get Edo state on the global train by placing Edo Indigenes first”, he advised.

In a related development, EPIA has also presented a medical package to Mr Ode to assist in his recovery.

The organisation has also expressed gratitude to its Sweden coordinator, Mr Osaigie as well as
Mr Andylaw Enoyiogere (USA) for his prayers and energy towards EPIA.

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