Go and heal Covid-19 patients if you are really genuine, Comrade Eholor blasts Nigerian clergymen

Comrade Patrick Eholor, founder and Coordinator of One Love Foundation, a social rights group, has lambasted the clergy in the country, stating that majority of them are merely business men and are not really doing the work of God.

In this exclusive interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited, Eholor wonders why the popular healers in the ministry have gone mute at a time that the world needed their services the most.

Excerpts :

Pastor Oyedepo

Some pastors made pronouncements about Coronavirus, like Pastor TB Joshua who said it will end on 27th March, what is your view on this development?

People like that should be arrested. This is April, and Covid 19 is still killing people. Such men should be arrested for misleading the people. They have been staging miracles. My advice is that every Nigerian should pray for himself. God will answer your prayers. Stop believing in men and believe in God that believe in you.

Pastor Adeboye

Are you now saying that men of God should not be trusted and are liars?

I never said that. I used to be a traditional African worshipper, having inherited it from my parents who know a lot of about African religion. I was proud to have every deity you can imagine, but I have come to appreciate that none of them is like God. I look up to God and threw the deities out of my house. God is the ultimate.
I don’t slander the men of God, because the Bible says, ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’.

I do not hate them at all, because there are good men and good pastors and prophets among them. But majority of pastors and prophets we have in Africa are fake.

Pastor Okotie

Many have been renting people to preform miracles. The pastors and prophets will build schools and won’t even give members who pay tithes and sow seeds in their church opportunities for education. They won’t admit sick members into their very expensive hospitals, built with tithe payers money. They won’t give any free medical care to poorer members. We have seen that happen.

Even in the Bible, Christ said ‘they have turned my father’s house into a den of thieves’. Most of the churches in Nigeria, about 95 percent have become den of thieves.

Pastor Oyakhilome

You see father in the Lord, mother in the Lord, sister in the Lord, brother in the Lord; they sell anointed handkerchiefs, anointed oils, and my question is, how many pastors have given anointing oil as a sanitizer for Covid-19?
How many men of God have gone to Rome, Italy, United States or China to pray for those who have coronavirus?

How many have gone to London or to Spain?
In the past, we used to hear the pastors saying, “the Lord has spoken to me“. Have they lost the Lord’s number? Did God delete them that they cannot reach God again? So it’s very clear to you that most of these pastors are 419 pastors, no apologies. They should challenge me. If you are right, do you need to be angry? If you are right, do you need to be angry?

If the pastors are right, that they are genuine, don’t be angry, if you are wrong, apologise to Nigerians that you have been exploiting.

Apostle Suleiman

Are you challenging these pastors to go around and heal coronavirus patients?

Exactly. These pastors who always say “the Lord has spoken them, so long as sow your seeds and pay your tithes, He is a miracle God through us, because we have his number” , so I am saying that they should go to Germany, to London, to America, Canada, wherever we have this disease, they should go there and cast the disease into the pit of hell.

They should do it. If they don’t do it, they shouldn’t come back to the altar to milk their members after the coronavirus.

Father Mbaka

If any of them try it, the wrath of God will fall on them. We are not just going to sit here and talk about governance and government, while majority of Nigerians are becoming mumu. Do you know how many homes these pastors have broken?

Do you know how many in laws they have called witches or fathers in law they have called wizards? Do you know how many people they have accused of taking another person’s destiny which of course is not true? Do you know how many of them are building mansions on earth and yet don’t have anything in heaven?

Do you know they have taken the seed as their rights to benefit their families and themselves, and buy luxury cars, while the payers of the tithes are walking on bare foot?

Pastor TB Joshua

Why can’t the churches buy ventilators? Where are the Daddy GOs, where are those who say they have 3000 branches all over? That’s to tell you that what they have were business centres, and not churches.
I challenge them, and I owe nobody any apology. The good Lord that I serve know that I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth.

You realize that it’s a shame that someone is boasting that the biggest cathedral is in Nigeria, with a ten thousand capacity. Where is that same pastor who has been performing miracles, who is a doctor but left his practice because he knows that being a pastor will pay him more?

Prophet Odumejeje

Where is the musician who left his musical career to buy all the properties in Ikeja?
Where is the one in Ọta that slapped and girl, saying she is a witch, where is he?

Where is the one who have private jets all over and boasts of his wealth? How many ventilators has he bought? Where are the prophets?

Where is the Enugu Reverend Father who always prophesied who will win the next election? Where is the pastor who is connecting 5G with coronavirus? Where is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Father Mbaka, Adeboye, Chris Okotie?

Pastor Fatoyinbo

Where is Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Where is Prophet Odumejeje, the lion of Onitsha? Where is the one accused of forcefully sleeping with somebody’s wife in Abuja, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo?

Pastor Oyedepo with all his knowledge, disobeyed the social distance advice and held a church service. And to think that my wife attends that church is very disappointing to me. They should have arrested him. Even in the Bible, its said that government law should be obeyed. They have turned everything into merchandise.

Are you saying they are into business?

I am saying that most of them are business men. Am not saying there are no genuine ones among them, but they have not impressed us so far. What have stopped them from going to isolation centers to perform their miracles, heal the sick, give them money, ventilators if you can’t heal them, take from the tithes you have been collecting over the years and give to them now that they need you.

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