Cameroonian Catholic ArchBishop unveils herbal treatment for COVID-19

When the coronavirus broke out in Cameroon, few could ever imagine a medical solution would stem from a member of the religious core.

Yesterday, the Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese, His Grace Samuel Kleda announced that one of his medicinal inventions had helped coronavirus patients get better.

With 30 years of medicinal plant research experience, the Arch Bishop had focused on treating ailments affecting the respiratory system. “Given that I already knew the plants according to the symptoms of corona I have simply put together these combinations, prepared them and given to persons with the symptoms and they were relieved” the clergyman told the press.

Archbishop Samuel Kleda’s remedy he reveals first worked on staff of the Diocesan health services in Douala who came in contact with those suffering from the pandemic and contracted the disease. The health workers he says later regained their health after receiving the mixture.

“Some nurses who had respiratory problems because they came in contact with covid019 patients took the product. Afterwards they were fine. All we want is that the persons should not die… My pleasure is that those who take the product are well, so I’m satisfied” says the Archbishop

The herbal treatment reports say is already available at the premises of Codas Caritas in St Paul de Nylon, reserved for the sick and is free.
The clergyman’s recent discovery comes at a time when herbal medicine as treatment for the coronavirus is gaining grounds in Africa.

Mimi Mefo Info

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