Prince Lawrence Ezeh, Man of Many Parts, a Blessing to Nkanu land, by Chime, Ifebuchi Williams

My acquittance with the five star Prince of Mburubu began sometime ago when I got his contact from a friend of mine, and afterwards; I placed a call across to his abode and he responded to me politely without even knowing me for the first time, regardless of his calibre of person and social status in the society.

Prince (Engr) Lawrence Ezeh, C.E.O, Buzuzu Construction Company, founder and leader of the political family known as “Aka Ekpuchi Onwa”, a senatorial candidate in the just concluded elections of 2019, is a man of multilateral characteristics; following his enormous contributions towards the development of his primary constituency as well as individuals’ empowerment across Enugu state.

Indeed, Ezeh is a nationalistic, patriotic, detribalized man; a mercurial entrepreneur, human capital developer, a core philanthropist par excellence, the people’s politician and a great family man.

A man whose childhood attributes of patience, endurance, bravery, courage, business ideological framework and acumen problems solver, all these hard but bitter truths stands him out amongst his peers.

Undoubtedly, Ezeh is a political business icon, gold hearted philanthropist, a famous educational investor, a family man of substance, and above all, a zero to hero visionary leader.

Evidently, Prince Ezeh’s true patriotism, intellectual giant, and his tenacious ability towards service oriented is second to none, as his humility and humbleness can never be overemphasized.

It is also right to say that, Prince Ezeh is nothing but a true hero; and an expecting Messiah to Nkanu land, as long as Enugu state political cum socio-economic race is concerned; for a better and more enhancing development strides and other inclusiveness, following his antecedents and records as a successful business mogul in respect to his hard to die desires towards making life more comfortable, compatible, and enjoyable for his people in areas of both human and capital developments, such as “construction of roads, bridges, free education, youth and women empowerments, electrification and above all, alms giving to the less- privileged and indigents in the society, as he believes we are God’s hands on earth to help those in need.

Consequently, Ezeh’s vision in life is to see that, life goes smoothly for everyone. He is a man that derives joy in giving rather than exploiting others. He is one who considers people’s feelings before his own. A man with the ultimate desires towards ensuring that humanity seems better for all, irrespective of your tribes, color and race.

Apparently, Ezeh is that one man despite his wealth, still honors God, thus, putting him first in all his doings. His sagacious ability towards serving God with his soul, spirit and wealths is another exceptional qualities in him.

It is also pertinent to state that, without hesitation, nor with any form of prejudice to other citizens of Nkanu as a tribe in Enugu State, that, “if the clan of Nkanu land in Enugu has two or more people like Prince Lawrence Ezeh in terms of character, service and quality assurance, and the zeal to help others, the said Nkanu land will be among the most flourishing and developing zone, not only in Enugu State alone, but across other Nigeria communities.

Subsequently, Prince Ezeh in accordance of the goals of the ‘UN’- Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) vision on improvement of Quality Education for vulnerable children, starting from primary to secondary level, was able to establish a scholarship foundation with his wife, Princess (Barr) Onyeka Ezeh, under the scheme known as Princess Ezeh’s Scholarship Foundation, through which they have been able to achieve a giant strides by sponsoring more than 56 children whose parents cannot afford to send to school on total free education across his community and beyond.

Apart from the scholarship scheme, still in line with the goals of the UN sustainable development goals. Ezeh has equally conducted a free skill acquisitions and empowerment programs for the Youth and women of Enugu State. This initiative is a vision borne out of him in other to reduce crime rates, employment and for poverty eradication among the youths and women of Enugu State.

Conclusively, Lawrence Ezeh is a man of impeccable character and conspicuous integrity to the core, whose heart desire is targeted at service oriented.

A pragmatic, dogged and quintessential leader who is ready to do more even without been in the corridor of political powers. He is trusted and ready to be tested.

Chime, Ifebuchi Williams, a historian/foreign relations analyst writes from Enugu.

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