Stop requesting to heal Covid-19 patients, Activist tells Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Comrade Patrick Eholor, of One Love Foundation has advised Apostle Johnson Suleiman to stop asking Federal Government to allow him and other miracle pastors heal Covid-19 patients.

Eholor was reacting to an online video where Suleiman requested to be allowed with other preachers to go and heal Covid-19 patients in the isolation centres.

Hear his words:

“Apostle Johnson Suleiman said he should be allowed to visit the isolation centres to pray for the sick covid 19 patients. He gave a condition that those who believe will be healed and those who don’t will die.

“That’s being pragmatic, because he knows what would happen if he failed. Why hasn’t he asked for this since the beginning of the pandemic? I believe he wants to go for showmanship again, because that’s what he is good at.

“We know that. It’s better for him to stay quiet like others because I know they can’t defend themselves in this matter.

“The scandal between him and Stephanie in Canada is over, even though I know about it, I didn’t talk about it because its his personal life. But this one affects the generality of our people.

“This should be an end to Suleiman’s telecast propaganda, because if he does it again, I will expose him.

“Let’s stop believing in men who are selling to us handkerchiefs and anointing oil, men who are taking us for granted, and let’s start believing in God.

“Let’s develop the culture of giving our tithes and offerings to the less privileged, let’s sow our seeds to the needy, let’s visit the poor in the prison, let’s cloth the naked and reach out to the sick for with this and many more you have done the will of God”, he opined.

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