The man Eng (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh

Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh is a man of many parts;

– a born again Christian of Redeemed Christian Church, apostle of peace and love, a polite politician of main repute, an epitome of human kindness, a remarkable philanthropist, a marine Engineer par excellence, a renowned business administrator as well as an industrialist. He is a man who had left his dreams by the wayside in order to watch over the dreams of others. Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh has practically erected a bridge toward the happiness of all those he has undertaken to lift to the mountain top of their ultimate destinies.


Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh was born in the 70s into the family of His Royal Majesty, Igwe E. M. O. Ezeh (JP) Ozulumba I of Mburubu Kingdom, in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.


He got his first Primary School Leaving Certificate from Community Primary School Mburubu in 1984 and proceeded to Nara Boys Secondary School 1984-1990. Due to his excellent grades in his West African Senior Certificate Examination he was offered admission into Rivers State University of Science and Technology where he bagged B.Tech Degree in Engineering – majored in Marine. He later bagged an M.Sc in Engineering Management from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He acquired other self-knowledge in Printing Technology; Cresting and Branding; Transport and Shipment Management.


Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh has management forte. He has had business experience before arriving into politics. No doubt he is an ambitious business mogul who from the very day he joined the business world, decided to creditably distinguish himself and his company. Through dint of hard work, personal conviction to succeed, visionary leadership and doggedness, he has, in a matter of few years, taken a vantage position to become a name in the Nigeria industrial sector.

From the humble beginning of being in the business of printing and publishing, branding and cresting, transport and shipping, Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh successfully ventured into construction and civil engineering; oil and gas; and other subsidiary businesses.

He is the founder and the Chief Executive of Buzuzu Construction Company Limited; he also sits on the board of several other companies as Chairman, among which are:

Ranzolina Oil and Gas Coy Ltd
Deepwell Technical Ltd
Renzolina Service Ltd.
Prince and Princess Lawrence Ezeh Foundation

His companies have remained primus inter pares in contemporary society.


Prince Lawrence Ezeh’s rare contributions to his State are overwhelmingly endowed, even though he has not held any political position in the State. He is an ardent member of Peoples Democratic Party where he aspired for the Chairmanship position of Nkanu East in 2009. Again, in 2019 he aspired to bear the party’s flag for Enugu East Senatorial but lost in the party’s primary election. He became the Enugu East Senatorial flag bearer of the All Progress Congress in the same year, but lost the election. On December 1st 2019, he moved back to PDP with over 5000 members of his political group.

To communicate his political ideology, he founded Divine Mandate, a political socialization group in 2012. The political movement which has over 1 million followerships changed its name to Aka Ekpuchi Onwa Political Group.


Prince Ezeh is an independent-minded leader with an even-keel temperament, charismatic speaking skills and a knack for consensus-building. He is also a talented introspective writer. He is known for being unafraid to speak hard truths.

His values are strongly shaped by his personal philosophy and his Christian virtues. He represents a new dawn in the politics of Enugu State and Nigeria, considering the indisputable truth that he is armed with wise political sensibilities and fundamental political ideologies, which are; politics of inclusiveness and transparency and betterment of the generality of the society.


Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh is a precious gift to the world indeed! He has offered his energies, resources and intellect to development the society.

God’s elevation in his life has no doubt come with increased responsibilities and commitments particularly to Enugu State. But the Prince has been equal to the task as he continued to exercise even more rigorous responsibilities in providing developmental projects and leadership to his people.

What actually distinguishes Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh from others in the sphere of politics and philanthropy is that he radiates a saintly edge driven by conscientious passion, selflessness and sacrifice. He has not held any in political position, yet erected platforms on which he ventilates exemplary virtues of love, kindness, generosity and selflessness.

He has taken his philanthropy to an enviable height which has brought succor to communities in his locality. Among these numerous services are:

Extension of electricity to all the villages in his community.
Continuous annual grading and lathering of Nara-Mburubu-Nomeh roads.
Award of scholarship to 64 indigents youths.
Rehabilitation of the electrical installations in Nkanu East
Connecting some parts of Nkanu East to the national grid
Rehabilitation of the several bridges in Nkanu East.
Constructed a 4.5km asphalt road with street lights in his community


Through Prince and Princess Lawrence Ezeh Scholarship Foundation, he has awarded comprehensive scholarships in nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to several children and youths.

Apart from award of scholarships, Prince Ezeh has built houses for the poor/homeless; sponsored hundreds of marriages, settled uncountable medical and hospital bills for the poor as well as catering for thousands of indigents across the country. He has provided funding opportunities to numerous artisans. He has also, given many youths the tools to excel and become responsible. He placed many widows on monthly stipends.

This notwithstanding, he is so modest about his acts of charity that he even stands aloof and allow other people to take the credit. Drawing inspiration from the dictum of Thurgood Marshall, he often quotes “none of us got to where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody – a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League Crony or a few nuns – bent down and helped us pick up our boots”.

Like a golden fish in a glass bowl, Engr (Dr) Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh has no hidden place. People throng his door step on daily basis seeking one favour or the other; which he has always graciously offered. The news of his exemplary benevolence has spread like wild fire, making him a target of a variety of requests; but the grace of God has been enough for him to meet up with their needs.


He has also rubbed minds with national and global counterparts through attendance of trainings, seminars and workshops locally and internationally. These took him to foreign climes such as United State of America, India, United Kingdom, Dubai, Zambia, South Africa, and many other countries.


In recognition of his contributions to national and local development, he has been saluted with several chieftaincy titles in Enugu State and beyond, with the title of Agu di Ebube of Nkanu Land standing out from among his kinsmen of the Nkanu nation.


He has an avalanche of accolades which come in form of awards and commendations. His treasure chest of accolades is replete with over 100 awards and letters of commendation from notable individuals and reputable local and international organizations in recognition for his selfless contributions to human development, nation-building, service to humanity, culture of excellence, impeccable integrity, Leader of leaders, advocate of education advancement, ambassador of peace, pathfinder of better governance, apostle of Christ, living legend, etc.

He is also a recipient of Honorary Directorate Degree by Federal College of Dental Technology Enugu; United Nations’ Mayor of Peace Award and numerous other prestigious awards in Nigeria and the Diaspora.


A versatile and successful businessman, his professional wealth includes membership:

Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.
International Marine Contractors Association.
Former member, Board of Federal Medical Centre

He was appointed into the Board of Federal Medical Centre by the then President Goodluck Jonathan.


He is married to Princess Barr. Lina Onyekachi Ezeh and he is blessed with three children.


As an amiable person; kind hearted, and have loving grandeur, he loves Christian music as a way to get free from inner trouble, a way to show the world the happenstances of his heart. He loves tour and adventures.

By Hon Chidipeters Okorie,
(Mbu of Mburubu Kingdom)
Publisher, TIME AFRICA Magazine

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