Kalu to Kaduna PDP, its time to unite and grow

The Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party Youth Alliance – PDPYA, Dr Emeka Kalu has frowned at the little skirmishes brewing in Kaduna State after the wards congresses, saying it is ill-timed, counter productive and will be detrimental to the unity of the party if not checked and nipped in the bud.

In a press statement he personally signed on Monday, Chief Kalu called on the leadership of the great party to pull their acts together in handling any disagreement to avoid brewing bad blood that will threaten the unity of the party in Kaduna, particularly, and Nigeria at large as 2023 is going to be a defining moment of the PDP and the future of Nigeria.

He called of the leader of the Party in Kaduna, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, to use his leadership dexterity to prevail on the matter while maintaining neutrality until all nerves are calmed and all grievances assuaged.

Dr Kalu further assured the party that he is ready to liaise and work with the party leadership to mend every fences and bring peace to the party across the federation as only a united People’s Democratic Party will be capable of taking power in 2023.

Dr Kalu finally adviced the party leadership to work hard on uniting the party at every level while consolidating on the gains of solidarity the party has continued to enjoy from Nigerians even while being an opposition party, insisting that it is a sign that Nigerians are ready for the true change that will usher in the needed progress and redirection of the nation to the path of greatness.

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