BREAKING! Anambra Traditional Medicine Board has a cure for COVID 19, says its Chairman, Rev Fr Raymond Arazu

Foremost Catholic reverend father and traditional medical practitioner, Reverend Father Raymond Arazu has announced that Anambra Traditional Medical Board has developed a cure for Covid-19 novel virus.

Arazu, who is chairman of the Board, also took a swipe at the World Health Organisation (WHO), stating that the body knows very little about African herbal medicine and does not make any effort to study and appreciate it. A Catholic priest of the Order of the Holy Ghost Fathers and also called the ‘Revered Living Ancestor’, Fr Arazu argued that for that reason, WHO has no locus standi to criticise African medical alternatives since it has never shown interest in the solution.

He spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Limited while reacting to questions about WHOs scepticism towards herbal solutions from Africa for the treatment of coronavirus.

He said “The person saying that African herbal medicine is not tested and not reliable has no knowledge of African medicine. As the chairman, Traditional Medicine Board of Anambra State, I want to tell you that we have discovered a cure for the Coronavirus.

“The World Health Organisation can do nothing about the virus. They are completely lost about what to do.

“We traditional medial practitioners don’t make noise about these things. We move quietly and we know what to do and when to do it. From the results, you can assess. So this is not the first time WHO is making such a pronouncement on issues like that. What research have they carried out into the efficacy of African medicine as to ascertain whether it’s safe for use or not? Is it because it’s labelled African? You can’t just be making statements. What are the proofs?

“We are not worried. We want something scientific, something proven, then documented, not general statements.

We have had enough of that”, he said.

Reverend Father Raymond Arazu is popular as well as controversial for his deep knowledge and practice of Igbo traditional medicine.

He is a consultant Traditional doctor at his Spiritan Centre for Self-Realization in Enugu.

He is also the Special Director for the Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner Enugu; lecturer at the Spiritan International School of Theology, Atakwu near Enugu, and Chairman of the Scientific Conservation and Utilization of Medicinal Plants of Nigeria.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING! Anambra Traditional Medicine Board has a cure for COVID 19, says its Chairman, Rev Fr Raymond Arazu”

  1. His drugs helped me very well.when i was in secondary school and will stìll need to have it at my present stage…..bought at abakpa


  2. Tnx father for Ur contributions & impact in d field of Traditional medicine, we appreciate you so much !


  3. Having known REV,FR Dr RC ARAZU very well since my childhood in housing estate abakpa Nike enugu my family in general has recorded multiple Medical and spiritual healing from god through his effort,I have always believed in his effective trado medicine having witnessed various testimonies,I want to encourage every good will person to thank God for this wonderful gift from God in human person (fr arazu).


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