Coronavirus: Edo govt orders shut down of Lagos Street to all business activities

The Edo State Government has ordered the immediate shutdown of Lagos Street, an epicentre of trade and commerce in Benin City metropolis, to check the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state.

In a statement, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, said the decision to shut down trading activities on Lagos Street, followed the refusal of residents to comply with the state government’s directives to participate in the ongoing screening and testing exercise for COVID-19, as part of efforts to contain the pandemic.

He said, “The Edo State Government has ordered the immediate shut down of all form of activities including trading on Lagos Street, a business hub in Benin City, over refusal of the residents to participate in ongoing screening and testing exercise to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Osagie said Lagos Street will remain closed to activities until residents in the area take part in the exercise to protect themselves and other members of the public, noting, “The participation of all residents in the exercise is important in curtailing the spread of the virus in the state.

“Being a business hub, a large number of residents in Benin City and other parts of the state visit Lagos Street daily for various activities making the area a hotspot for the spread of COVID-19. This makes it important for residents and other persons in the area to participate in the exercise. Lagos Street will remain closed to all form of activities until the residents participate in the screening and testing exercise.”

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Edo govt orders shut down of Lagos Street to all business activities”

  1. My name Is Martins Eboigbe the President of AkugbeMulti – Traders Association (Lagos Street Traders Union) I have read the story about the government’s clampdown in Lagos Street Traders over non compliance on the effort to erdicate the Corona Viruse.

    It is not true that Lagos Street Traders did not comply with the shut down order,. Those making reports should differentiate between stores , shops and sqatters / hawkers. The shut down has been on since March 24th but the hawkers and street traders chased from Oba Market, Oliha and Uselu Market came to flood the street.

    The situation has been further compounded by the “area boys” in collusion with Edo State Public Work Volunteers, PUWOV who has aided this ugjy activities of the traders, squatters and hawkers on the street (along the road) by collecting various forms of gratification from them to allow the ugly situation thrive there. The shops and stores owners are not part of this.

    Shops and Stores owners in Lagos Street are law abiding citizens who have been in support of the government over the years. I do not know where this malicious and vexatious fabrication aimed to dent the image traders before the governor emanated from.

    However, we still remain committed and strongly in support to see that government effort to eradicate the Viruse is successful.


    1. Please could you send us your phone number so we can contact you on this matter. Secondly, we might publish this your position. If its OK by you, please let us know. Thanks for your contribution


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