Activist lambasts Wike over hotel demolition, asks him to apologise within 24 hrs

Social rights crusader and Democracy Observer General of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria (OG), Comrade Patrick Eholor has lambasted the Rivers State Governor over his demolition of two hotels in the state, for violating Covid-19 lockdown rules.

An infuriated Eholor, who spoke with Jungle Journalist Media Limited on the phone, lamented Wike’s action, which he described as ‘executive rascality’, and reminded the governor that what he runs is a Democratic State, and not a Monarchy where he is an emperor.

He advised the governor to swallow his pride and as a matter of urgency, apologise to the hotel owners and make amends.

His words:

“It’s only in Nigeria that you see educated illiterates who justify what is wrong with what is wrong.

“It’s time we move this country forward Governor Wike is not a law enforcement officer, meaning he ought to allow the police do their work to arrest and persecute.

“Let’s not be bringing what El Rufai did in Kaduna to justify what is wrong in Port Harcourt.

“What he did is a clear violation of human rights and a gross abuse of office of the Governor. I advice victims to seek a redress in court and I also agree with Falana human rights lawyer that Wike should apologize to the victims within the next 24 hours, let him know this isn’t a monarchy, people of Rivers State didn’t vote for an emperor, they voted for a Governor”, he stressed.

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