Activist condemns Oyedepo’s church lockdown threat, calls for arrest of Odumeje

Social rights defender and Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Patrick Eholor has frowned at the threat by the General Overseer of Winners Chapel, that those behind the continued lockdown of churches over Covid-19 will die.

Eholor also said that Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere (Odumeje), of the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry Onitsha is a mentally deranged man that needs to be subjected to psychiatric evaluation.

He equally called on security operatives to arrest the prophet for telling one of his members that she will die in November this year.

His words: “Nigerian police are culpable and disappointing. They are not living up to their responsibility. This is a threat to someone’s life when you tell him or her that they are going to die. When you tell a woman she will die on the 10th November and nothing can be done about it, whether its true or not, you pose a threat to their lives. That man has a mental problem, but a psychiatrist will define that.

“If he doesn’t have a mental problem, he should be arrested, tried and jailed for threat to life.

“Most of the churches we have are show rooms and a disgrace to Christianity. Why is he not going to Spain and America to save the sick and raise the dead? I am ashamed of his followers, when you know a man is a lunatic and you are following him, it means that the followers are also as ignorant as the leader. Even if he hypnotised them, they have the mental capacity to free themselves from the mental enslavement he has subjected them to.

“Back to Oyedepo who enjoy flying jets with people’s money, why is he crying because churches are shut down for three months? Is he going bankrupt? Why is he saying that people will die if churches are shut? If anybody will die, he will be the one. Anyone who wishes is evil in this country will be the one to die. Whosoever diggeth a put shall fall in it.

“He is just angry that the offering money is not coming again as before. If he is responsible and is a scholar as he claims, he should be aware that there is what we call social distancing and protection with masks and others. You know that 20 people is the limit of gathering but your church has a gathering of over 100,000. Why will you want to risk the lives of people because of tithes? Some people are going to be very angry with me because I am taking to a man of God like this, but am not talking about him but about a man who betrayed his conscience, has no respect for the rule of law because even in the Bible, there is what we call the law of the land, and you cannot violate it.

“It is written and its clear, ‘touch not my prophet and do them no harm’.
I am not touching any prophet, and not doing them any harm. I am only trying to help situation here because we have been fooled. I advise most of these pastors to close some of their branches and turn them to factories, not all. Close them to institutions, factories, so that some of our youths will have a place to work. These are some of the things we need you to do for us. We have heard your prophecies and messages. We have had enough of it. But now let’s share some of the wealth you have accumulated. Do you know how many private jets these guys have? Where are you flying it to now? You say you are using these same jets to do the work of God, are you still doing it?

“Am not here to malign or slander any man of God, and I not here to say there is no God. I believe in God, but He should be worshipped in spirit and truth, not by exploiting others. They should set up science laboratories and hospitals with some of their churches so that when we are faced with a problem like this epidemic, we will be able to tackle it.

“Odumeje on his part is a magician and a fraudster, and his followers should see him for who he is.

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