Benin Based Barrister Beaten To Pulp, Whisked Away By Assailants

A Benin based Barrister, Omon Osobase Iyoha Jr, was reportedly beaten to pulp and whisked away by unknown assailants in Benin City, Edo State.

Barrister Iyoha, was on Saturday May 9th abducted by men brandishing dangerous weapons at Evbomodu Quarters, Benin City.

As at the time of filing this report, his whereabouts is still not known.

According to a report, an eye witness who spoke confirmed the abduction, disclosing that the kidnapped barrister was whisked away while relaxing at a bar.

“He was at a bar relaxing and saw some persons arguing and he tried to intervene and it didn’t go down well with one of the groups.

He quickly stepped away, but unknown to him one of the boys, who happened to be the son of Afro, convicted on murder charges in Aduwawa, Benin City was in the gang.

When Afro’ son returned with his gang, they descended on the bar, while other people ran away, Barrister Iyoha was not so lucky as he was beaten to pulp before being whisked away.”

The source who pleaded anonymity went further adding that the wife went to the Aduwawa police station to report the incident.”The next day the wife reported the matter to the Aduwawa police station and the DPO put a call through to Chief Afro, who was recently released from prison informing him of what his son had done. Chief Afro called his son, and the son told his father that the Barrister would be freed. But as we speak, it’s being five days without hearing from him. We don’t know if he is alive or not,” he said.

When Barrister Iyoha’s wife was contacted, she confirmed that her husband was missing, but declined speaking further on the matter.

The Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Chidi Nwabueze who was contacted on the matter said “yes the case was reported to the Aduwawa Police Station and we are currently investigating the matter, in no time the police would have a lead on the criminals and release the victim.”

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