Covid-19: Edo Indigenous Movement fetes over 1000 in Edo Central

Members of the Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide have taken the Covid-19 palliative intervention programme to Edo Central Senatorial Zone. The event took place over the weekend on 10th May, 2020.

The organisation converged at the palace of the Enogie of Ewohimin, HRH Peter Ogiefa in Ewohimi, Esan South Local Government Area of Edo State where they sought royal blessings and the permission to distribute the food items to the indigenes of the community.

Addressing the Enogie, President of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo said the opportunity Organisation is made up of Edo Indigenes at home and in the diaspora, adding that the diaspora members have contributed immensely to ensure that the food bank programme is successful. He requested that the Enogie lend his support to the pan-Edo group by becoming one of its patrons, a request the Enogie magnanimously granted.

“Ewohimi and the entire Edo Central is a very important area in the Edo nation, and we have come to distribute palliatives to our people here. Our major target is the poor, aged, young and the vulnerable, who are the most hit in this time of covid-19 and lockdown. We have come to seek your permission and blessing to share these food items with our Edo brothers and sisters here”, Edokpolo stated.

The Enogie on his part thanked Edo Indigenous Movement, and prayed that more well meaning individuals offer such a gesture to his people and other Edo citizens.

He also prayed for the leadership of the group and the success of its human developmental projects.

His words “I feel very pleased at the gesture you and your team are doing for Edo people. No matter how little it is, this project will go a long way to signal to our youths and women that they are remembered and cared for. Covid-19 has been such a challenging pandemic, but it has shown itself as an opportunity for men and women of goodwill to express care and love for our people. Keep it up. We thank you and ask you to tell our brothers and sisters in the diaspora that we got their message through this food bank exercise”, the Enogie stated.

Speaking at the distribution of the palliatives, Edokpolo expressed gratitude to members of the group in the diaspora who made major donations to make the food bank project a reality.

His words “All these palliatives wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of our North American general coordinator, Mr Brown Ehigie Osemwegie; Ken Osunbor (Welfare chairman); Mr Osaigie Ididia (Our Assistant welfare, Canada); our business and investment Chairman in England, UK, Mr Andrew Eweka.

“Others include our Ireland Coordinator, Mr Ehigie Omoruyi; Edith Westergard in Denmark who is the Scandinavian coordinator, and our Switzerland coordinator, Kingsley Omobude.

“We also want to thank all members of Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide who worked tirelessly to make this a success”, he concluded.

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