Rant HQ Loses 1 Million Members Under 24hrs, Website Suspended, WHO Advert Removed After Ethnic Slur Against Ndi Igbo

The founder of Rant HQ group on Facebook, Suzan Ade Coker has lost over a million members of the group. The group has also had its website suspended, while the World Health Organization Nigeria has removed a video advert she made to support the fight against COVID-19.

Coker’s crime was making the mistake of labeling Igbos a ‘senseless people’.

She had also vowed never to apologise for her actions ‘not in this life, neither in the one to cime’, she had responded to a question from a member who tried to urge her to apologise.

She had written ‘Why are Igbos on Rant HQs so touchy? Are you on your period?’

Another such ethnic slur against Igbos, who make up the over 2 million members of her group was where she said that Igbos who are on Rant HQ, who are senseless, should exit the group.

According to some members of the group who had complained of her high-handendness, Coker is used to making ethnic jabs at Igbo members of her group whom she sees as too troublesome.

Infuriated members had opened a complaints register on Change.Org where they had registered their grievances, and equally registered complaints against the group on Facebook, as they exited.

Consequently, her website, ranthq.org has been suspended alongside an advert on coronavirus she shot for the World Health Organization which had been running on the international website’s Twitter page for some time now.

There is also currently another petition on Change.org accusing her of scamming a company of thousands of Euros. The petition has garnered over 8,000 signatures calling for the closure of her company and investigation into the allegation.

Facebook has also given her warning after the group was reported for hate speech.

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