Why Professor Gambari is best as Buhari’s CoS, what he must do-Patriot Patrick Eholor

The Political Observer General of the Federal Republic, Patriot Patrick Eholor here lists some salient qualities of the new Chief of Staff to the President, Professor Agboola Ibrahim Gambari.

He also lists areas where the former CoS did not handle properly, and needs to be addressed for the progress of the country:

There are those who think the President’s new Chief of Staff should be retired at 75 from active service. But I have heard he has some salient qualities that make him qualified. What is your take?

I sincerely disagree with those who argue based on his age and not in the basis of his reputation and his resume. You will recall that not very ago, the Prime Minister of Singapore who had retired and is over 80 years old was called back again to lead his people.

They had given power to a younger generation but they accumulated so much wealth to themselves and the Singaporeans overwhelmingly supported the older man to come and take power again so that the country can move forward.

You also know that in America, you have Donald Trump who is over 70 years old and around the same age with him. This is the leader of the world now. I think honestly that we should remind him that we don’t want another de facto president like the late chief of staff. We didn’t elect him, we elected President Muhammadu Buhari, and he is a bridge between the people and the president, so he must do the job and do it diligently.

If you are talking about qualifications, he is very qualified. Do not forget that he has also also represented us in the United Nations. Do not forget that he is an alumni of Kings College. Do not also forget that he is an economist, he has a lot to do with academics. He is very qualified.

The other area we will appeal to him is the area of Fulani herdsmen, that the late chief of staff Abba Kyari did not recognise.

We want to remind him that the Fulani herdsmen who are committing a lot of havoc in the South south and the South East should not be forgotten in a hurry, especially from his academic and educational background.

We also want to tell him about the banks. They are very notorious. Without a responsible banking system, the middle class can never make it, and without the middle class, there is no government because they are the ones who protect the economy.

Now that the oil prices have gone bow the rock, he should also realize that the affirmation of Muhammadu Buhari at his first inauguration , when he reminded us as Nigerians that if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us, he should reecho it because corruption is killing us, and Muhammadu Buhari has not done anything about it.

He refused to publish the names of the corrupt people for Nigerians. He refused to arrest or prosecute them, and you have more corrupt people today in Buhari’s government than eve before. So what I am telling him as the political observer general of Nigeria is, if his hands are tied, his last name is not Buhari. He should not kill his own legacy because of Buhari. He should quit or do his job effectively. We need a chief of staff, we don’t need sma de facto president.

The last journey of Abba Kyari to Germany to sign an electricity deal for Nigeria. What will be your advise to the new COS to complete this mission?

I think from way back in Obasanjo’s administration, Nigeria is going to be sincere about electrification, Nigeria is going to power its own energy, Nigeria is going to move forward economically, Nigeria has to realize that energy is very important. If we have to subscribe into nuclear energy, so long as its not atomic power to fight war, I think its advisable because the whole of China is lightened up by nuclear power. America and Israel are using it, Europe is using it. With our population, we are overdue for nuclear power, but in order to see the light of the day, let us go back to the Obasanjo administration . Let us see what was spent and today we are still in darkness. Let us probe everybody who is involved in that area, let us prosecute those who were behind those shady deals that time, and put us all in perpetual darkness, and I think the chief of staff has a role to play.

I remember when Fashola said that any serious government will fix power under 6 months. He has been in power for about 6 years, not even 6 months, and he should apologise to Nigerians for being deceitful. Fashola attended UNIBEN and he knows that Edo State is one of the states with the most deplorable roads, and he doesn’t care. Even where he comes from, the roads are very bad, and he doesn’t cares. He should resign with shame and apologise to Nigerians.

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