Kelvin Jombo distributes agricultural products, food palliative to Abiriba people

Kelvin Jombo Foundation Post COVID-19 Sustainability Plans – Part 2 (Palliative Distribution & Agricultural Empowerment) that ran for over a week in Abiriba in Ohafia LG of Abia State just came to an end.

The young Abiriba entrepreneur realized that just like Covid-19, hunger is also a global menace.

While the provision of food items and relief materials is essential in the fight against hunger, empowering the vulnerable ones in our society to feed themselves and by extension create wealth is even more important. That was why he made going back to farm his priority this second time around.

Recall that on the 9th of April 2020, Kelvin Jombo Foundation started distributing palliatives in the form of Personal Protective Equipment to health centers in Abiriba as well as basic food items to hundreds of vulnerable persons. The distribution lasted for days and it was well spread.

Now in the second phase of her advanced reachout program tagged FIGHT HUNGER; FIGHT COVID-19, Kelvin Jombo Foundation on May 11th 2020 embarked on a bigger campaign with 2 focal points:

(A) Distribution of more food items and relief packages to the vulnerable

(B) Distribution of improved agricultural seedlings to farmers in the ancient community of Abiriba.

These improved seedlings guarantee quicker maturity periods, more yield, more resistance to farm insects/pests, and ultimately more food to both the farmers and the community at large. His focus is to not only provide food, but to also empower the people especially the rural farmers with the most essential material they require to eradicate hunger – seedlings.

The food and agro empowerment palliatives include:

600 Bags of 5KG Fertilisers
400 Bundles of Casava Stems.
600 Bags of 5KG Beans.
200 Bags of 5KG rice.
600 Tubers of Yam
100 Packs of Organic Maize seedlings.
100 Packs of Organic Okro Seedlings,
100 Packs of tomatoes Seedlings.
1000 PCs of Sanitizers
1000 Face Mask.
100 Cartons of Noodles.

The disabled in Abiriba community were also visited with some Cash Gifts, Abiriba Student Union also received a token of support.

Indeed, Kelvin Jombo is living up to his “ABIRIBA’s FIRST SON” tag.

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