Edo Indigenous Movement lists its 13 aims and objectives

The umbrella organisation of Edo people, Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide (EIM) has listed the 13 aims and objectives that is its driving force.

In a colourful promotional poster made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited, the Movement, under the auspices of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), explained that it’s overall goal is ‘Putting Edo Indigenes First’, as is clearly spelled out in its motto.

The reasons for publishing its aims and objectives, according to its founder, Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo, is to ensure that Edo people do not lose focus in their collective pursuit of national success.

Below are the 13 aims and objectives:

1. To empower all Edo Indigenous People Worldwide

2. To unite all Edo indigenes- Bini, Esan, and Afemai without sentiments

3. To promote Edo cultural heritage and its language

4. To promote Edo Indigenous portfolio in government

5. To promote welfare package for 60 years and older including the physically challenged

6. To promote bursary for Edo Indigenous students

7. To promote 15% cut for Edo indigenes investors

8. To promote international air and seaport including stable electricity in Edo Indigenous United Kingdom

9. To introduce the blockchain technology in Edo kingdom

10. To stop the marginalisation of Edo indigenes Worldwide

11. To advertise Edo Indigenous treasure areas to attract global investors and make Edo an economic magnet in Africa

12. To sensitise all Edo indigenes to refrain from advertising negative things about one another and see with one positive lens

13. To promote love trade among Edo indigenes and keep our money within us to circulate at least 5 times before it goes out.

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