CHILDREN’S DAY: Rity and Friends fete Abuja children despite Covid-19+Photos

A group of friends have given out food gifts to children in Dogogada and Galadimawa Village, Abuja in the spirit of Children’s Day celebrations.

Under the auspices of Rity and Friends, and led by Charity Ogoo Ikenwa, the group distributed food and drinks to the children, giving them an unforgettable treat.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist Media Limited reporter who covered the event, Ikenwa said she was motivated by her love for children to make the donations. She revealed that 2020 Children’s Day was the second year of the gesture, which started in 2019: “We decided to give to children, no matter how small. Children are wonderful creatures, and never cease to cause me wonder. Today, you see them all dirty and unkempt, tomorrow they have all grown up, living the most lofty dreams you can ever imagine.

“So whatever I can, I love to invest in them”, she stated.

The event, earlier scheduled to feature a full party with food, drinks and music, could not hold as planned, due to Covid-19. They however, effectively distributed sumptuous food and drinks to the children, with strict adherence to social distance.


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