Medicine by Angels, by Christopher Aniedobe

If you appreciate African medicine, you would be offended by the contemptuous manner the World Health Organization and the Western world dismissed Covid Organics, claimed by Malagasy Scientists as efficacious in the treatment of Covid 19.

Long before aseptic and antiseptic techniques were discovered and established as the gold standard in medicine and surgery in the Western world, my great grandfather, Okeke Aniedobe, born circa 1850 had already perfected steam antisepsis which he applied routinely in myomectomies. He didn’t know anything about the germ theory of diseases nor had he any training in anatomy and surgery, but here he was performing complex gynecological procedures.

By today’s standards, he would have won two Nobel prizes in medicine, one for pioneering antiseptic surgery and the other for perfecting myomectomy, a technique used in removing fibroids, a nonmalignant growth in the uterine walls.

Yet chances are that Okeke was not the first traditional African healer to use steam antisepsis nor to perform myomectomy.

What is interesting is that he had no formal training in medicine nor surgery, yet performed complex medical procedures.

For million of years, African science kept the human race alive until they began to evolve in other parts of the world, yet African science continues to be derided by the West. In their world view, Africans are not supposed to be making discoveries and so a lot of discoveries made by Africans either had to be rediscovered or else validated by Western Scientists or else buried in a rubble of prejudice.

Ironically, African traditional healing was the stuff of angels. The elevated spirituality of authentic African traditional healers put them in a realm where they learnt and perfected their art from angels of God.

Okeke Aniedobe didn’t charge for his surgeries. He had received a gift for humanity and he had a mandate to offer it free of charge. But that is anticaptalist as far as Western thinking went. Anything of value had to be costly or it had no value.

But dibias, as African traditional healers are called in Igboland, were gifted and talented, and the authentic ones simply listened to the angels and did as they were told. They didn’t have to go to medical school, formally or informally. You don’t become a dibia by following a dibia. The spirits chose whom they will and directed them. A dibia in his element seems other worldly detached as he communes and takes direction from his spiritual guides.

By Western thought anyone who sees and hears and feels what others don’t is schizophrenic and should be treated as mad. And so they consigned African traditional healers to mad man’s corner, discredited their contributions to humanity, and then began to rediscover everything they had taught humanity free of charge.

Fast forward to Covid Organics. Malagasy scientists were not even the first to discover that wormwood plant had antiviral properties. They were the first to discover that wormwood had anti corona viral properties which is a Nobel Laureate worthy discovery in itself.

And by the way, wornwood had been used safely for centuries in the treatment of malaria and other diseases. With the response that greeted Covid organics, you would think that Malagasy was going to wipe out humanity.

No one is asking the West not to rediscover Covid organics and do whatever tests they feel is appropriate. And I am not claiming that Covid organics is specifically the product of angelic revelation. I am saying that long standing practice and record of keeping humanity alive in Africa for millions of years deserves a whole lot more respect than Malagasy scientists got.

With the way alternative therapies are being shut down in favor of vaccine and the warp speed with which Covid vaccine is being pursued, it is becoming increasingly clear that humanity needs angelic intervention before big pharma wipes us out. Roughly four out of every 100 kids in the West falls within the autistic spectrum and the link to vaccines is compelling. Western medicine is taking humanity to the cliff and we should pause and listen to what the angels are saying.

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