GEORGE FLOYD: Donald Trump is a racist, mafian, clueless in leadership – Nigerian Activist

Social Crusader and President of the One Love Foundation, Patrick Osagie Eholor has described American president, Mr Donald Trump as a racist in the face of the current wave of protests ongoing in the United States. He Nigeriadiscusses the murder of George Floyd by the Indianapolis officers with Jungle Journalist Media Limited in this interview.

He also touches on some current issues in Nigeria, including Edo elections 2020, education in Covid-19 Nigeria, as well as other sundry issues:

On the All Progressives Congress(APC) guber primaries in Edo State

In time like this there must be satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It is politics. There must be some who would be happy and some who would be unhappy. Later on they would all have to come back to a round-table to reconcile their differences to see how they can win the election. I am not surprised at the way it is going. However, what surprises me is that the National Working Committee(NWC) of the party have said that are going to do direct primaries but the governor and his group are saying that it indirect primaries that they would adopt. That’s very confusing coming from a governor who has claimed he deserves/merits a second tenure. That he has done tremendously. If he has worked well as he claimed why is he scared and insisting that the primaries should be indirect? Most of the governors that we have had in the past were crooks.

Why they usually insist on indirect primaries is because they can buy many of the delegates with the state’s resources unlike what is obtainable in the direct primaries where it is practically impossible to buy all the card carrying members of the party. That is why Godwin Obaseki is uncomfortable and hiding under the flimsy excuse that the coronavirus would hamper the process of direct primaries. I think that is very wrong, absurd and misleading. If the direct primaries method is adopted it will allow for social distancing and majority of the party members would be stationed in their different wards to cast their votes. However, if it is the indirect primaries that is used the delegates would be assembled in a venue where there would not be any social distancing. The outcome would be a rise in Covid-19.

On Philip Shaibu’s assertions

He knows that his days in politics are numbered that is the reason for his grievances. He has repeatedly told the world that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole once told him that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is a cultist and has issues while studying at the University of Benin where as a cultist he bath someone with acid and the panel that the institution set up to handle the matter under the leadership of Professor Itse Sagay found Ize-Iyamu culpable. You are talking of something that happened over three decades ago. Why don’t you let it be bygone. Things happen to people and they are later transformed for the better. I am not saying that this is true or it is not true that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu actually committed that offence. What I am saying is that we should tune to the present and face the reality of the task at hand. My advice is that such bygone issues should be pushed aside so that we can concentrate on current issues.

Let me take us back to a recent publication whereby some unscrupulous elements wanted to use me to malign the personality of the Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Osarodion Ogie, by referring to an incident that took place about 25 years ago and which has become irrelevant, a situation I promptly denounced. Philip Shaibu has claimed that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is his father and he taught him many of the things he is doing now.

Let us assume that Comrade Oshiomhole taught Shaibu some of the things he is now doing. Can’t Shaibu do away with those things that are counter productive among the things he was taught by Oshiomhole and embrace the good things? Doesn’t Shaibu know that the show of ingratitude to his benefactor, Oshiomhole which he is exhibiting is a big sin?

Those that are saying Governor Obaseki has done well should be reminded that assessing the achievements of anyone is done by using different parameters. This is what I call Catch 22. If Obaseki has done well as he is saying then he should not be scared of the direct primaries mode. These achievements will speak well of him and make a way for him no matter the situation.

On Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a racist, a bigot and is ill. He needs treatment. The American white supremacists didn’t know what they bargained for. They hate blacks. They hate Barack Obama. They hate Obama’s legacies which includes his healthcare programme. They want to destroy Obama’s legacies and the only way that they can do that is to bring one of their own, who is a white supremacist that has no idea about governance and who had failed in all ramifications. Donald Trump is a complete failure. He inherited a lot of money from his father. He ran a casino and a strip club. He gambled. All these are associated with people who are Mafians. Donald Trump has no idea of governance but has a lot of ideas about Mafiosi because he is a Mafian.

About 31 years ago, an incident happened in New York where three black men were alleged to have raped a white woman. The white woman died. The three black men were innocent but they were arrested for a crime they did not commit. Trump took a full page of Washington Post and New York Times to advocate that those black men should be lynched or killed through injection. Fortunately, for the black men they were freed via DNA test. My message to black Americans is it is now or never. Live free or die. It is now you must pursue your right to exist.

Forget about entertaining the white folks. When we are doing sports or entertainment they are there to watch and clap for us. When we rap they are there to sing with us. But when a white police officer suffocates a black man they won’t denounce it. There are lots of people in America who have been given a right to bear arms by the republicans. Let everybody defend themselves by any means necessary. The Black Race must be free.

On the new teaching mode in Nigeria caused by Covid-19 pandemic

I may sound like a broken record. That’s not true. The Nigeria government is broken. I call the government of Nigeria Copy and Paste. They follow what the Americans are saying but not knowing that the Americans have a free built Wi-Fi that even if you don’t have data in America you can go to the library that we don’t have in Nigeria and connect with their hot-spot or Wi-Fi. But whatever that happens in America Nigeria copies it. That’s where everything is loose guarded. That’s where we are losing it.

On Covid-19 in Nigeria

It has become a business in Nigeria. Hunger is a bigger pandemic than Covid-19. Nigeria government don’t lead, they follow. Everything they do is Copy and Paste. There were Stimulus Packages, money given by the World Bank, money given by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These things don’t get to the people. Rather, they are been shared by the top five banks in Nigeria and government cronies.

On 21st anniversary of Democractic government in Nigeria

Nigeria has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as a failed state. And it is unfortunate. We have people who have no clue who are leading the country. They are bosses, they are not leaders.

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