Biafrans must become deeply involved in Nigerian politics to make their agitation work-Rita Anigbogu, DG, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria

Since 2017, the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has been preaching political participation for Pro-Biafran activists who before now, have only been asking to be given a Biafran Republic.

The organisation, unlike other ones, says its working in consonance with the laws and tenets of the Nigerian government.

Founded by foremost civil rights lawyer and preacher, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, MOBIN has long become an authoritative voice in the Biafran struggle, through politics.

In this interview with MOBIN MEDIA , Director General of the Movement, Comrade Rita Anigbogu explains why it was founded, and what it stands for.


The name MOBIN has been coming up every now and then as a Biafran group. Is there a history to this noble organisation?

First of all, MOBIN is a movement of all the Biafrans in Nigeria, described as Indigenous People of Biafra in in a lawsuit against the Nigerian state, where Biafrans demanded for both political and economic emancipation of Biafraland.

The suit was instituted in 2013 (No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013; now Suit No FHC/EN/103/2019 on appeal in the Court of Appeal as Case No CA/E/96/2020).

MOBIN was founded by the Vision Bearer of the legal method of self-determination for Biafrans, in the person of Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, Solicitor for the original Indigenous People of Biafra.

The Barrister proved to the Nigerian Government that what Biafrans lost after the war was their sovereignty and not their indigenous identity as a people.

He argued in the Federal High Court that the greatest mistake that Nigeria made was to have spared the Biafrans alive and that if Nigeria had annihilated Biafra just as Rome annihilated Carthage, there would not have been any remnants to seek for the restoration of their ancient country. But since Nigeria failed to annihilate the Biafrans, the law protects the remnants of the Biafrans to rise up again as an independent nation.

He was the one who coined the name “Indigenous People of Biafra” to describe the remnants of the Biafrans who were not consumed in the war.

MOBIN on its part, is the political movement that powers and runs the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra by the use of Town Hall Meetings in organizing the Biafrans in Nigeria and in all parts of the world.

When you say that indigenous people are remnants of war, am not sure our readers understand what you mean. Could you please throw more light on this?

The remnants I mean are Indigenous People of Biafra inhabiting the three contiguous regions of the South East, parts of the South-South and parts of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. This is the only definition we have in the Court records in the Nigerian Judiciary. This remains the definition of Indigenous People of Biafra and their geographical habitation as given by the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra until Nigeria proves otherwise.

You have been mentioning the Indigenous People of Biafra. Surely you don’t mean IPOB of Nnamdi Kanu?

The acronym for the Biafran people is IPOB as given by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra, Dr Dozie Ikedife, in 2013. It is the identity of the nation of Biafra. This is the nation that is in Court with Nigeria. It is not the same thing as the limited liability company called Indigenous People of Biafra Limited registered by somebody in the UK.

The Vision Bearer proved in Court that we are Biafrans by indigenous identity but Nigerians by citizenship which was forced upon us against our will. We are still Nigerians using the Nigerian Currency, Nigerian Passport, Nigerian Driving License, etc, until we gain independence. Therefore, let nobody deceive you by saying that he is not a Nigerian citizen and yet using the Nigerian Passport and Nigerian Driving License. We are Biafrans living in Nigeria until we gain independence from Nigeria. We must be obedient to the rule of law. We are protected by both national and international laws regarding our right to self-determination.

What makes MOBIN stand out as a pro-Biafran organisation?

MOBIN is a home-based movement for political and economic emancipation of Biafraland. As you can see, its name identifies us as Biafrans in Nigeria.

On the political front, it has been observed that since after the war, Biafraland has been put into political and economic slavery through the laws and policies made by the Nigerian Government. Our opponents have engaged in the politics of enslavement by which the Northern and Western political godfathers impose their errand boys on us. Therefore, for the political emancipation of Biafraland, MOBIN in 2017 entered into an alliance with the United Progressive Party (UPP) to ensure that stooges and efulefus were not planted in our midst by the Northern and Western Oligarchy to rule over us in Biafraland. Unfortunately, the UPP Party betrayed us and we pulled out from the alliance because we cannot betray the Biafran cause. We have re-strategized for the politics of Biafra, grooming the Biafran politicians to run for political offices.

Biafrans must become deeply involved in Nigerian politics to make their agitation work. You can describe MOBIN as a political watchman.

True Biafrans must be elected to rule in Biafraland. MOBIN believes in the rule of law, politics and diplomacy to achieve self-determination.

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