Debunking the lies: News of new UN state is false- Kalu

Our attention has been drawn to a fake news making the rounds that Nigeria will be losing 24 Councils to a new State/Nation that will be carved out of Cameroon.

We also understand that the peddlers of this wrong information are also insinuating that some parts of Adamawa will be carved out too, which they conclude will make some Nigerians to automatically belong to a new country altogether.

This rebuttal is to categorically dismiss this concution as mere rumour as there has not been any such arrangements or any such conclusion between Nigeria, the United Nation and/or any other body.

The rumour that Bama, Gwoza, Dikwa, Kala/Balge, Ngala councils and others will be ceceded to the UNO State of Cameroon is a campaign to smear and cook confusion and therefore should be ignored by every Nigerian. Nigeria remains one indivisible entity in need of the best leaders that will harness and turn her fortunes around.

Let us be properly guided.

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu


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